RERA Kerala Act , Rules , Application Form and Approved Projects

With the infusion of RERA Kerala, investing in the real estate sector has become an easy feat. The Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority brings transparency in the realty sector by putting an end to fraudulent activities.Well, to get familiar with the registration process and to file complaints via Kerala RERA website read it through. 

The RERA Act 2016 was introduced with a solitary aim to bring transparency and discipline across the real estate sector. Escalation of deceitful and fraudulent activities in the real estate domain, set root to the infusion of a regulatory system. RERA made it a mandate for every state to set their own state regulators to bring the volatile real estate sector on track. Following the RERA guidelines, Kerala imposed RERA Kerala in 2018.  

Kerala RERA laid out a notable set of rules for developers, promoters and agents to make the homebuying process seamless and to provide assured security to the investors. Being a late comer within the line of RERA registered states, RERA Act Kerala came into existence in 2018 and it was reintroduced in January 2020. Before actually, planning a property purchase, look for RERA registered projects in Kerala. Still things are going above head? Can’t decide where exactly to look for? Fret not! We have covered everything you must be familiar with. Keep scrolling and know the RERA Kerala rules and regulations along with the RERA registration Kerala process. 

What is the RERA Act in Kerala?

In recent years, it has been noticed that the real estate sector has expanded rapidly in Kerala. Further, it has also come to light that it has been largely unregulated with respect to consumer protection. The overall growth potential of the real estate sector has been largely hampered by the lack of standardization and professionalism. After much speculation about its future, the RERA Kerala was introduced in 2018 on 18th June. This was so because the bill was repealed by the State government because it was seen to be favoring the builder/developer fraternity. However, despite the delay, the fully functional RERA Kerala website was launched in 2020.

 That is why the Real Estate Regulatory Authority Kerala was established with the following objectives:

  • To provide accountability to allottees and protect their interests
  • To introduce transparency, while ensuring fair-play and reducing frauds and delays
  • Establish points of parity in the information between the allotter and allottee
  • Imposing rules and responsibilities on both buyer and promoters
  • Implement a regulatory oversight mechanism  in order to enforce contract compliance
  • Introduce a fast track dispute resolving process
  • Promote better governance in the real estate sector, in order to establish investor confidence

Vision and Objectives of RERA Kerala

RERA Kerala was imposed with the solitary ajenda to provide a regulatory body that can bring a stability and trustworthy environment across the real estate sector. With the vision of safeguarding homebuyers against the fraudulent activities, Kerala RERA introduced the official portal in 2018. By predominantly regulating the Kerala real estate sector, the regulators are working well to eliminate the unscrupulous activities. Additionally the projects that failed to cope with the updated RERA guidelines were blacklisted.

The Kerala real estate regulatory authority is moving forward to achieve the specified goals and bring timely updates. For the same the Kerala RERA authority reestablished the whole RERA Kerala Act in 2020 with new guidelines.  Thus, no matter what sort of property you look forward to either residential or commercial,visit the Kerala RERA website and go through the RERA registered projects as they are safest for the investment. 

So far, 132 RERA registered agents and 563 RERA registered projects have been recorded by Kerala real estate authority. Moreover, in 2021, 172 complaints have been filed which is quite less than the complaints registered in 2019-20 which was 320.

In simple words: 

  • The RERA Kerala was imposed with the vision to regulate and standardize the business practices of the real estate sector along with the transactions. 
  • Prevalence of notable issues including delay in project completion, price alterations, and construction quality. Failure of ontime completion of projects was the key reason to bring RERA Kerala into existence. 
  • Elimination of fraudulent cases in which homebuyers were cheated by the builders. 
  • To put forward a grievance redressal mechanism.
  • Eradicating the usage of funds in other projects. 

How to Check RERA Registered Projects in Kerala

To invest in the real estate sector across Kerala you need to be familiar with the RERA registered projects in Kerala. Investing in unregistered projects may lead you to uncertain circumstances  so avoid doing it. Well, RERA Kerala website has already brought the cake to your table by enlisting the registered project under a single dropdown. Follow these easy-peasy steps to search for the RERA registered projects. 

  1. Visit official RERA website Kerala.


       2.In the uppermost tab look for the section depicting “Older Registration”. 

Rera kerala Older Registration

      3. Click on the “ Older Registration” and from the drop down menu  select “ Registration of Projects”.

      4. It will direct you to another page comprising all registered projects of Kerala real estate sector. 


You will get vital details about the project including project name, RERA registration number of the project, address of the project, name of the promoter, status of project along with the completion date. 

Additionally,you can download the project certificate for further details. 

