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What HNIs Look For In A Luxurious Property

Investment in real estate assets has been a passion for Indian high net-worth individuals (HNIs).  The rise in real estate prices in the past...
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Bangalore realty gets startup boost with smart city option

  In the Silicon Valley of India comes a Smart-City project that is dedicated to startups. Emprasa is future of entrepreneurship in Bangalore Click...
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Beautiful Bridges Across The Globe

Heard someone say … Build Bridges instead of walls … and why not? When they could lead to something as beautiful as you would...
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City – Wise Analysis of Areas for Investments in India

If you are thinking to make a property investment in the top cities of India; here are some areas that harvest higher returns on...
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6 facts you didn’t know about Bangalore

The Silicon Valley of India – Bangalore is a melting pot of rich cultural heritage. A large chunk of the city residents belong to...
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5 Lively Office Spaces in Bengaluru

  White Canvas An advertising company with 15 prestigious clients from various industry segments; White Canvas office is a pretty neat office with an...
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Tier II cities – a profitable real estate investment

There are good reasons, such as lower costs and better quality of life, for companies and individuals moving to places beyond the metros. Some...
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Easy Home Decor Ideas for A Beautiful Home

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IRR Dubai clocks net sales over 10 million

Dubai success for the biggest Indian ‪Realty Show by Square Yards. 60 units valued at whopping USD 10 Million sold in 2 days! “Besides...
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Amazing Places To Visit In Chennai

Whether travelling with family or all by yourself: spiritually inclined or a history buff, nature lover or a photography enthusiast – every kind of...
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Square Yards revenue up 87% in H1 of FY16, to hire 500 more

The company, which has developed a technology-enabled transaction platform for primary real estate, reported over 87% growth in revenue for the first half of...
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5 Facts You Did Not Know About Pune

Pune city has the immaculate record of fastest growing city economically Pune has seen a 300+ per cent growth in a span of 20...
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