How to become a Real Estate Pro with SquareYards.Com

Location is the key to successful real estate investment. It can also be one of the most difficult decisions to make as each location has its own disadvantages and advantages. With one can find all relevant information required to make an informed and prudent decision.

The first step towards prudent investing in real estate is to research and understand the micro market.

What is a micro market?

A micro market is a specific region within a real estate market that represents a common social infrastructure and price trends.

It is further divided into various localities.

For example, Bengaluru is a real estate market. Mysore Road is a micro market and it is further subdivided into localities like Magadi Road, Kengeri, Vijay Nagar etc.

Why should one study micro markets?

Location is of prime importance in real estate investment. You cannot afford to get the location wrong. A micro market study typically involves checking out price trends, connectivity, ROI and capital appreciation in the chosen area. A comparative study between different localities or different micro markets can help you make an informed decision regarding which location to invest in.

How can help me build through micro market research? has an advanced micro market research tool which enables a diligent study of various micro markets in a property region.  It uses heat maps to effectively show case corresponding price trends in a real estate market.

Heat Map

A heat map basically is a way of representing a set of data with a set of colors. This helps in interpreting a map in an easy and simple manner. Lets say, on a map of Bengaluru we need to locate which all areas carry a price tag range of INR 2500- 3600 psf. We check the heat map, which has assigned a color dark green to this price range. So all areas in Bengaluru which will have properties priced in this range will be colored dark green. Simple isn’t it?

Price Trend

For each Micro Market you click on you see a price trend suggested in percentage. It is important to note here that it compares trends from previous quarters which are all updated by Square Yards research team. Hence, it presents an accurate and fair picture of past and present trends.

Connectivity uses well tested algorithms to compute a connectivity score for all micro markets. These algorithms  take various factors into account including the distance from major land marks.

Average Price

This is the average price per square feet in the area. not only covers all key real estate markets in India but global nerve centers as well.