RERA Gujarat: RERA Registration Process, Eligibility & Fees

Gujrat RERA

The real estate market in the state of Gujarat is largely under the jurisdiction of the Gujarat Regulation and Development Act, or GujRERA. The state’s real estate industry is to be regulated and promoted by the RERA Gujarat authority. It provides a forum for the quick and effective settlement of conflicts between purchasers and developers. The act also imposes strict penalties on developers for project delays and other forms of non-compliance.

Under RERA Gujarat, all commercial and residential real estate projects must be registered with the Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority. This requirement applies to projects that are over 500 square metres in size or include eight apartments or more. The act mandates the disclosure of project details, including project plan, layout, government approvals, land status, contractors, schedule for completion, and other essential details, on the RERA Gujarat website. This ensures that buyers have access to comprehensive information about properties before making a purchase decision.

What Is RERA Act in Gujarat?

RERA Gujarat or GUJRERA as it is called was established under the Central Government’s Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of the year 2016. GUJRERA is the key authority that controls and promotes the State’s real estate/property development sector. The Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act was passed to protect the homebuyer’s interest and also to boost real estate investments. Thereby, the RERA Act of Gujarat was initiated in 2017 to curb falsified deals and to infuse transparency and accountability in the real estate sector. 

Vision/Goals Of RERA Gujarat

The sole aim of RERA Gujarat is to provide a sustainable, credible and trustworthy environment for both the homebuyers and agents. It predominantly regulates the real estate sector and eliminates the scope of fraudulent and unscrupulous activities. In addition, it mitigates non-compliance from the real estate sector. Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority is moving at a fast pace to achieve all its desired goals. 

To achieve goals, Gujarat RERA from time to time comes up with new-fangled customer-oriented solutions and tries to upkeep stellar communication with stakeholders. In a nutshell, if you are looking to purchase a RERA registered property, then get stress-free as you are investing in a legitimate property that possesses all the licenses and clearances. 

So far, 1675 Agents and 8965 Projects are registered under RERA Gujarat. Moreover, the biggest achievement for the RERA Gujarat authority is they have taken up 2839 complaints and have resolved them with flying colours.

If you have been conned by the agent or developer and are looking for ways to file a complaint under RERA Gujarat on the basis of non-compliance or if you are inquisitive about checking the compliance of any developer or project, then read it through as we have mentioned the steps to follow.

Main Functions Of RERA Gujarat

Have a glance at the spectrum of unmissable functions offered by GujRERA Gujarat gov.:

  • Safeguards the interest of homebuyers and developers
  • Boosts the investment in the real estate sector
  • Endorses transparency and credibility in the real estate sector of Gujarat
  • Offers prompt dispute redressal
  • Facilitates well-time and organized project implementation

Services Offered By RERA Gujarat Website

RERA Act Gujarat offers different types of services to home buyers, promoters and real estate agents. Have a Glance!

1.Home Buyers

  • Give home buyers the authority to lodge complaints against developers and builders.
  • Home buyers can now access information and records pertaining to real estate projects. 


  • Under Gujarat RERA, promoters hold the power to lodge a complaint against buyers who fail at making payments. 
  • Promoters can easily attain registration for a project
  • Now promoters within a click can update details pertaining to registered real estate projects.

3.Real Estate Agents

  • As per RERA Act Gujarat, real estate agents can lodge complaints against builders and developers. 
  • With the existence of the GujRERA Gujarat gov. regulatory authority, real estate agents can renew the registration of the project on the authorized RERA Gujarat website.

Latest News Update Of Gujarat RERA

Dated – July 2021

Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority announced that 18% of new property projects under RERA Gujarat – Surat, Rajkot, Vadodara and Ahmedabad will be set up in areas of no town planning schemes (TP)

Rules & Regulation Of RERA Gujarat

To avoid hassles at a later stage, it is best to get yourself acquainted with the rules and regulations of RERA Gujarat beforehand. Rules and regulations enforced under Gujarat RERA Act put an end to malpractices and fraudulent activities.

