Check Credit Score without PAN Card

Credit Score without PAN Card

Your credit score can be defined as a rating that reflects your reputation. Think of your credit score as your batting average. If your batting rate is higher than 50, you have a stable scoring record of 50 and a good player. Similarly, when your credit score is high, it shows that you have borrowed and repaid your credit responsibly in the past. Regularly reviewing your credit score will help you identify the reasons that may be preventing you from having a good credit score. If there are any anomalies or incorrect information on your credit report, have it corrected as soon as possible to avoid your score becoming a hindrance when applying for credit.

You can assess and strengthen your credit ratings by online credit score check with a PAN card. Alternatively, use the unique number on your passport, voter’s ID, or driver’s licence to apply for a PAN Card or to check credit score online.

What is the Significance of a Credit Score?

Credit scores are a three-digit number that represents how credits such as personal loans, mortgages and credit cards have been administered in the past. The credit score shows the lender regardless of whether it is a trusted borrower. When requesting any type of credit card, the lender or NBFC examines your credit score and the credit history maintained in your credit report. Your credit score is calculated from 300 to 900. The greater your credit score, the better, since it is more likely to approve it for new credits. The credit score is an important indicator used by lenders to assess the creditworthiness of potential borrowers.

Your credit score is important because it shows your credibility or degree of risk as a borrower. Therefore, it directly affects your eligibility for a loan, the loan amount that the lender will provide you, and the interest rate you must pay. Your credit score allows lenders to judge the potential risks of lending you funds. This is why your credit score online checks are a must, especially important for unsecured or unsecured loans, and will greatly affect your eligibility for personal loans.

Why is PAN Necessary to Check Credit Score Online?

To check credit score online through the CIBIL website, you will need your PAN card details. It is a universal document that can be used as proof of identity and contains records about important financial transactions. In addition, if you want to use credit or loan, the bank will ask you to show your PAN card. Therefore, credit bureaus can locate your credit data easily and efficiently because PAN is associated with all financial and bank accounts of most people. Online credit score check, therefore, needs the PAN card details to check credit score.

What is the Procedure to Check Credit Score with the PAN Card?

If you want to check credit score online, you’ll need some basic information as well as your PAN card number. In order to obtain your credit score, you must pay a minimum amount.  CIBIL can offer you a free credit score if you want to verify your credit report once a year. To get your CIBIL score from the official website, these instructions prove beneficial: 

  • Visit  (From the official page of CIBIL)
  • Click on the ‘Get Your Credit Score’ option in the top right corner, or
  • Directly go to 
  • If necessary, select a subscription option.
  • Enter the PAN number.
  • And provide your E-mail address.
  • Enter your date of birth and gender.
  • Fill in the captcha code.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Select “Proceed to Payment”

You can easily get an online credit score check done with the PAN card credentials following the steps mentioned above.

What are the Other Ways to Check Credit Score Without the PAN Number or Card?

The PAN Card is one of the most convenient ways to verify a person’s CIBIL credit score. The PAN card is India’s official form of identification, provided by the Income Tax Department. This is one of the most significant documents of a person, and it can be used as a KYC document for a variety of functions.

Although a PAN card is very important for an online credit score check, you can still get your credit score check done in another way. Suppose you don’t have a PAN Card number, in that case, you can request your CIBIL Score using your basic personal information, such as your name, date of birth, identity proof number from another document, address, phone number and provide valid ID numbers of documents like passport, voters id or aadhar card. This is the next best option that you can opt to check your credit score online. This is also a safe and secure way to gain access to your credit score.

What Other Information Needs to be Generated When you Check Credit Score Online with a PAN Card?

If you want to perform an online credit score check,  you will need certain basic details like name, date of birth, address, passport identification number, Aadhar card number, Voter ID number, along with your PAN card number. You must also pay a fee to access the credit rating. Details such as Email address, contact number, and gender also should be provided when you check credit score.

How is your Credit Rating Determined?