Procedure to Check RERA Kerala Registered Agents

Before dealing with any agent, always make sure that he is a RERA registered agent. It will help you to make safe investments in the real estate industry. Go through the step by step process to get the list of RERA registered agents. 

  1. Visit official Kerala RERA portal.
  2. From the top most tab click on “Older Registration”.
  3. From the drop down choose “Registration of Agents”.
  4. You will get redirected to a page enlisting names of registered agents.

names of registered agents rera kerala.

You will get every necessary information about the agent including agent registration number, name of the agent, agent address, types of teh agent, and contact number. In addition you get the option to download the RERA registration certificate of the agent. 

Step-By-Step Procedure to Register Projects with RERA Kerala

The Kerala real estate regulatory authority does not offer any online RERA registration kerala mechanism to register projects with RERA Kerala. To register your project, you have to fill a dedicated form also known as RERA Kerala application form and submit the same to the designated RERA regulators. The requisite forms are available on the official site, you just need to download it, attach the photocopy of required documents and then post it to the mentioned postal address.  The RERA Kerala registration process is quite easy and you will have to follow to these steps to register the project with Kerala RERA:

  1. Download the requisite form Form A or Form A-1 as applicable.

Form A


Form A-1


  1. Fill the form with the mandatory details. It comprise of specific details including:
  • Details of the promoter
  • Project details
  • Cost of the real estate project
  • Registration fee
  • Permits and approvals
  • Declarations
  1. After filling the form attach all necessary documents such as
  • PAN Card
  •  Aadhaar Card
  •  Residence Proof
  • VAT and TIN Registration number
  • Contact details
  • Information regarding the Board of Directors 
  • Passport size photographs
  • Annual report and auditor’s report
  • Layout plans
  • Legal Title Deeds
  • Details of the projects like amenities, number of units, parking spaces, etc
  • Joint development agreement
  1. Now send all these documents to the postal address of real estate regulatory authority Kerala. Post these documents to the below depicted address: 

TC 25/1379, CRA D-112

Nearby to the Pentecostal Church Plamoodu on Charachira Road


After the submission of form the documents are evaluated and post evaluation and verification, project number is provided to the builder. 

Steps to Register as an Agent With RERA Kerala

To register as an agent under RERA Kerala, you have to follow up an offline procedure. For an agent registration individual needs to fill RERA Kerala application form i.e. Form G. Next to this post it to the authority’s postal address together with the required documents. 

  1. Visit the official website and download Form G available in PDF format. 
  2. The form comprise of specific details such as:
  • Project and Promoter details
  • Details of paid registration fee
  • Details of attached documents
  • Declaration form
  1. Attach the required documents along with the filled form and post the same to the aforementioned postal address. 

Mandatory Documents for Project Registration

As a promoter to register your project with RERA Kerala you will require below mentioned set of documents: 

  • An authentic photocopy of PAN card
  • Previous year’s audited balance sheet  
  • Income Tax Returns of last three financial years
  • Documents enlisting total no of parking area encompassed within the real estate project
  • An undisputed and attested legal copy of the title deed which specifies the promoter’s title towards the land. 
  • Encumbrance details about the land on which the real estate project will be developed. It enlists certain details such as title details, interest amount, dues if any, litigations and much more. .
  • A declaration to affirm that there should be no discrimination against allottee’s  specifically at the time of property allotment. 
  • Minute details about the existing project such as current project status, overall built up area, etc.  up area

Essential Documents For Agent Registration

To register as an agent under RERA Kerala, prepare the following documents beforehand: 

  • PAN card copy
  • Copy of address proof document for involved parties including agent;directors;partners
  • A copy of registration certificate specifically in the event if you belong to a venture
  • A copy business address proof 
  • Two passport size photographs of the involved parties including agent; partners; directors; 
  • Income tax returns of previous three years 

Process to File a Complaint with  RERA Kerala

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Kerala makes provisions for permit filing of complainants with the RERA Authority along with the Adjudicating Officer. Usually, any complaint against a buyer, agent, or promoter is filed as per the Section 31 of the RERA Kerala  act.

How to Lodge a Complaint to the Authority

The following is everything you need to know while filing a complaint with Kerala RERA:


Form M is to be used to lodge complaints  that are directed to the real estate Kerala authority



Usually, there is an applicable fee of INR 1000 associated with every complaint filed. This fee is deposited through the Demand Draft in favour of designated authority personnel, and is drawn from a scheduled bank that is payable in Trivandrum. The demand draft is to be drafted in favor of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Kerala.


As a complainant you need to prepare three sets of the lodged complaint. These complaints are further sent to the involved parties and respondents, so there should be enough copies along with all the necessary supporting documents. Moreover, you can send the complaint to the Authority through a registered post. You can even visit in person on the authority address to file the complaint. This is only till the online portal is completely functional, after which all this procedure can be done online.