  • Homebuyers need to pay a registration fee of INR 5 per square metre for projects that don’t exceed 1000 square metres in total. It is capped at INR 10 when the land area exceeds 1000 sq. mt. At maximum, the fee is INR 5 lakh (specifically for housing projects). 
  • Homebuyers are required to only pay for the carpet area. Builders and developers are not supposed to charge for super-built-up areas such as balconies, lobbies and stairs.
  • For mixed real estate projects, the registration fee is INR 10/sq metre, when the land area is less than 1000 square metres. If the area exceeds 1000 square metres, then the registration fee will be INR 15 per square metre. The registration fee is limited to INR ten lakhs.
  • In the case of commercial real estate projects, the registration fee for an area less than 1000/sq mt is INR 20 per square metre. Besides, INR 25/sq mt will be charged as a registration fee for the land area above. The registration fee is limited to INR ten lakhs.
  • For plotted real estate projects, the imposed registration fee is 2 lakhs.
  • Under the Gujarat RERA Act, developers cannot charge more than 10%.
  • Within 120 days from the date the Gujarat RERA complaint was filed against the developer, they are expected to resolve the issue within the assigned time frame.
  • To withdraw the application, the applicant must pay 5% of the RERA registration fees in Gujarat or INR 25,000 (whichever is greater).

Furthermore, if you want to read Gujarat RERA rules in Gujarati, then checkout the official Gujarat RERA website and download the RERA Rules in Gujarati language dialect (PDF). 

Eligibility criteria of RERA Gujarat for Registration Process 

Promoters, developers and real estate agents who are eligible for registering themselves or their projects under Gujarat RERA Act are as follows:

  • Any developer/builder who builds a building or apartments
  • Any developer/builder who takes the responsibility of renovating an existing building or structure in order to sell that renovated building to buyers.
  • Any developer/builder who develops a barren land into a building for the sale purpose.
  • When any public body or allowed authority constructs a building on the government-owned land.

How To Check The Status Of RERA Gujarat Registered Projects On Website?

  • First and foremost, log in to the authorized RERA website of Gujarat.
  • Next, select the RERA Gujarat registration option and then click on the agent option.
  • Subsequently, a comprehensive list of registered agents will be displayed on your screen.

List Of RERA Registered Projects In Gujarat

The Gujarat government has shared a comprehensive list of RERA registered projects on its official RERA Gujarat website since everyone should buy a home from registered developers only. If you are a home buyer who is interested in checking the list, then have a look. 

As per RERA applicability in Gujarat, only projects that are registered under this regulatory body can be advertised and sold

City Wise Update of RERA Approved Projects In Ahmedabad/Surat/Rajkot/Vadodara/Gandhinagar

Project Type RERA Surat RERA Ahmedabad RERA Rajkot RERA Vadodara RERA Gandhinagar
Residential 486 1140 863 902 356
Commercial 289 546 133 152 85
Mixed 275 1096 218 649 286
Plotting 81 29 28 13 26

How to File A Complaint On RERA Gujarat Website?

If a home buyer desires to file a RERA Gujarat complaint against the builder, then they are required to fill Form A that is available on the official Gujarat RERA website. However, apart from filing Form A, home buyers are obligated to submit a demand draft of worth ₹1000. On attaining Form A, the regulatory authority will notify the home buyer and will give a date of hearing. However, reliant on the category of grievance the RERA Gujarat complaint is filed through both online and offline mediums. 

On the other hand, Form B is used to file a complaint pertaining to the claim of compensation and interest. However, this type of RERA complaint in Gujarat is filed to the RERA Adjudicating officer under sections 19, 18, 14, 12 of the Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act. 

Sample Of RERA Gujarat Complaint Form

Form A

Form B 

How To Register On Gujarat RERA Portal?

Step 1: First of all, visit the official and authorized RERA Gujarat website.

Step 2: If you are a developer or a promoter, then select the ‘project registration’ option that is located at the bottom of the page. In case, if you are a real estate agent, then select the ‘agent registration’ option.

Step 3: If you have opted for the “Project Registration” option, a new tab will be displayed. On the redirected page, select the promoter type such as company, individual, etc.

Step 4: In the next step, enter your workable email ID.

Step 5: After selecting the promoter type and inputting the email ID, then on your registered email ID you will receive a unique one time password

Step 6: At last, select the next option and enter the required details.

Fees & Charges Of Gujarat RERA

For getting your project registered or yourself as a promoter or agent under RERA Act Gujarat, you are required to pay a fee. Now, the next question that might strike your mind will be how much fee is charged. Did we fathom it right? Put an end to speculation as we have got you covered. Here is a rundown of the registration fee charged by the agent and promoter. Flick through the well-designed table as it is created on the grounds of different parameters and gives in-depth information about how much a promoter or agent is charged for the registration process. 

1.Registration Fee Paid By Promoter

Type of Project RERA Gujarat Registration Fee Paid By Promoter
Commercial ₹20 per square meter registration fee is charged for plots not exceeding 1000 square metersThe fee is ₹25 per square meter for the plots that exceed 1000 square meters
Group Housing ₹5 per square meter registration fee is charged for plots not exceeding 1000 fee is ₹10 per for the plots exceeding 1000 per square meter
Plotted Development The registration fee charged is ₹5 per square meter
Mixed Development (Residential + Commercial) ₹10 per is the registration fee for the plots not exceeding 1000 fee is ₹15 per for the plots exceeding 1000
Withdrawal of Application 5% of the Registration fee or ₹25000 (depends on which amount is higher)

2.Registration Fee Paid By Real Estate Agent

Promoter Type RERA Gujarat Registration Fee Paid By Real Estate Agent
Individual  ₹ 10,000 registration fee is charged
Other than Individual  ₹50,000 registration fee is charged
Real Estate Agent’s Renewal of Registration  The individual has to pay ₹5,000 and other than Individual has to pay ₹25,000

RERA Gujarat Registration Documents Checklist

Set of notable documents required for registering as a promoter or agent:

Category  Important Documents
Real Estate Agent Address ProofType of Enterprise Identification ProofPAN CardAadhaar CardDetails of the EnterpriseAgent’s Passport Size PhotographProof of Fee (Demand Draft Copy)
Promoter Promoter and Project Head’sPassport Size PhotographCompany Registration CertificateForm B, Form 1, Form 1-A, Form 1-BPAN Card3 Years Balance SheetP & L CertificateIncome Tax Return CopyProject PhotoLand DocumentTitle Clearance CertificateEncumbrance CertificateApproved Layout PlanProject Commencement CertificateNo Objection Certificate (NOC)7/12 Document 

Gujarat RERA Office Address

You can get in touch with the Gujarat RERA officials at the following addresses:

Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority

4th Floor, Sahyog Sankul, Sector-11


Pincode: 382010

Contact Number: (079) 232-58659

Email Id:

Gujarat Real Estate Appellate Tribunal

Ground Floor, D2 – Wing, Karmayogi Bhavan – 2,

Sector – 10A, Gandhinagar

Pincode:  382010

Contact Number: (079) 232-58044 or 46

Email ID:

Latest News

Delays in the Gujarat RERA’s New Project Registration and Customer Complaint Resolution Process

October 10, 2023

Due to the absence of a chairperson at the Gujarat RERA authority for so long, the backlog of property registrations has increased. Although the new team has been appointed, it will require some time to finish backlog registrations and restart the procedure.

