RERA Maharashtra: RERA Registration Process, Fees & Charges

Rera Maharashtra

The RERA’s foundation was an innovative procedure that paved the road for reform in the real estate sphere. Without a doubt, the existence of a remarkable regulatory agency serves as a disguised shield. The establishment of the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) has impacted the real estate sector in Maharastra too. RERA Maharastra has increased transparency, responsibility, and protection for residence buyers, shareholders, and developers. 

However, to make the procedure easier for Maharashtrian residents, the government has developed an official portal. The website offers a range of services, including agent enrollment, project licencing, grievance registration, etc. This guide will take you through RERA Maharsatra’s importance, features, guidelines, etc.

What is the RERA Act Maharashtra?

Being the very first state to implement state RERA in one go, RERA Act Maharashtra came into force on 1st May 2017. It ranks top in the list of most active Real Estate Regulatory Authorities. MahaRERA controls and focuses on the real estate protocols to initiate prompt dispute redressal. The key aim was to boost investments across the real estate sector and to infuse transaction transparency. 

 RERA Act Maharashtra enclose depicted objectives:

  1. Bring supreme transparency in the sale of apartments, land, and buildings.
  2. Secure client’s interest correlated to real estate transactions. 
  3. Commence quick dispute settlement through a common settlement method. 
  4. The emergence of Appellate Tribunal for receiving buyers’ complaints.

The Vision of MahaRERA:

The solitary aim of RERA Maharashtra is to make it the leading destination specifically for real estate investments. MahaRERA has set its sights on providing a robust, transparent, credible, and upright regulatory environment. It encourages real estate investments and correspondingly protects consumers’ rights. The RERA Act Maharashtra eliminates the possibility of fraudulent transactions taking place across the real estate domain. 

To achieve such visions, MahaRERA comes up with advanced customer solutions and presents state-of-the-art amendments within the rules and regulations of the RERA Act Maharashtra. To cut a long story short, if you are looking forward to investing in RERA registered projects, no biggie as you are about to invest in a legitimate property approved by MahaRERA. 

Thereupon, there are 31135 RERA registered projects and 22086 registered agents under RERA Maharashtra. Additionally, the feat of strength is, so far they have received 15402 complaints and have successfully resolved a maximum of them.  

Facilities Offered By MahaRERA Website:

To offer the utmost convenience to the customers, the MahaRERA website comes up with numerous facilities. These facilities break down into three categories i.e. Promoters, Real Estate Agents, and Citizens. Have a glance to avail maximum possible benefits of the RERA Act Maharashtra:


Under RERA Act 2016, promoters are bound to register all real estate projects ( commercial or residential ) with MahaRERA. Although, certain projects are exempted from this registration. It includes:

  • Projects that cover a land area less than 500 sq meters. 
  • If the project encompasses less than 8 proposed apartments including all phases. 
  • Promoter has already received the requisite completion certificate for the associated real estate project before the RERA act commencement.
  • There is no need to register if the key purpose is renovation and repair of the project. Additionally, it does not involve any sort of marketing; advertising, or allotment tasks. 
  • Under RERA Maharashtra, promoters have the authority to lodge complaints against faulty homebuyers in terms of payments.
  • Easy access to the online registration process for a project through the RERA website. 
  • Update details associated with the real estate projects without visiting the state authority in person. 
  • Extension of projects and quarterly updates

Real Estate Agents:

Prior to assisting any sale, all agents need to register themselves under MahaRERA. As per the updated RERA rules, promoters need to provide the names of registered agents. The named agents will be permitted to facilitate the sales associated with the said project. This registration is valid for up to five years. After this, you can renew the registration by visiting the RERA official website. Following facilities are provided to the real estate agents:

  • Quick registration of the Real Estate Agents
  • Renew your agent registration through the RERA site 
  • Complaints Filing


Under Real Estate Act 2016, homebuyers are provided with the following set of services:

  • Complaints Filing
  • Easy access to RERA registered projects

Organizational Structure of MahaRERA 

The organizational structure of MahaRERA (Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority) comprises Chairman, Secretary along with 4 major wings. Below depicted is the hierarchy followed in Maharashtra RERA:  


Fees and Charges Associated With MahaRERA

Below depicted are the fees and charges correlated with MahaRERA: 

Transaction Type Fee per Transaction* 
For New Real Estate Project Registration  INR 750 
For Project Extension and Project Withdrawal Requests INR 500 
Annual Fee to avail Status Updates of the Registered Project INR 500 
For Agent Registration and Renewal of Agent Registration INR 500 
To file a Complaint INR 50 