How to Present the Complaint

The complainant is required to present his complaint personally or can ask the advocate to do the same on his behalf. If the complainant is opting for legal help, it has to be done in accordance with the rules laid down within the Section- 56 of the RERA Act. Also the complainant will need to file an attested Vakalat. 


An authorisation with necessary details is to be furnished by an authorised person (not to be confused with advocate). The authorisation should contain basic details like name, address, email ID, details of contact, etc.

How to File a Complaint to the Adjudicating-Officer

The following are the things to keep in mind to file a complaint to the designated Adjudicating Officer:


All complaints to the Adjudicating officer need to be filed in accordance with Section 12;14; 18; and 19 of the RERA Act 2016. You will need to use Form N. It is the requisite form to file the complaint to the Adjudicating Officer.


Applicable Charges

The complainant has to pay INR 1000 as a fee through demand draft in favour of ‘Kerala Real Estate Regulatory Authority’. 


The applicant himself has to be present the application, or via  an authorised person as defined under RERA Act 2016 in Section 56. The application is to be supported by a valid MOA or memo of authorisation which has to be duly attested through a fee stamp.

Authorised Personals

If the complainant chooses to hire legal service for appearing in front of the Adjudicating Officer, then the individual might not be eligible for being heard specifically in person until it is dictated by the Authority. 

RERA Kerala Application Form

Annexure 'A': For Sales Agreement

Form A:  Application Form to register a project with Kerala RERA

Form A-1: Application Form for to register an ongoing real estate project with Kerala RERA

Form B:  Declaration Form supporting an Affidavit. It has to be signed by the- promoter or other authorized person mentioned by the Promoter

Form C: Kerala RERA Certificate of Registration for a registered project

Form D: Disclosure of registration rejection in the event of registration extension. 

Form E: Form for the purpose of extension of project registration

Form F: To avail the certificate of project registration extension 

Form G: Application Form  to register as a n agent with Kerala RERA

Form H: To get registration certificate as a registered agent

Form I: Proclamation of application registration of the registered agent or Rejection of renewal of application

Form J: Form to renew the agent registration with Kerala RERA

Form K: Form to get registration certificate in case of registered agent

Form L: Appeal to Appellate Tribunal

Form M: To file a complaint with Kerala RERA

Form N: File a complaint to Adjudicating officer

Fees and Charges of RERA Kerala

Registration fee for plot and building:

For Plot: Per square meter you are liable to pay INR 10 

For Building: the fee is divided under three categories

Ongoing Residential Project: INR 25 per square meter

New Residential Project: INR 50 per square meter

Commercial and other Projects: INR 100 per square meter

Contact Information for Kerala RERA

So far we came to know that we have to carry out offline procedures for project and agent registration. Thus, it becomes necessary to know how to get in  touch with RERA Kerala. Refer below mentioned image to get the contact details of real estate regulatory authority Kerala. It consists of contact number, email id and helpdesk number. Additionally if you are looking forward to invest in Trivandrum, then get familiar with RERA Trivandrum along with the address of RERA office in Trivandrum. 

Wrapping Up

Before investing in any property it is recommended to get familiar with the state RERA rules. After going through the RERA Kerala rules, you are all set to invest in property across Kerala. As an agent or developer, it is necessary to know about the registration process to avail seamless registration under Kerala RERA Act. Additionally visit the official website to download the Kerala RERA rules pdf for updated information. 

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RERA Kerala FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I withdraw my application for project registration with RERA Kerala?

Yes, you can withdraw your application for registration, under the application withdrawal menu on the Kerala RERA portal.

Is RERA Applicable in Kerala?

Yes, RERA is applicable in Kerala and it came into effect in January 2020

How To Check RERA Project Details in Kerala?

To check RERA project details in Kerala, visit official Kerala RERA portal and from the uppermost tab click on “Old Registration”. Further from the dropdown click on “Project Registration”. On the screen you will see a list of projects registered under RERA.

How can I become a real estate agent in Kerala?

To become a real estate agent in Kerala you just need to fill Form G and register yourself as a RERA registered agent. Get the form, fill it, attach required documents and send it to the postal address of real estate authority RERA Kerala.

Which form must be filled to appeal to the Appellate Tribunal?

To file an appeal to the Appellate Tribunal, you have to fill Form L

What is the amount of penalty imposed for non-compliance with RERA Kerala?

In the event of non-compliance the applicable penalty is imprisonment upto three years.  Additionally, the involved parties may have to pay an amount equivalent to 10 percent of the project estimate cost.