RERA GOA Rules And Registration Process


RERA Goa stepped forward in 2018 and launched its official Goa RERA website to take foremost decisions to regulate the real estate sector. We have presented every vital information about Goa RERA including RERA Goa rules, RERA Registration Goa, Accessing registered RERA projects through the official Goa RERA portal. 

Planning to buy a property in the city of pristine beaches? You read it right, we are talking about investing in the real estate sector of Goa. Before the adrenaline rush hits you and you get all excited, look for the registered and authentic projects on the website of RERA. Well, in 2018 the government of Goa launched the RERA Goa website to evade fraudulent activities and to infuse transparency in the real estate sector. Keep scrolling to learn more about RERA in detail!

What is RERA GOA?

The Indian Government enacted the RERA Act 2016 in order to regulate the real estate sector across the country. The Act comprises a set of provisions to safeguard the activities associated with real estate dealings, transactions, and interests of developers, builders, and buyers. For seamless implementation, regularization, as well as promotion of the realty sector in Goa, the Goa Real Estate Regulatory Authority (Goa RERA), was infused. The officials notified the GOA RERA rules in 2017 on 24th November. For providing uninterrupted RERA agent registration, project registration, and complaint registration the official GOA RERA portal was introduced in 2018. 

RERA Goa Rules

The RERA Goa rules adhere below-depicted responsibilities:

  • Promoters need to disclose each project aspect at the beginning of the project. 
  • Project developers can’t escape with the quarterly updates as it is mandatory as per the RERA Guidelines. 
  • To make sure that an entire range of real estate projects is registered with RERA Goa. 
  • The real estate agents associated with projects across Goa are registered ones. 
  • The designated authority addresses the consumer’s RERA registered complaints in minimal time compliance with the rules and regulations. 

 Functions Performed by Goa RERA

Goa RERA was infused with the following objectives: 

  • For ensuring that the buyers get every minute details about projects from plan to associated cost to possession. 
  • To make sure that the existing projects and upcoming projects fall under RERA Goa Authority and work as per the RERA Act 2016. 
  • For regularizing and promoting the real estate sector across the state.
  • For establishing an Appellate Tribunal which will be responsible for the redressal of the complaints. Additionally, the authority has to perform quick disposal of the consumer complaints filed with the Appellate Tribunal.

Services Proffered by Goa RERA

Below-depicted services are offered by Goa RERA:

  • Agent Registration with Goa RERA 
  • Project Registration under RERA Goa
  • Complaint Registration through the official Goa RERA website
  • Withdrawal of Registration 

How To check Project Registration Details Through Goa RERA Portal

Every real estate project across Goa needs to be registered with RERA Goa. It includes all the existing projects that are under construction together with the ongoing projects specifically in which the builder has not received the completion certificate (CC) yet.

All projects regardless of type i.e. residential and commercial should be registered with the authority without any escape to avoid future hurdles. Well, the projects that fall under the must register category are: 

  1. The area of project land should be above 500 sq meters.
  2. The number of total units should be more than 8 including all phases. 
  3. Realtors have not received the completion certificate for an ongoing project. 
  4. The project should not fall under the category of renovation, repair as well as redevelopment. 

If there is a failure in the project registration from the promoter's side then as per the RERA act 2016, the promoter becomes liable to pay a penalty amount that is usually 10% of the estimated project cost. If the promoter keeps on violating the RERA Rules, he might have to face imprisonment for up to 3 years together with 10% of the project cost. 

To register a project with Goa RERA, developers can select the ‘Project Registration’ option available on the official website. 

How To Register With RERA Goa As An Agent

To register as an agent in Goa, visit the official website of RERA Goa, and click on the section named 'Agent Registration'. You will be redirected to another page consisting of a verification email ID form. Enter your Email ID and generate an OTP.

Then select the type i.e. individual or societies; company; partnership; government bodies; and enter the OTP in the available space. Click on ‘Next' to move further with the process. 

Enter the required details such as Aadhaar number, PAN detail, residence address, etc. Along with the details, attach the soft copy of the required documents in the given format. 

