What is Numerology? Number Predictions That Disclose Your Future


The science of architecture, typically known as Vastu Shashtra in the Indian system of construction, has high significance in house designs and layouts. But do you know the other two segments of ancient tomes that have an intense connection with Vastu? Well, that is Vedic numerology and astrology. 

It is the basics of Vastu for a house that each implication has significant impacts via directions that relate them to one of the planets in our Milky Way galaxy. They react as per the combinations and arrangements made inside a campus considering numbers and colours. These are specifically determined as per the Vastu principles. 

The reason why numbers are heroes is to invite positive energy and opportunities to your comfort space. For instance, you must have seen a new homebuyer look for even the street numerology while purchasing a prestigious abode. 

The Essence of Numerology in Vastu Shastra

What is numerology or numerology numbers in real? As the name suggests, the subject deals with complete emphasis on numbers. Connecting it with Vastu stands to interconnect concerns like choosing the right number for your house that might extend to the date of a home purchase.

In simpler terms, numerology brings a sense to each number’s vibration by relating it to macrocosm and microcosm impacts. Numbers are linked to mystical properties that help in extracting its potential for umbrellas of concern. 

This is because each number is associated with its planet, which affects the vibe of your home. It decodes the best directions and creates the framework for a fruitful construction and Vastu remedies against any flaws. 

Point to be noted that numerology does not consider street numerology that counts for pin code or the house number determination. This makes the process pretty easy to configure and apply effectively. 

When Did the Origin of Numerology Happened?

Interestingly, this unthoughtful method of manifesting the future and its impact has its initial shreds of evidence in Egypt and Babylon. However, no exact proof has been rectified as even the term “numerology” was not mentioned in any ancient documents until 1907. It is crucial to know that this terminology was introduced by Dr Julian Stenton, who brought this as a part of civilisation with its identification. 

How Do Numerology Predictions Work? 

Manifestation has been accepted in all times and eras. We all find it fascinating to unlock future occurrences by acknowledging the energies present around us. But we all face a hiccup while approaching this thinking does numerology really works? Let us tell you that numbers also have some frequency that signifies their importance. 

Each human on this earth has a lucky and unlucky number. These factors are considered even at the time of a home purchase configured by the core numbers of a homeowner’s life. These core numbers are five and are derived by the person’s full name and date of birth in numerology predictions. 

Of these five numbers, first, two are the core numbers that are made up of your birthdate and life path. The other three are the reflection of your soul, personality and expressions. 

Why Consider Numerology in House Buying?

As aforementioned, homebuying is not a regular task as it involves not just finance but brings a new energetic frequency to our lives. Numerology numbers are critically applied to recognise which decision can ensure a positive outcome.

It would be best to consult an expert to extract our best day to own a house. If this sounds hefty, considering your lucky day can be a saviour in a home purchase. Also, you might apply the same for choosing your house number or other alphabet numbers numerology. Consider the factor explained above to know your numerology numbers!

Take Up the Numerology Chart 

The relationship between the alphabet numbers numerology and its particular planet: 

  • Number 1 links to Planet Sun
  • Number 2 links to Planet Moon
  • Number 3 links to Planet Jupiter
  • Number 4 links to Planet Rahu- the moon’s north node
  • Number 5 links to Planet Mercury
  • Number 6 links to Planet Venus
  • Number 7 links to Planet Ketu- the moon’s south node
  • Number 8 links to Planet Saturn
  • Number 9 links to Planet Mars

Benefits to Implying Alphabet Numerology? 

You must be thinking why millions of people advocate the idea of finding numerology numbers, right? Here are the untold benefits you must know so you can interpret the aftereffects of the same: 

1- The alphabet numerology introduces you to yourself.

2- It is a self-analysing tool which discloses the purpose and the possible destiny of life

3- It assists in discovering the objective or motto behind your decision-making and guides you with potential ones. 

4- It reveals your unrealised weakness and strengths with the help of numerology numbers.

5- Your Expression number discloses your soul goals.

6- It helps to decide the right time for the major happenings of your life.

7- It provides insight into certain attractions you feel in specific circumstances.

8- A 360-degree interpretation of our positive and negative traits.

9- Releases you free from unnecessary worries and disputes.

10- Your Life Path Number helps you decide the chances and challenges you will face in the future.

How to Calculate Numerology Numbers?

Calculating your life path number is pretty easy. It just needs some simple steps, as we have mentioned below. 

Add the date of birth, in case it is a 2-digit number.

Continue adding the month of birth.

Then, add the year you were born. 

This formula will help you find numerology numbers with no hustle at all. 

Beyond “What is Numerology…”

We have defined the types of Numerology in Vastu Shastra below that are quite different yet provides solution against the same concerns. 

Gematria/Hebrew Numerology 

Practised by the Jewish Mysticism- Kabbalah, this is a method where numbers correspond to a letter. Here, Hebrew alphabet numerology works in a way where each letter has a numeric value. 

Pythagorean/Western Numerology

Derived by the Pythagoras system, Greek maths and philosophy combined from 569 to 470 B.C.This tenure is also called “the father of modern numerology”. However, some beliefs show this system was inspired by Indian numerology. In contrast, some say that it belongs to Egypt. As the most famous numerology, this also translates letters into digits with defined meanings. 

Chaldean/Mystic Numerology

Chaldean was actually a tribal community in Babylon that used to rule there from 625 to 539 B.C. Among all the types of numerology, this is considered to be the most accurate one yet difficult to master. It is important to note that this is the oldest form of numerology. In this, a single digit is referred to to define the outer traits of a person. At the same time, dual digits show signs of inner traits. 

Kabbalah Numerology

A combination of Pythagorean and Gematria numerology, this basically considers names more important than numbers. It is safe to say that Kabbalah numerology is a new form introduced that works on the Roman alphabet. 

Tamil Numerology

Tamil Numerology is defined as Indian numerology that works on planets and their specific numbers. This framework operates in three segments: destiny number, psychic number and name number. Being an integral part of Indian astrology, this is the smallest one that involves the Vedic Squares mechanism. 

End Thoughts

Vastu Shastra holds answers to all your queries and worries. You might not believe its implications, but after applying some easiest tricks, you could sense its prompt significance. We considered explaining “what is Numerology” apart from its mathematical implications that straightly connect to peace and positivity. Thereby, making a change in your daily lifestyle with a digit game might help you multiply your happiness steadily.


Which number is not good for a house?

In Indian numerology, the number 13 is considered to invite negative energies home. Hence, avoiding this house number in all possible circumstances is advised. 

How do I find out my house number?

You may know your house number from your property papers. If not, then you may consult the area municipality to check on your home number mentioned in their records.

What is 7-house numerology?

It is said that house number 7 brings the best self-reliance and prosperity to homeowners and their families. 

What are good house numbers, as per Vastu?

The set of numbers 1, 3, 5 and 7 are considered to be the lucky numbers for a home in Vastu. 

Which number of houses is lucky?

As per Vastu, numerology numbers 3, 6, 8, 9, 11 and 38 are the luckiest for a home.

Which number is luckiest?

Vastu experts say that number 7 has the highest fortune that suits men and women both.

What is a 5 house numerology?

Numerology predictions suggest that the number 5 house has the arena of overindulging vibe that needs balancing of energy.

What is 4 house numerology?

Productivity and stability in all forms are expected in people’s lives living in House number 4, as per Vastu numerology.

What is a 3 house numerology?

Homeowners with house number 3 can have growth, passion, enthusiasm, expression, joy and optimism.

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