Mandatory RERA Maharashtra Rules and Regulations

To steer clear of later-stage hassles, you need to be aware of notable RERA rules and regulations. Rules imposed under RERA Maharashtra aim to quash malpractices of the real estate sector. Here is a rundown of significant rules and regulations:

  1. Every commercial, as well as residential project, should be registered with MahaRERA.
  2. Developers need to submit quarterly updates about the ongoing project on the official MahaRERA website. 
  3. Opening of an Escrow account. 
  4. Standardization of sales agreement to avoid additional penalties and charges.
  5. Under RERA Maharashtra, at maximum developers can only ask for 10% of the project cost. 
  6. The developer is liable to rectify any sort of defect occurring within five years of a property sale. 
  7. As per RERA Maharashtra Act 2016, homebuyers only need to pay for the carpet area mentioned within the project details. You don’t have to pay for a super built area including a balcony.
  8. Promoters need to disclose clear project titles. 
  9. If the developer fails to complete the possession on time, then the developer becomes liable to pay the paid amount to the homebuyer.
  10. To make any sort of alteration to the ongoing project, promoters are required to take permission from individual members. 
  11. Agents need to register themselves under the MahaRERA act. 
  12. If any complaint is filed under RERA Maharashtra, then designated authorities to need to resolve it within 120 days. 

Moreover, if you want to refer to RERA rules in Marathi, click on Maharera login and visit Maharera Mumbai. The RERA official website is available in specific languages including Marathi, English, and Hindi. 

The afore-mentioned rules were imposed to cover the loopholes of the real estate sector. 

  • Significant delay in the completion of the project
  • Presenting false information to homebuyers
  • Diversion of funds to other projects
  • Providing engaging offers to initiate pre-booking
  • Not mentioning possession date in the agreement
  • Alteration of project details without buyers consent

MahaRERA Login Process

To perform MahaRERA login follow up the mentioned step-by-step procedure: 

  • Visit the official website of RERA Maharashtra and you will see a “Login to your Account” form as shown below.


  1. If you are a registered user enter the credentials for MahaRERA login. In case of a new user click on “New Registration”. 
  2. For existing users, the information will be accessible directly in terms of project details, latest judgments, and cause lists. 
  3. As a new user, you will have to provide necessary details including user type, state or UT name, username, password, and mobile number. 

With the above-mentioned MahaRERA login process access, required details about the ongoing projects in addition to existing projects, and registered agents. 

How To Check Registered Projects under MahaRERA?

You can easily check registered projects under MahaRERA by visiting the RERA official website of Maharashtra. All you need to do is follow up on the easy-peasy steps we are going to mention. 

Step 1: Initially, visit the official Maharashtra RERA portal. On the top tab, you will see certain options including Home, About Us, Downloads, and much more. Look for the ‘Registration’ tab and click on it.



Step 2: It will show a drop-down menu listing ‘Registered Projects’ on the top. Click on it and you will get redirected to another page encompassing specific details.


Step 3: Select the user type from the available options i.e. Registered Projects, Registered Agents, and Revoked Projects. 

Step 4: Next to this enter the Project Name in which you are about to invest together with the Promoter Name. 

 project 3

Step 5: Following up you will have to enter the MahaRERA project number or Agent Registration number.

Step 6: Now click on “Advanced Search” 

As a result, you will get the registration details of the entered project. Additionally, every associated detail along with the RERA certificate submitted by the developer will be presented on the screen. Just make sure that you beforehand search RERA number of the specific project you are looking for. 

Steps to Check Agents Registration with MahaRERA

When you approach an agent for property purchase it becomes essential to know whether he is a registered agent or not. All you need to do is check his credibility by visiting the Maharashtra RERA website. The process of RERA Maharashtra agent registration is quite easy and will not take a lot of time.

  1. Visit the official portal and open the “Registration” tab.
  2. Followed by, click on the ‘Registered Real Estate Agents’ available in the “Registration” drop down on the second number.


  1. Next to this, you will get redirected to another page asking for Agent’s name and agent registration number. 
  2.  Submit these details and agent information will appear on the screen. 

Checklist of Documents to Register under RERA Maharashtra

The list of essential documents varies a bit for a promoter and agent. Refer to the below-mentioned documents for seamless registration under MahaRERA. Additionally, you should keep these documents ready beforehand, while moving forward with online registration of the project, agent, or promoter. 

