Online Real Estate Broker Tech Platforms like Square Connect call the shots amidst lockdown

Ramesh gets a notification from a popular real estate brokerage app, Square Connect: Huge earnings amidst lockdown. Get Best Commission Rates & On-time Pay-outs

‘It’s your turn now Ramesh, to earn huge commissions on exclusive real estate projects, without you or your client, ever leaving the house’.

Ramesh is a real estate broker who uses Square Connect, India’s leading broker-to-broker mobile app, to post listings, sell properties and increase contacts with fellow brokers to enhance business, irrespective of economic climate. Square Connect is developed by Square Yards, India’s Largest Digital Brokerage.

With social distancing measures strictly enforced and work-from-home policies becoming the order of the day due to a virus contagion, businesses like real estate are taking the online tack, using digital interactive mediums and adopting hi-tech tools like AI, machine learning and virtual reality to digitize their work processes.

The real estate sector depends largely on physical interactions with clients to run their businesses. Whether it is to buy a home or visit a property, a physical experience is needed to channelize the emotions of home-buying into a fulfilling one. However, that conventional norm has been put on a sabbatical at present and digital tools have superseded them.

Apps like Square Connect are unleashing a new lease of life for Indian real estate brokers, helping them run their Online Real Rstate businesses from their tablets and smartphones while staying within the confines of their homes.

What is Square Connect?

For the uninitiated, Square Connect is a super-efficient real estate broker-to-broker platform designed for brokers and agents to facilitate field sales. Wholly owned by Square Yards, the app consists of more than 1 lakh active brokers through which partners can connect, collaborate, and earn handsome returns.

Registered users get unlimited access to their own personalized social wall where they can share daily social trivia, leads on their property listings and connect with fellow brokers.

Amidst the lockdown, the Square Connect app stands as a virtual gateway to the Square Yards Digital Network, through which real estate agents can get fresh leads for their listings. Agents can check their listings on the go and contact leads without any fuss. And it’s not just the listings which are amplifying their business, but the brand name they have associated with, are helping them earn the trust of their clients.

The app has a premium membership option too where subscribers can get access to premium benefits like unlimited property listings and leads, Square Yards visiting card, access to award-winning real estate CRM, a personalised dashboard with Square Yards branding and high-priority status on agent status list.

Square Connect comes with metrics like First Time To Response (FTTR), connected calls and met ratios which helps real estate brokers to attend to potential leads within the first hour itself, thereby increasing conversion rates.

Online tech platforms running the show

At a time when physical client meetings are banned, thanks to an invisible spectre looming over us, online tech platforms like Square Connect keep real estate businesses going for thousands of agents. These apps serve as an alternative to interact with clients and also facilitate virtual walkthroughs leveraging 3D and Virtual Reality tech.

Agents can fix meetings with clients through video interactive mediums like Whatsapp and Zoom and conduct property tours for clients where they visit a property from the comfort of their homes. Homebuyers at the same time are preferring these interactive mediums as they give them more time to mull over their decision by allowing them to visit the Property virtually numerous times. These features are helping real estate agents drive sales even in a lockdown situation.

Besides maintaining communication with customers, online tech platforms provide maximum leverage to a business by enhancing visibility and help an agent with insights into whether a lead is worth the shot or not. Efforts are lessened and revenue gets multiplied.

On a concluding note, online tech platforms provide a win-win situation for Real Estate Agents, during these turbulent times. It won’t be too pompous to say that apps like Square Connect are helping real estate brokers earn their bread and butter. Using the power of technology, partners can still pocket handsome revenues and tap into a vast market opportunity that real estate has.


Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards
Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards