RERA Assam 2024: RERA Registration Process, Fees & Charges


RERA is the way to protect the rights of buyers as well as sellers. With the establishment of RERA Assam, the state has seen an emergence in real-estate investment along with transparent deals with the sellers. There are some RERA registration fees that the agents, promoters, or builders need to pay in order to get a license for their projects.

 The RERA act came into effect in Assam in 2017 with the objective to regulate the dealings in the real estate sector and improve transparency. Since the implementation of the act, the real estate sector has gone through a flurry of changes. The customer now has free and easy access to an array of information like true carpet area, quality of construction materials, price per sq/ft, etc. Now, the possibility of the developer or builder defrauding the buyer has been eliminated. In this article, we will talk about all the things you need to know about RERA Assam.

Why Is RERA Assam Registration Important?

There are few motives behind Assam RERA registration. The establishment of the authority by the Government in each and every state has made real-estate functioning smoother. Here are the reasons how the RERA registration Assam will help the buyers as well as the sellers:

  • Transparency: As the registration of institutions is continued under RERA Assam, it will bring more transparency in its deals under the RERA. As per the RERA rules, all the construction companies should tell the buyers about any change in the RERA-approved projects in Guwahati, Assam. This rule is for builders as well as real estate agents and promoters. It is mandatory for the buyers to know each and every detail about their project. Hereafter, registering under Assam RERA will make complying with the acts and rules compulsory.
  • Accountability: Registering under Assam RERA will automatically increase the company’s accountability. It means that the company will be accountable for the progress of the project. Along with this, the company will be held accountable for disbursing the information about the progress of the project to its buyers and owners. If in case, the company breaks the promise that he committed at the time of selling the project, the buyer has the right to file a complaint against them to the Regulatory Authority of Assam.  
  • Uniformity: Uniformity is another factor for registering under Assam RERA. The Real Estate Regulation Act is applicable in every state and the seven union territories of India. Hence, all the regulations applicable under Assam RERA are also applicable under the different RERAs around the country.

Prime Reasons Of RERA Assam Registration & Assam RERA rules

  • Boosts Up Confidence: With the RERA Assam registration, the property owners will be more confident in dealing with the real estate agents, builders, and promoters. As there is an increase in governance, the increase in confidence among the homeowners has seen a surge. 
  • Better Transparency: RERA was introduced with the motive to increase transparency and bring governance when dealing with real estate matters. With RERA registration Assam, the transparency between the sellers and buyers has increased with better dealings in the real estate world. 
  • Better Settlement Mechanism For Real Estate Disputes: All the grievances related to the real-estate transactions or dealings will be dealt with under RERA Assam. Hence, with the acts and rules of RERA Assam, all the property disputes will be solved speedily. 
  • Knock-Off Land Related Scams: Before the establishment of RERA Assam, real estate dealings were full of corruption. Not only in Assam but around the country. Along with the corruption, there was cheating in the real estate sector. After the implementation of RERA in Assam, the corruption and cheating cases have drastically reduced over time.
  • Diminishing Delays: Unnecessary delays are one of the most prominent factors in real estate dealings. With the implementation of RERA in the state, the unnecessary delays during documents processing are reduced. Delays at each and every step of real estate dealings have also been reduced with RERA Assam. 
  • Increased Professionalism In The Sector: Before real estate had no professionalism. But after the implementation of RERA in Assam, everything fell into place. The professionalism in the industry has drastically increased after RERA by decreasing the number of unprofessional dealings in real estate.
  • Introduction of Standardized Carpet Area: Before the implementation of RERA in the state, every builder had their own formula to calculate the carpet area of their projects. Now, there is a regulated way to calculate the carpet area of a project as dictated in the Assam RERA act. 

RERA Assam defines carpet area as the gross usable floor area of a project, not including areas covered by external walls, service shat areas, verandah or balcony area, or open terrace. This formula to calculate carpet area does include areas that are covered by any internal partition walls in the apartment.

Now, the builders are required to clarify the actual carpet area offered in accordance with the rules defined in the RERA act. 

Documents Required For RERA Registration Assam

Before you go for RERA Assam registration, make sure that you have the documents required for the registration process. If you miss any of these documents, your application will either be rejected or you will be asked to submit the documents later on. These Are some common documents required by the sellers and agents for RERA registration Assam.

  • Duly filled application form.
  • Payment slip.
  • Photograph of the real estate agent or promoter.
  • PAN Card.
  • Authorization Resolution Copy.
  • Proof Of Address (of the business).
  • Requisite Experience Certificate.
  • Details Of Registration in any other part of the country.
  • Other documents as well as information required by the Assam RERA (it may vary from state to state):

Documents and Information required by the Promoter / Company for RERA Assam Registration:

  • Incorporation certificate of the company.
  • Association for Memorandum and Association for articles copies. 
  • TAN card.
  • Email of the promoter.
  • Company Identification Number.
  • Information regarding the prior experience in real estate.
  • Information of directors and shareholders.
  • The present real estate project.

Documents and Information required by individual Promoter / Builder for Assam RERA registration on Assam RERA official website:

  • Name of the individual.
  • Name of their father.
  • Occupation.
  • Income Tax details.
  • Balance Sheets (Audited).
  • Website of the promoter.
  • ITR (Income Tax Returns).
  • Experience with previous projects.
  • Email id

Documents and Information required by the Real Estate Agent for RERA Assam registration:

  •  Details of their Tehsils.
  • State and District.
  • Bank Details.
  • Certificate Of Digital Signature.
  • Copy of Registration Fees.
  • Date Of Registration.
  • Date of Payment.
  • Name of the Individuals.
  • PAN Card.
  • Father’s Name.
  • Occupation.
  • Details of Income Tax.
  • Balance Sheets (Audited).

Apply For RERA Assam (Assam Real Estate Regulatory Authority)

The steps to apply for RERA Assam through the offline mode is mentioned below:

If you wish to register any project with RERA Assam, you need to follow the steps given below:

Step 1: To register as a real estate agent, promoter, or builder with RERA Assam, you will need to visit the office.

Step 2: Visit the relevant department and get the concerned form for RERA registration Assam.

Step 3: In the application, you need to fill in all the required information and attest it with your signature.

Step 4: While submitting the application, you need to attach all the required documents as mentioned on the application form. 

Step 5: After submitting your application with the relevant authority, you are required to pay the fees for the application process. After making the payment of RERA agent registration fees, you will receive an acknowledgment slip which you need to keep handy for future reference.

Step 6: After the payment of RERA registration charges, your application and all documents will be sent for verification.

Step 7: After the verification process, the concerned authority will approve the application and move ahead with the registration process.

Step 8: Once the RERA license is created, the applicant will need to collect it from the office.

RERA Assam Fees

The RERA Assam fees are different for different projects depending upon whether the real estate project is residential or commercial. Also, the RERA Assam fees will be different for different people like real estate developers, real estate agents etc. 

Have a look below to learn about the RERA Assam fees applicable to realty agents, developers and commercial projects. 

For Real Estate Developers

The RERA Assam fees for real estate developers are as follows:

  • Rs. 5 per square meter for a project area of less than 1000 square meters
  • Rs. 10 per square meter for a project area of more than 1000 square meters

NOTE: The maximum pricing limit is Rs. 500000. 

For Residential and Commercial Projects

The project registration fee structure is included in the form of a table below:

Type of Project

Land Area Below 1000

Land Area Above 1000


Residential or      Group Housing Project

Rs. 5/

Rs. 10/

Shall not exceed Rs. 5 lakhs

Mixed Development (Residential & Commercial)

Rs. 10/

Rs. 15/

Shall not exceed Rs. 7 lakhs


Rs. 20/

Rs. 25/

Shall not exceed Rs. 10 lakhs

For Real Estate Agents

If you are someone who wishes to register an application under RERA as a real estate agent, then you will be liable to pay a sum amounting to Rs. 10,000 as registration fees. On the other hand, non-individual applicants registering under RERA Assam for real estate agents have to pay Rs. 50,000 as registration fees. 

Please note that the fees must be paid by Demand Draft/Bank Draft payable to ‘Secretary Real Estate Regulatory Authority Assam’.

Complaint Under Assam RERA Website For Assam RERA Registered Projects

Step 1: Visit the Rera Assam Website ( 

Step 2: Create an account on the RERA website Assam and then log in to the account.

Step 3: Select and click on the option “Complaint Registration”.

Step 4: Then, you will be redirected to the e-form. Fill up the form with the required details about RERA-approved projects in Assam. Add supporting documents as these can strengthen your stand. 

Step 5: Submit the fees asked by the portal to submit your complaint. 

Grounds On Which One Can File A Complaint

  • Possession Delay
  • Project Registration In An Improper Way
  • Falsely Advertising The Project
  • False Promises In The Advertisement
  • Zero Details About The Project
  • Payment In Advance
  • Defects In The Structure Of Project
  • Transfer Of Ownership

Note: RERA Assam has taken a decision to take strict action against the builders who fail to complete the projects in the stipulated time frame. Those builders will be identified by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority through GMC or GMDA. These builders will also have to solve the queries and complaints of individual homeowners. 

Assam RERA Office Guwahati Address

Office Address – Jawahar Nagar, NH-37, near Paribahan Bhawan Commissioner of transport Office, Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam 781022

Latest Update of RERA Assam

RERA Assam to Get Stricter Towards Builders Delaying the Clearance of the Projects

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Assam notified that the body would take the necessary and strict actions against the builders who are delaying the completion of the project within the given time. The notification came from Ashok Singhal, the Housing and Urban Affairs Minister. Though the move was much welcomed by the buyers, many builders came in opposition to the same. A few builders also requested the Assam RERA to be more considerate towards the decision and give it a second thought.

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RERA Assam FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Real Estate Regulatory Authority is applicable in Assam. This Act focuses on safeguarding the interests of homebuyers and developers.

Yes, all residential and commercial properties in Assam must be registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

To get a real estate license in Assam, you have to meet the eligibility criteria set by the Assam Real Estate Regulatory Authority (ARERA). This includes having a valid national identity proof, passing the real estate licensing exam, having certain years of experience in the real estate business and much more. You will also need to submit the application form and the requisite fee to ARERA in order to get the license.

Yes, developers in Assam have to register all real estate projects with the Assam Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). This is a mandatory requirement, and the builders can only proceed with the projects once they get approval from RERA.

In order to file a complaint with Assam RERA, you’ve to pay a fee of Rs 1,000. This fee is necessary for the complaint to be processed and reviewed. Also, it’s notable that the amount is non-refundable, regardless of the outcome of the complaint.

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