Documents for Promoter:

  • KYC documents including PAN card
  • Authorized title report as per the legal perspective
  • Encumbrances details
  • Architect approved building layout plan (copy) 
  • Signed sales agreement along with the allotment proforma 
  • Declaration as per the Form B
  • Certificates authorized by the architect i..e Form 1. It is essential in the case on ongoing projects 
  • Certificate provided by architect as per Form 4 
  • Certificates provided by CA as per Form 3 and Form 5
  • Certificate sanctioned by the Engineer in terms of Form 2. It will be mandatory in case of ongoing real estate projects 
  • Commencement certificates

Documents for Agent

  • PAN Card and Aadhaar Card
  • Registration specifics like bye-laws
  • MOA-Memorandum of association
  • Articles of the association
  • Self-attested copies of the letterheads and letterhead rubber stamp
  • Acknowledgment receipts – It should be proposed by the real estate agent 
  • Last three years of ITR – Incomes tax returns  
  • Ongoing cases (criminal or civil) 

The process to File Complaint on MahaRERA

To offer utmost customer convenience MahaRERA put forward a simple yet effective complaint registration procedure. The key aim was to offer homebuyers a legit way to report fraudulent activities. Follow up the mentioned step-by-step process and easily lodge a complaint against the promoter, builder, or agent.

  1. Firstly, visit the online portal and open the complaint forum by clicking on the ‘New Registration’ tab.
  2. Next to this, mark the ‘User Type’ to ‘Complainant’ to move further with the process. Fill the mentioned fields with the requisite information. Once you are done with the user registration, log in to the system through the credentials.
  3. Moving forward, click on the tab ‘My Profile’ available under the ‘Accounts’ dropdown. Enter asked details within the textboxes. 
  4. Now, choose the ‘Complaint Details’ tab and then click on the tab named ‘Add New Complaints’.
  5. The new complaint, section adds your complaint and mentions every detail about the division, RERA no of the agent or builder RERA project name, and agent name. The name of the promoter appears automatically on the screen. 
  6. Enter additional complaint details including name, project type, interest paid, address of lodged complaint. 
  7. Fill in information about the respondent including name, its type as well as address.
  8. Next to this, upload scanned copies of mentioned documents in the support of filed complaints and reliefs sought.
  9. After the submission of a complaint, pay applicable fees for the final registration of the complaint. 

RERA Maharashtra: How to Check Lapsed Projects?

You can easily get information about lapsed projects on the MahaRERA website. All you have to do is:

  • Visit the RERA Maharashtra website and from the top section, click on the “Registration” tab.
  • A dropdown will appear enlisting various options, including “Lapsed Projects.”
  • Click on “Lapsed Projects” and you will be redirected to another page.
  • This web page will showcase the list of lapsed projects under MahaRERA.
  • You will see a five-section on this page. It presents year-wise data correlated to the lapsed projects.
  • Choose the year of the lapsed project and a drop-down will appear presenting diverse information about all lapsed projects.

You will get the required information in tabular form. The entire information, including project name, promoter name, certificate number, proposed completion date, district, taluka, and division, will be displayed.

RERA Maharashtra: How to Report Unregistered Projects?

 As a vigilant resident, you can easily report unregistered projects to the MahaRERA authority. Follow the depicted step-by-step procedure to report the unregistered project through the Maharashtra RERA portal.

  • Visit the RERA Maharashtra website and from the top section, click on the “Non-Registration” tab.
  • A dropdown will appear enlisting various options, including “Inform Non-Registration.”
  • Click on “Inform Non-Registration” and you will be redirected to another page enlisting informative guidelines. 
  • Read them carefully and click on “Proceed.”
  • Next to this, a “Source Information/Source Complaint” form will open up. 
  • This form is subdivided into three sections: informant profile, promoter information, and project information. 
  • Enter the requested information and attach the required documents to authenticate your report. 

That’s it. You are done with your part. You will receive an Application ID that can be used to track the status of non-registration. 

MahaRERA Conciliation Forum

In recent updates, MahaRERA introduced a Conciliation Forum together with a Dispute Resolution Forum, to boost the dispute resolution process. Eventually, it liberated the litigation time of involved parties. The customers got ultimate satisfaction as the legal system offered dispute resolution in minimal time with the establishment of the Conciliation Forum. . Here is a rundown to conciliators that are permitted to mediate amongst the involved parties. 

