How to File a Complaint Against a Builder?

Complaint Against a Builder

A home buyer can file a complaint against any unfair practices of the builder in the consumer forum under the Consumer Protection Act Of 1986. This act aims to safeguard the home buyers against any fraudulent activities of the builders and grants them the rights to take legal action against the builder.

Here is a step-by-step guide for filing a case against a builder:

Lodge Your Complaint
The foremost step before actually filing an official complaint against a builder is to send a legal notice to the builder or construction company before proceeding further with the process. This legal notice must be well-drafted by an experienced lawyer. If there is no response from the builder you can then proceed ahead and file an official complaint against the builder.

Register Your Complaint
If there is no response from the builder then the consumer can file a complaint under the Consumer Protection Act, 1986 against the builder after consulting a lawyer. The lawyer will then assess the facts of your matter and file a complaint with the appropriate consumer forum. The consumer complaint is then filed along with the relevant documents that include the copy of the legal notice, the builder-buyer agreement, the proofs of payment made to the builder as well as the court fee in form of a demand draft.

RERA Complaint
RERA is a dedicated authority which was established to bring transparency, accountability and redress any dispute related to Real Estate. Every state has its own RERA website where a buyer can register complain against a builder by filling the details in the prescribed form.

How to register a complaint against a builder?

Here’s how a buyer can register a complaint against a builder under RERA:
Step1– To register complaint with the Authority, the buyer will have to visit the State’s official RERA website.
Step2– Then the buyer has to refer to the complaint registration link on the portal for filling up the form.

Step 3 –While filing the complaint, homebuyer is then being asked to submit their personal details that includes name, address, contact details, and project details along with the supporting documents.

Step4 – After filing up the form the buyer is then asked to pay the registrations amount that may vary from state to the state.

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