This step is followed by fee payment for registering as an agent with GOA RERA. Finally, submit the application and the approval or rejection will be sent to you on the registered email ID. 

 However, it is crucial for the agents to get done with the registration, then only then can work on any registered project across Goa. No agent is permissible to facilitate any sort of sale/purchase and can't get involved with any real estate transaction without registration.

How to Access RERA Registered Projects of  Goa

If you want to buy any property in Goa, your utmost priority is to get the list of RERA registered projects available in Goa. Everything you need to know about is easily accessible in minutes by entering certain details on the official website. 

To check a projects registration under Goa RERA you can easily check its status by entering the 

alphanumeric RERA IDof the project in the text area named as ‘Search project /agent name’.

Next to this you will get redirected to another page encompassing the name of the project, name of the promoter associated with the project, type of promoter, area of project, type of property in addition to the project status. Additionally, you get the option to read more details about the project by clicking on the read more section available with the project name. 

Although, you get the specific date on which the project status was last updated. Additionally, it shows a flash message if any decision related to the project is still in progress. If you want to avail any specific information about the project then refer to the project description section.

When you select the ‘Click to View’ option, you avail an array of information about the project’s account statements, quarterly approvals of the project, NOC availed for the project development, building details as well as external development.

As an investor you can even go through the documents  submitted by the developer of the project such as construction license, land deed and much more. 

Essential Documents and Additional Information Required to Register With Goa RERA

Go through the list of essential documents that are must for registration with Goa RERA. All these documents are vital for every involved party of the real estate domain.

Important documents for Promoter Registration with Goa RERA:

  • Scanned copy of  PAN card
  • Scanned copy of legal title deed
  • Encumbrances details associated with the land ( land of proposed development) 
  • Audited balance sheet of previous financial year along with the income tax returns of last three years
  • A declaration which states that the promoter will treat all allottees equally specifically at the time of property allotment 
  • Details of all existing project such as project status, total built up area, and carpet area 
  • Total area allotted as parking space in the concerned  project

Vital documents for a Real Estate Agent to Register with Goa RERA

  • PAN card
  • Passport size photos of the agent in addition to other involved parties including board of directors 
  • Venture details such as name, venture type in addition to the registered address
  • Proof of business address proof 
  • Income Tax Returns of previous three financial years
  • Registration particulars specifically the bye-laws in addition to the MOU ( memorandum of association)
  • Legal documents associated with the land of proposed project 

RERA Goa Complaint Redressal

The Real Estate Regulatory Authority Act allows the consumers to file a complaint with RERA Goa against  the violation, scam or any fraudulent activity. In case the home buyer isn’t satisfied with the solution offered by the RERA Goa officials then, he can directly get in touch with the Appellate Tribunal. Moreover, if the homebuyer doesn’t get satisfactory results from the Tribunal’s ruling, he can directly file an appeal in the High court.

For complain redressal follow the mentioned steps:

  1.  Visit the official website of RERA Goa and click on the ‘Complaint Register’ section.
  2. You will be redirected to another page consisting of ‘Complaint Registration Form’.
  1. Enter the asked details such as:
  • Complainant name, number and Email ID
  • Official and Residential Address
  • Address on which notice will be send
  • Complaint Details
  • Supporting Documents
  1. After entering relevant details, pay the applicable fee for complaint registration.
  2. Click on the checkboxes, and then finally click on Pay and Submit.

Process to Withdraw Agent Registration under RERA Goa

Consider the mentioned step-by-step procedure to withdraw your agent registration with RERA Goa:

Step 1: First, visit the official RERA Goa portal. 

Step 2: On the home page you will see the  ‘Other Links’  section on the menu tab. From the drop down choose ‘Withdrawal’. Next to this you will be redirected to another page comprising email ID verification. 

Step 3: From the available options choose withdrawal of ‘Agent Registration’. In the text area enter the registered email address and then click on the icon named as ‘Generate OTP’.