According to the RERA Maharashtra Act 2016, a homebuyer has  the authority to lodge a complaint in opposition to any RERA registered agent  or developer. The complaint is filed when any party fails to cope with their  commitments. But the overall procedure was drastic as the homebuyer had to  attend the court hearings. To offer home buyers utmost convenience MahaRERA  established a conciliation forum. With the existence of the Conciliation Forum, the buyers are free from the hassle of court hearings in addition to legal proceedings.

MahaRERA Conciliation Forum came into existence with the following objectives:

  • Establish an effective panel of top-notch Conciliators to represent distinct groups of stakeholders. 
  • To go along with the Conciliation rules following up the foremost features of the common law & the civil law systems. This will be put forward after consulting the same with practitioners. 
  • For promoting and popularizing the fraternal as well as effective dispute taking place across the Real Estate sector. This will be done by following up the mechanism of ADR – Alternate Dispute Resolution.
  • To make homebuyers, agents, and promoters familiar with the conciliation a pre-eminent mechanism of dispute resolution at nominal cost, prompt settlement of real estate disputes.
  • To carry out the proceedings of ADR by proffering reliable administrating services.
  • Finally to furnish ADR with an exceptional platform for seamless processing.

Step By Step Process of MahaRERA Conciliation

Moving forward, here is the step by step procedure to bring about conciliation:

1) Disputes that are being addressed by the RERA authorities and exist amidst the promoters & allottees will be admissible by the MahaRERA conciliation.

2) The process to lodge an online application and after closure will be as stipulated.

  • Initially, as an allottee register yourself on the application portal of the conciliation forum, by using your login credentials.

conciliation 1

  • After successfully logging in to the conciliation portal, complete the requisite conciliation request form to raise your request.


  • As soon as you raise your conciliation request the other party gets intimidated about the request through email and message. The other party needs to click on the received confirmation link for further processing. 
  • After receiving the confirmation from the other party, the allottee needs to log in to the portal and check for the availability of payment options. Through the available payment option pay the applicable charges to move further with the conciliation process.
  • After making a successful payment, MahaRERA will allocate a conciliation bench for the raised matter. Both the parties will receive the update about the same through message and Email. 
  • In the event of successful conciliation, both parties will have to sign the conciliation agreement. This agreement is uploaded to perform the final closure of the request.

3) Role of Conciliator in the Conciliation Procedure:

  • The key role of a conciliator is to assist involved parties in reaching an amicable settlement of the raised dispute. They have to perform this process in an independent manner being impartial to both parties. 
  • The conciliators must be steered with objective principles, and principles of impartiality and justice. They must focus more on the applicable rights of both the parties, involved practices, uncertain circumstances orienting around the raised dispute together with the past business practices held between the involved parties.
  • All the conciliation proceedings should be conducted in a way that remains appropriate for both parties. Additionally, the proceedings must take into account every minute circumstance of the dispute. Moreover, the conciliators should allow the parties to express themselves to record their oral statements before jumping down to the final conclusion. It adds to speedy dispute settlement.
  • The conciliator has the authority to present the proposal of settlement anytime in the ongoing conciliation proceedings. These settlement proposals do not require any sort of written format or statement accompaniment. 

4) Settlement of Disputes Through Conciliation Forum:

  • If the involved parties reach the settlement phase during conciliation proceedings, then they are liable to draw and sign the final settlement terms.
  • While signing the agreement of dispute settlement, all the parties need to know that this agreement will be the final one and will be applicable to every involved party as well as persons claiming under the dispute.
  • The conciliator is responsible to authenticate the agreement of settlement and provide a copy of the agreement to all involved parties.

5) Non-Compliance – All the concerned parties must comply with the agreed settlement. In case of non-compliance, either party can approach MahaRERA to file a complaint. In such cases, the RERA authority takes cognizance of the terms of Conciliation.

6) Resort to Judicial Proceedings – The concerned parties should not initiate judicial proceedings when the dispute is subject matter to the ongoing conciliation proceedings. Although, if any party finds it crucial to preserve their right then they can initiate judicial proceedings.

How To Register Real Estate Projects on MahaRERA

Registering projects on MahaRERA has become vital with the infusion of the RERA Act 2016. To mark your presence across Maharashtra and to win buyers’ trust all you need to do is register your real estate project with RERA Maharashtra. Follow up the systematic process for seamless registration:

  • Visit the official portal of MahaRERA and click on the tab named ‘Online Application’. Next to this click on the ‘New Registration’ tab as a new user.
  • Now create a new account and choose the type of user.
  • From the dropdown choose your respective State/UT. Follow up by entering requisite information including username, phone number, along registered Email ID. Next to this, click on the ‘Create User’ block.
  • Check your registered Email ID for a verification link and then click on the link for verifying the credentials. 
  • After the verification of login credentials, you can easily log in to the portal by using the new username & password. 
  • Just enter the details in mandatory fields along with the scanned copies of the requisite documents. 