If you want to receive a loan quickly, you’ll need a strong CIBIL score. Your credit score can impact whether your loan application is approved or denied, as well as your capacity to bargain for competitive interest rates. A credit score ranges from 300 to 900 points. If your credit score is near 900, you will have a greater chance of getting approval for a loan or establishing credit. A credit score of 750 or more is considered optimal by the majority of lenders, including banks and non-banking lending organisations.

To calculate credit ratings, each credit bureau has its unique methodology. Payment history, credit use, credit age, and credit type are all criteria taken into account while calculating it. The following are some of the basic factors considered to evaluate credit:

The Repayment Period and History

One of the most crucial elements that affect your credit score is your payment history. If you have paid your bills/loan EMIs on time, it indicates that you are a responsible borrower who is less likely to fail. Responsible credit behaviour will also qualify you for lower interest rates on loans and faster processing of your requests. Late payments, missed payments, and other violations will drop your score by many marks.

The Credit Utilization Ratio

The total amount of credit you’ve utilised in relation to the total credit limit available to you is referred to as a credit utilisation ratio. The credit utilisation ratio is derived by dividing your overall credit limit by the total remaining balance. 

The History of Credit Card

Your credit history is also taken into account while calculating your score in order to analyse your reliability properly. Your credit score will improve if you have maintained your credit responsibly in the past and manage to make timely payments on your current credit accounts. A long credit history aids lenders in making an informed choice about whether or not to extend credit to you. 

Developing a Mixed Credit

It’s critical to have a balanced blend of secured and unsecured credit. A credit mix can help you improve your score. Although it has a lesser impact than other aspects, it should not be overlooked. Your total accounts represent your credit management experience with both types of credit.

What will be the CIBIL Score for a New PAN Card?

The common doubt in most people’s mind is about the CIBIL score for getting a new Pan card if the old one is lost. Now let us know about this aspect and clear your fear about it.

You can get a duplicate PAN card if you lose or have your PAN card stolen, and it will not damage your credit score because your PAN number will remain the same. If you don’t have a PAN number and therefore have requested a new card, the PAN number will vary, which will have an influence on your credit score. A red flag in your account indicates this change. You can check credit score online to find out about this.

What Effects will PAN Change Have on My CIBIL Score?

A permanent account or PAN is different from the CIBIL score. The CIBIL score is your credit score, and the PAN is a unique alphanumeric identification number issued to Indian citizens. PAN is important because it helps prevent tax evasion and serves as proof of identity. Since PAN is a unique number, two people cannot have the same PAN. According to section 139A (7), a person can only have one permanent account. Even if you lose your PAN card, you can still get a copy of the same number. 

Therefore, if you change your card, your CIBIL score will not be affected. The credit score has other details, such as your date of birth, bank transaction records, residential address, etc. Therefore, in case your PAN changes, CIBIL software will mainly display a warning on your account. An online credit score check will help you know this, and you can sort it out easily.

Now that we have discussed CIBIL score or credit score check with PAN card, we have dealt with all the matters related to the same.


What are short-term credit ratings?

A credit rating is a numerical estimate of a borrower’s creditworthiness in general or concerning a specific debt or financial obligation. An individual, a corporation, a state or provincial authority can all be given a credit rating if they want to borrow money. The chance of a borrower defaulting within a year is reflected in a short-term credit rating. In recent years, this form of credit rating seems to have become the usual, whereas, in the past, long-term credit ratings were given more weight.

How is a credit rating denoted?

Credit rating is denoted by a simple alphanumeric symbol, e.g. AA+, A-, etc.

Which is CIBIL’s official website?

The official CIBIL website is

Is it bad to get listed on the Defaulter list?

Whether you are applying for a loan or a credit card, your credit score is one of the few factors that represent your credibility. This is an important parameter for creditors to assess your ability to repay. Since your credit score plays a vital role in obtaining a loan, it is important that you are never considered a “CIBIL defaulter.” There are several factors that may cause you to default on your loan: medical emergencies, unemployment, loss of business, etc. If you think you may not be able to repay the debt, you need to take some steps to avoid litigation.

How can I check credit score online without a PAN card?

You can use various other identity proof such as Aadhar card number, Voter ID number, Passport number or Visa for obtaining your personal details. You can also make an online credit score check with your basic personal information as asked online when you want to check credit score online.

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