Up until the first week of October 2023, there are about 450 projects that are awaiting new registration with the Gujarat RERA administration. Furthermore, the authority is currently awaiting a hearing on over 500 client complaints. A project used to be cleared for fresh registration 35 days after it was received. On the other hand, it has now taken two months or longer for approval. There are 800 consumer cases against developers that are still pending.

The land deals that took place in the previous two quarters have contributed to the rise in the number of new project registrations. Many developers intend to start work on their projects around the holidays, but the delays are impeding their development.

Developers Associated with Soft Launches Will Face Penalties Under Gujarat RERA

29 September 2023

Developers who sell their apartments before registering with the Gujarat RERA will face penalties. Developers who engage in pre-RERA marketing during a soft launch and accept reservations without getting the RERA registration number risk fines and penalties. If found guilty, a developer can be fined 10% of the project’s total cost. GujRERA fined one of the developers Rs 10 lakh in 2021 for marketing a project without first obtaining an RERA registration number.

It was observed that a lot of developers were breaking the RERA Act by selling apartments for less money before acquiring the registration number. Additionally, this move makes purchasers more susceptible. In several instances, builders have deposited funds into their bank accounts without obtaining RERA approval. 

A few builders have provided apartments at lower prices in an effort to keep the market liquid. But this has led to disagreements with investors. A top RERA official noted, “A developer cannot market a project before registering it with RERA. But we’ve seen a lot of cases where developers advertise their next projects without getting a RERA registration number. We have already sent out alerts and are closely monitoring social media to find these developers.”

Vacancies In Gujarat Rera Lead To 150 Projects In A Standstill

As of the latest information, the Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority (GujRERA) had vacancies for two of the mandatory three members. This situation has led to delays, as no new projects have been able to receive RERA registration numbers for a period of time​​. For the most current vacancy details or updates, it’s advisable to check the official GujRERA website or contact them directly.

Wrapping Up

In summary, Gujarat’s Real Estate Regulatory Authority was established to streamline, regulate, reorganise, and oversee the hitherto unstructured and unrestrained real estate industry. The only goal was to protect investors and property buyers from situations involving fraud, deceit, unfinished projects, and payments that were past due.


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RERA Gujarat FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

How can I check if my project is registered under Gujarat RERA Act?

You can view details pertaining to registered projects on the official Gujarat RERA website, first of all, visit the registration tab and then select the projects you want to see the list of.

What is the meaning of the RERA Act Gujarat?

Gujarat Real Estate Regulatory Authority was formed in 2017 for the restructuring and regulation of the real estate sector. Before that the real estate industry was unregulated that paved the way for malpractices and fraudulent activities.

What is Gujarat RERA Certificate?

Gujarat RERA certificate ensures that all the authentic developers/builders are registered under the state governed regulatory body. In a way, it maintains the transparency between the home buyers and developers.

When did RERA Gujarat come into action?

RERA Gujarat came into force on May 4th, 2017.

What is the process to check the project status as per the Gujarat RERA Act?

You can easily check the RERA project status through the official GujRERA website. From the topmost section, click on “Registration” and then “Project.” Enter specific details about the project, such as the project and promoter’s name. Voila, the requisite details, including Gujarat RERA project status, will be displayed on your screen.

How much is the registration fee for a promoter?

The registration fee for a promoter is based upon the type of project, i.e., commercial, mixed, housing, or plotted. In general, the registration fee ranges from INR 5 to 20 per square metre.

How much is the registration fee for an agent?

To become a RERA registered agent in Gujarat, an individual needs to pay INR 10,000. Others will be required to pay INR 50,000 as a registration fee. 

Can I file a complaint against the builder/agent online on GujRERA?

Yes, you can file a complaint online against the builder or agent. All you have to do is visit the website and go to the “Complaint Registration” tab. Fill out the form, attach related documents and submit the complaint form. 

Can I file a complaint against the builder offline?

Yes, you can file an offline complaint against the builder by filling out and submitting Form A. Additionally, you will have to pay imposed charges. 

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