NDMC Property Tax

NDMC Property Tax

Property tax must be paid to the New Delhi Municipal Council (NMDC) by property owners whose properties are located in the Lutyens’ zone. By going to the NDMC’s official website, property tax for the NDMC can be paid online. It also provides a wide range of services, including those for estate, certifications, and electricity, among other things. On the official NDMC website, property owners can also check their outstanding dues and mutation certificates for new accounts.

According to Section 66 of the NDMC Act, the North Delhi Municipal Corporation imposes an annual fee known as a property tax on people who own homes in Delhi’s North zone.

How to pay NDMC property tax online?

Let’s look at some information regarding NDMC property tax online below:

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of ndmc.gov.in
  • Step 2: Continue with online services.
  • Step 3: Citizen Login’ can be found under the ‘Property Tax’ option.
  • Step 4: Enter the mobile number after that and select “Generate OTP.”
  • Step 5: After entering the OTP, select “Login.”
  • Step 6: You can choose to pay the NDMC property tax on the following page.

NDMC Property Tax Registration

The steps to paying property taxes online using the NMDC portal are as follows:

  • Step 1: Go to the NDMC portal and scroll down to the property tax option. You will be sent to a new page if you select the “Pay” option.
  • Step 2: You will see blank tabs for a captcha image, a user name, and a password on the following page.

As per the guidelines on this page, take the following safety steps when entering information:

  • A Username of the property owner’s ID.
  • This username’s password is his Demand Collection Register (DCR) number.
  • The representatives of the NDMC also utilise this page. The regulating body creates their user IDs and passwords for them.
  • Your account will be locked for a full day if you make more than five unsuccessful attempts.
  • Step 3: Press the login button after you have correctly provided all the necessary details. You will be taken to a new page with all the data regarding property taxes.
  • Step 4: Select the payment choice. Go to the payment gateway by being routed. It provides appropriate payment choices. You can select a payment method based on what works best for you.
  • Step 5: The gateway will confirm the payment after it has been completed. There will be a receipt for recognition created. Print the receipt or store a soft copy of it on your computer or smartphone.

North Delhi Municipal Corporation Zones

The Delhi Municipal Corporation was split into three parts in 2012, one of which was the North MCD. On May 22, 2022, the three MCDs were again merged to form the Delhi Municipal Corporation, which should be known to the city’s people. Since all three of Delhi’s MCDs have been combined into one Municipal Corporation Delhi, everyone who lives in one of the city’s 250 wards now needs to go to the MCD’s main office to complete any tasks. The Corporation of Delhi’s website offers solutions to difficulties for Delhi residents as well.

Zone NameWards
Karol-BaghBaljit-NagarDev-NagarEast-Patel-NagarInderpuriKarampuraKarol BaghKirti NagarMoti NagarNarainaOld Rajinder NagarPahar GanjRajinder NagarRamesh NagarRanjit NagarWest Patel Nagar
Civil LinesAdarsh NagarBhalswaBurariDheer PurGTB NagarJahangir PuriJharodaKadi PurKamal PurMalka GunjMukherjee NagarMukund PurSamayPur BadliSanti NagarSarai Pipal ThalaSarup NagarSwami Sharadanad ColonyTimarPur
NarelaBankerBawana BegumpurHolambi KhurdKanjhawalaMundkaNangal ThakranNangloiNarelaNilothiPooth KhurdRani KheraRohini CRohini D
Rohini45-AN, 48-N-CBudh ViharHarizan ParkKirariKirari Suleman NagarLakshmi ParkMangalpuri AMangalpuri BMangalpuri CMangalpuri DMubarakpur DabasNangloiNangloi EastNangloi JatNihal ViharNilothiNithariPeera GarhiPrem NagarRithalaRohiniRohini ARohini BRohini ERohini FRohini GRohini HRohini ISulltanpuri ASultanpuri BSultanpuri CVijay Vihar
KeshavpuramAshok ViharGuru Harkishan NagarHaiderpurKamla NagarKeshavpuramKohat EnclaveModel TownNimri ColonyPaschim ViahrPaschim Vihar (North)Paschim Vihar (South)PitampuraRP NagarRampuraRani BaghSangam ParkSaraswati ViharSawan Park
City SP ZoneAjmeri GateAnand ParvatBallimaranBazar Sita Ram Chandni ChowkCivil LinesDelhi GateJama MasjidKishan GanjQuarish NagarRam NagarSadar BazarShastri Nagar

Calculation of NDMC Property Tax

Based on the estimated yearly value of the property, the NDMC calculates the property tax. Depending on how the property’s market value changes, it can go up or down. 

The following formula is typically used to determine NDMC property tax:

  • Tax rate x (worth of unit area x built-up area x age of building x consumption factor x structural factor x occupancy factor).

NDMC property tax payment offline

Visit the neighbourhood municipal department to make an offline payment. The property ID you have should be given. Make sure you have the appropriate documentation on you for verification. The overdue property tax is shown once the verification process is complete. Depending on the alternatives offered at the regional office, you can make payments in cash or electronically. You will receive an acknowledgement receipt bearing the official seal.

Refund on NDMC Property Taxes

For up to 200 square meters of one property, women, taxpayers with disabilities, ex-servicemen, and senior persons are entitled for a 30% refund on NDMC property tax. 

Additionally, the taxpayer is entitled to a 15% rebate if they pay their whole tax bill for the year in a single instalment within the first quarter of the year.

DDA/CHGS flats will receive a 10% discount off the annual flat value for flats up to 100 square metres.  

On the other side, a 1% late payment interest fee will be added each month if the tax amount is not paid on time.

MCD Toll-Free Number

Call the toll-free customer service numbers, helplines, and WhatsApp numbers of the various MCD zones for support and to file complaints regarding public utilities and government services.

The following details about the MCD toll-free number will help you find the answer to your question:

  • Department Name: IT Department
  • Department Address: Dr. S.P.M Civic Center- 24th floor, Minto Road
  • Email ID: mcd-ithelpdesk@mcd.nic.in
  • Contact Number: Call Center Number- 155305

How do you file a complaint to the MCD?

You can send an email, use the centralised citizen hotline number, or submit a request at the regional municipality office in Delhi to make a complaint to the relevant nodal officers of the MCD departments. To save time and money, you can also file a complaint online through the website or smartphone app MCD311.

How to submit a house tax payment to the New Delhi Municipal Council (NMDC)?

The steps to paying house taxes online using the NMDC portal are as follows:

  • Visit the official website of the NDMC site.
  • Click the property tax on the home page’s online services menu and select the property tax option.
  • In the username field, type your property ID. The Demand-Collection-Register (DCR) number you entered serves as the password. To continue, fill in the given captcha and press the “login” key.
  • A new page will open up with comprehensive information about property taxes.
  • Select the payment choice. Your browser will change to the payment gateway. Select your preferred payment method, then finish the transaction.
  • The computer will produce a receipt with an acknowledgement. You can download the receipt to your gadget or print it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the due date for NDMC property tax?

If people pay their property taxes before June 30th of each year, the Delhi property tax office will give them a 15% refund.

What types of properties are exempted from NDMC property tax?

Property taxes on the following are exempt from NDMC: Land used for farming. Land utilised for philanthropic endeavours, public worship, burials, or cremations. Land owned by recipients of the bravery award or war widows.

Is there a penalty for failing to pay property tax?

If the owner of the property fails to pay the property tax, penalties are indeed applicable.

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