Your project will be registered under MahaRERA and wait for the approval and project number.

How to Find Project Details on the MahaRERA Website?

As a consumer, if you want to get specific details about a MahaRERA registered project, then follow the mentioned procedure:

Visit the official RERA Maharashtra portal and from the top-most section, click on the “Registration” tab. From the dropdown menu, click on the very first option, i.e., “Registered Projects”. You will be redirected to the “Search Project Details” form. 

Next to this, you will have to enter specific details, including User Type, Project Name, Promoter Name, and MahaRERA Project/ Registration Number. Finally, click on “Search,” and you will get the mandatory details about the searched project. 

MahaRERA Statistics

Promoter and Agent Registration in Maharashtra

Type of the Applicant  Received Applications     
Permitted Registration Completed Projects (according to Form 4)
Promoter 31176 30668 7214
Agent 31539 31101
Total number of applications 62715 61769 7214

Registration under MahaRERA (Daman & Diu and Dadra Nagar Haveli)

Type of Applicant Applications Received    
Permitted Registration  Completed Projects (according to Form 4)
Promoter 151 150 35
Agent 2 2
Total 153 152 35

Complaint Registration under MahaRERA and Complaint  Redressal

Total number of received complaints A Complaints in case of registered projects Orders passed in opposition to  registered projects Total number of passed orders 
15520   14704 9243 10021
B Complaints in case of unregistered projects Orders passed in opposition to un-registered projects
  816 778

MahaRERA Conciliation Forum

Conciliation received with the approval of both parties Ongoing Conciliations Completed Conciliations
768 70 698

Latest Updates under RERA Act Maharashtra: 

RERA Maharashtra blacklists 664 Real Estate Projects

Update on July 29, 2021:

As per the latest RERA Maharashtra News or update made on 29th July 2021, Maharashtra Real Estate e authority blacklists 664 housing projects. The key reason behind blacklisting these projects is they failed to cope with the given guidelines. The developers were supposed to complete the projects in 2017 and by 2018 these projects were supposed to be made available to homebuyers. The developers already showed a delay of 3 and 4 years, respectively. Taking strict steps, MahaRERA has forbidden the advertisements and marketing of these projects across the state.

Amongst these 664 blacklisted projects, about 270 projects belong from MMR – Mumbai Metropolitan Region. Followed by, next 200 blacklisted projects belong from Pune, and the remaining projects permeated to the tier-2 & tier-3 cities.

MahaRERA still needs to clarify the course of action, in accordance with the final completion of these blacklisted projects. They are still answerable to homebuyers about the completion. Although, this step delivers a significant message to the builders and developers for abiding by the RERA rules. Additionally, it assures the home buyers that they are investing in a safe sector.

RERA Maharashtra Office Address:

To file a complaint with MahaRERA, an individual must know certain vital information including RERA Maharashtra Address, RERA Maharashtra Contact Number. Refer to the below image to know everything in one glace. 


Latest News 

MahaRERA Implements Single Registration Number for Clarity in Real Estate Projects.

The Maharashtra Real Estate Regulatory Authority (MahaRERA) has introduced a new rule that requires each standalone real estate project to have a single registration number. 

Under this new directive, promoters who seek to register a new housing project must provide a declaration-cum-undertaking on their official letterhead. This document must confirm that the proposed project site, or any part of it, does not already have a MahaRERA registration number and that there are no pending applications. This measure comes in response to instances where developers obtained multiple MahaRERA registration numbers for the same project or parts of a project. The single registration number mandate ensures greater transparency and prevents any confusion from having multiple registrations for a single project.

MahaRERA’s Three-Tier Audit Boosts Housing Project Compliance.

MahaRERA is introducing a new plan to make sure homes are built right and homebuyers are happy. They are doing this by checking housing projects at three different levels, including legal, financial, and technical. Independent teams will carefully look at all the applications from builders to ensure they follow the rules.

This means that when builders want to start a new housing project, MahaRERA will have three teams to check everything. One team will look at the legal side, another at the money part, and the third at the technical details. This way, MahaRERA wants to prevent problems for people who buy homes and ensure that builders are doing things correctly.

