Lord Brahma’s Spot ‘Brahmasthan’ Vastu Shastra

brahmasthan vastu

Vastu Shastra is an effective way to bring positive energy to the house. The shastra says that all the zones have equal importance. However, the Brahmasthan is the most significant aspect. It is a spot of Lord Brahma, known as the creator of the world. The energy of a house or property is decided by this area. Consequently, to keep a house or business place happy, it is essential to keep the area of Lord Brahma uplifted with positivity.

The Brahmasthan Vastu is an important rule to check before going for the exact spot, construction and placement. In this article, we have accumulated information on Brahmasthan and its basic principles as suggested by the Vastu Shastra in detail.

What is Brahmasthan in Vastu?

The position of Brahmasthan is of utmost importancein Vastu shastra. It symbolises the creator of the world, Lord Brahma’s position in the house. The Brahmasthan in Vastu is the considered to be the dominating power zone and the holiest section of any property.

As per the Brahmasthan calculations, this zone is the centre of the home. In addition to that, it is also known as the Energy Point, as all the energy from all the directions of the house meets at this point. It is essential for the disbursal of positive energy in the house and its inhabitants.

The Brahmasthan in house captures all the energies reaching the different corners of the place and influencing all the earthy elements. The zone also holds power over the five elements of nature, known as Panchtattva. The positive influence of the Brahmasthan Vastu is crucial for the people living or working in the property and its various zones. The centre point leads to a prosperous, happy and healthy life for the people.

The energy point is the essential part of any property and therefore, attention should be given to it. The disturbance and crowd in this area can lead to the disbursal of negative energy. Therefore, never burden this zone with any kind of obstructions, such as heavy furniture, rubbish, etc.

When we go back in time, we may find an empty space in the house or the temples in the centre of the living area. This position usually has a Tulsi plant or the idols of Gods and Goddesses in that empty or open space. The wider the open area is in the centre, the more positive vibes will be there in the house. The right position of the Brahmasthan will correct 90% of the Vastu shastra in the property. Hence, in no situation, the Brahmasthan Vastu should be disturbed or hurt. This makes knowing the right direction of the energy point crucial to managing the flow of energy.

How to Find Brahmasthan in a House?

Finding the place of Brahmasthan in the house is quite easy as per Vastu Shastra. The foremost tip is to find the map of the house or property and check whether it is in either rectangular, square layout or other.

If the map is not in a square or rectangular shape, extend the boundaries line and bring it into the required one. Then, join all the lines of the outer wall and give it a rectangular or square shape.

For Brahmasthan calculations, divide the whole plot (irrespective of shape) into eight parts of equal size, from the north side to the south side and the west side to the east side. The four squares or the equal spaces in between is the area of Brahmasthan in the house.

Brahmasthan Vastu: Effective Tips

There are a few tips related to Brahmasthan in the house that should be followed as per the Vastu rules.

  • The Brahmasthan direction should be kept clean and clutter-free, as this is the direction of Lord Brahma.
  • Try to keep the area as free as possible. Make sure no obstructions comes in the way of positive energy and the other zones of the property for wealth, happiness, health, and harmony.
  • As per the Brahmasthan Vastu, it is suggested to keep the area open on the top side to let the rays of the sun enter the space for enhancing the power of the area.
  • Sacred places, such as worship places, Tulsi plants, or pooja rooms can also be made at this spot.
  • If possible, the Brahmasthan in Vastu says that the area can be made into a compound or lawn with a flower garden or Tulsi plant in between.
  • Keep the spot decorated with bonsais, plants, flowers, and more.
  • The area can also be used as a meeting room or living room, but make sure no heavy furniture, such as a table, is kept on the spot.
  • The dining space can also be made at the Brahmasthan location, keeping the centre empty.
  • If it is a small property, then the living room, dining space, or meeting room can be made there, keeping the centre of the area empty. Also, heavy pieces of furniture should also be avoided on the spot.
  • To differentiate the Brahmasthan in Vastu Shastra, it suggested painting the walls of this area with different neutral colours. If the spot is under an open sky, then make sure the boundaries or the floors have a distinction from the other areas of the property.

Adverse Implications of Brahmasthan in Vastu Shastra

With the good rules of Brahmasthan Vastu, there come various bad things as well, as mentioned below:

  • Brahmasthan is a holy place. Therefore, keeping pumps, well, pillars, and rubbish should not be kept here.
  • Avoid keeping heavy objects like trunks, pieces of furniture, boxes, etc.
  • A few appliances like generators, lifts, powerhouses, air handling units, and others should be avoided in this spot. Keeping such things in this area can lead to huge financial loss.
  • Do not make storerooms or arches in the area of Brahmasthan as per the Vastu shastra.
  • Avoid constructing a bathroom or a toilet in the Brahmasthan Vastu spot.
  • Vastu shastra suggests that a beam should also be avoided in the Brahmasthan centre spot of the property.
  • Also, avoid building a staircase in the Brahmasthan. If built, it can impact your mental well-being and financial security.
  •  A fireplace or a kitchen must be avoided in the direction of Brahmasthan. Keeping it in the same area can lead to health issues for the people residing in the space.
  •  Building bedrooms on the Brahmasthan side can result in confusion in a person’s life.

Remedies to Alleviate the Effects of Brahmasthan Dosh

Brahmasthan Vastu doshas can lead to many problems in the life of the person, such as financial loss, depletion of health, and more. The wrong construction, placement of things, weight, or colours can lead to the wrong Brahmasthan. However, there are some ways in which these doshas can be solved.

One of the best possible Brahmasthan dosh effects remedies is to add a consecrated Yantra of Lord Brahma. This yantra can be added on the east, north, or northwest side of the house. The Brahma Yantra is the best way for Brahmasthan dosh effects remedies. Vastu Shastra suggests that this yantra should be made of copper.

The yantra is available in the marketplace and can be consecrated with the help of a Vastu expert. The Brahma Yantra helps in managing the disturbing energy of the Brahmasthan.

Colour for Brahmasthan in Vastu Shastra

As per the Vastu colour for Brahmasthan, it is suggested to use soft tones, such as beige, white, light pink, light blue, etc. Using the soft colour for Brahmasthan will enhance the flow of positive energy throughout the property. The colours play an important role in the energy flow, hence, take the guidance of Vastu experts for choosing the right choice of colour for the space.

In Conclusion

Believing in Brahmasthan Vastu Shastra and applying its rules to the property can lead to a drastic positive change. The direction is important as it is the deciding factor behind the success, health, and peace of the space. With respect to keeping the negativity at bay and letting the positivity flow, the above-mentioned tips and remedies can be helpful. Find the spot of Brahmasthan and pave the way for tranquillity and positive vibes in the space. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What can be placed in Brahmasthan?

Lightweight furniture, living room, pooja room, Tulsi plants, flower pots, small trees, and meeting room can be placed in the Brahmasthan area. 

Where can I find Brahmasthan at home?

The Brahmathan is usually located in the centre of the property, which helps in maintaining the positivity of the space. 

What is the importance of Brahmasthan?

The Brahmasthan in Vastu is the area of Lord Brahma, therefore, it is important to bring positive energy and disburse it to the different corners of the property for health, wealth and happiness. 

What should be placed at the centre of the house?

The centre is the spot of Brahmasthan. Adding lightweight furniture, a living room, pooja room, Tulsi plants, flower pots, small trees, and a meeting room is ideal for the centre. 

Can we have a pooja room in Brahmasthan?

Yes, the pooja room is the most auspicious construction for the holy place of Brahmasthan. 

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