In a Nutshell:

In conclusion, MahaRERA has significantly transformed the real estate landscape in Maharashtra. By enforcing the provisions of the Real Estate Act of 2016, MahaRERA has established itself as a beacon of transparency, efficiency, and consumer protection in the real estate sector. Its stringent regulations ensure that all real estate projects are registered and adhere to the highest standards, offering peace of mind to both buyers and developers.

MahaRERA’s success is evident in the large number of registrations and the efficient handling of consumer grievances. The authority’s proactive approach to addressing complaints and enforcing regulations underscores its commitment to maintaining a fair and reliable real estate market. MahaRERA’s initiatives, like the introduction of buyer-friendly policies and the facilitation of easy access to project information, highlight its role not just as a regulatory body but as a cornerstone of the real estate industry in Maharashtra.

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RERA Maharashtra FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are RERA registration fees in Maharashtra?

RERA Registration fees in Maharashtra 
The project registration fee under MahaRERA is INR 10 /square meters. At a minimum, the developer has to pay INR 50,000 to register the project and at max, this amount can be INR 10 Lac. It thoroughly depends upon the project size, type, and area. 
Agent registration fee under Maharashtra RERA is INR 10,000 for an individual whereas for others the registration fee is INR 100,000.

Q. How to search for a RERA project in Mumbai?

To search for a RERA project in Mumbai, visit the official RERA website Mumbai or MahaRERA login page. Then click on the ‘Registration’ tab. From the dropdown select ‘Registered Projects’. Enter relevant details about the project such as project name, MahaRERA Mumbai agent number, and much more. As a result, the Mumbai RERA site will show you relevant details about the registered project. 

Q. How to get a MahaRERA certificate?

To get a MahaRERA certificate follow these steps:
Step 1: Visit the official Rera Maharashtra portal.
Step 2: Select ‘New Registration’ and create a new user ID.
Step 3: In the redirected window choose ‘User Type’ i.e. promoter; real estate agent; citizen.
Step 4: Enter the necessary details and wait for your MahaRERA number. 
Step 5: After final confirmation, check RERA number based upon it you will receive the MahaRERA certificate

Q. How do I check my MahaRERA registered projects?

Finding project-related details through the RERA registration number is effortless.  
Just open Search Project Details under Registered Projects and enter specific details. Then you will be able to check projects registered under MahaRERA with the progress report.

Q. What is the conciliation mechanism under MahaRERA?

Maharashtra was the first state to impose state RERA under RERA Act 2016. The conciliation mechanism was initiated in accordance with Section 32 (g). The sole aim of the Conciliation Forum is to provide an alternative mechanism for resolving the dispute. It is invoked by an allottee or promoter against the builder. 

Q. What is MahaRERA?

MahaRERA is the official Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Maharashtra to bring transparency across the real estate sector. On 1st May 2017 MahaRERA came into existence.

Q. How to file a complaint in RERA Maharashtra?

To file a complaint in RERA Maharashtra firstly, register yourself as a ‘Complainant’ through the official MahaRERA site. Login to the portal using credentials and then go to the add new complaints option. Enter relevant details about the complaint and submit the complaint. All involved parties will be notified about the same and further process will be commenced.

Q. How to know which MahaRERA-registered projects have expired?

MahaRERA keeps on providing the latest updates about expired real estate projects. Initially, such projects were registered with RERA but due to non-renewal of the project or some other reason, RERA registration lapsed. In such cases, the promoter is not permitted to advertise, sell or perform any sort of booking of the apartments. Before investing in any project know about the expired status.
To know about expired projects:
Visit the Maharashtra RERA website i.e. MahaRERA site.
Open Lapsed Projects from the ‘Registration’ tab.
The opened window enlists RERA expired projects and it is arranged in a chronological manner.

Q. Where do I find MahaRERA-approved projects?

To get the list of MahaRERa approved projects, you need to search for the project by certificate number or name. If you don’t have these details, visit the official website and choose the “Registration” tab followed by “Registered Projects”. Now in the top right section, click on “view all projects on map”. The site map will open up. Now you can click on the concerned project to get its name, certificate number, and other details.

Q. How many projects have been registered under MahaRERA?

In total, there are 34294 real estate projects in Maharashtra, of which 736 are yet to be registered, 883 are registered and completed, and 24675 are registered but not completed.

Q. How many agents have registered with MahaRERA?

Under the RERA Act Maharashtra, 33,800 agents have been registered with MahaRERA.

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