Step 4: Enter the received OTP in the text area and then click on the ‘Search’. As a result you will receive agent details on your screen. 

Step 5: Finally select the agent whose registration you are willing to withdraw. Now, follow up the steps that appear on the screen as a withdrawal procedure.

Steps To Withdraw Project Registration Under RERA Goa

Follow up the mentioned procedure to withdraw a RERA Goa registered project: 

Step 1: Visit the official home page of RERA Goa. 

Step 2: From the menu bar choose ‘Other Links’ option. A drop-down will appear. From the available options click on ‘Withdrawal’. You will be redirected to the verification page of email ID. 

Step 3: From the available options click on the registration type that is. ‘Project Registration’. Now, enter your registered email ID & click on the option depicting ‘Generate OTP’. 

Step 4: Enter the OTP that you have received  on your registered email ID. Following up, click on ‘Search’  to access project details.

Step 5: Select the project whose registration you want to withdraw and follow up the withdrawal procedure.

How to View List of Complaints Filed under RERA Goa

To view complaint list filed under RERA Goa follow up the mentioned steps:

Step 1: Visit the official Goa RERA website. 

Step 2: You will see a tab on the top of the homepage listing home, about us, acts and rules and much more. From the top tab click on the ‘Defaulters’ section. 

Step 3: A drop-down list will appear comprising List of agents, List of Projects and List of complaints. Choose “ List of Complaints”.

Step 4: You will be redirected to another page named Complaint List.

Step 5: The list will present specifics about a lodged complaint including:

  • Complaint name
  • Respondent name 
  • Date of complaint 
  • Final order document

With this easy peasy process you can access requisite details about any lodged complaint and can know what is the current status of your complaint. 

 RERA Goa Rulings

With passing time Goa RERA passes certain rulings associated with the projects and complaints. If you want to refer to a specific ruling then you can visit the official Goa RERA website. Then click on the tab named as RERA Rulings. You will be redirected to the webpage enlisting RERA Goa rulings. Moreover, you can click on any of the listed ones to know more about the same. 

The following image represents the way RERA Ruling will be depicted on your screen. The order no comprise of hyperlink which further redirects you to PDF encompassing detailed information about that specific ruling. 

RERA Goa Latest Update

Update on August 11, 2021:

On 11th August 2021, Goa Real Estate Authority announced an extension of a year for the completion of an ongoing project. After receiving numerous requests from developers for the same, considering the pandemic situation, RERA officials granted an extension in project completion guidelines. In case if the developers still fail to complete the project in this timeframe, they may get further extension. Although it may vary from one project to another. This extension will be monitored and managed strictly by the state officials to make sure the developers don't take the project completion task leniently. 

Developers who want to avail the benefits of this extension need to request the same 3 months prior to the project completion deadline. Additionally, developers need to submit genuine reasons to avail the extension along with the current project progress status. Moreover, the developers will be liable to pay INR 50,000 at min and INR 1 lakh at max to extend the project deadline.  

Goa RERA office address

To file a complaint in person and to access other required information, you need to visit the GOA RERA authority in person. For the same you should be familiar with the GOA RERA office address. Following image depicts the address to reach RERA Goa officials for correlated tasks:

The Goa Real Estate Regulatory Authority

SPACES, Plot No. 40, Block No. 101, 1st Floor, EDC, Patto Plaza, Panaji – Goa.

RERA office contact number: 0832-2437655

email id: [email protected]

email id (Web Related Support): [email protected]

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RERA Goa FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Is it mandatory to register the project or related real estate agent under GOA RERA?

Yes, it is mandatory to register the project and an agent with GOA RERA to perform real estate associated tasks.Then only, they will be permitted to carry forward real estate related transactions. Although, certain projects are exempted from the registration part including the projects having carpet area less than 500 square metres. 

Whom a home buyer should approach in case of any property related grievance?

A homebuyer should approach directly to the RERA Goa official through the complaint tab available on the official GOA RERA portal. 

What will happen if the ongoing project doesn’t get completed with the extended time frame offered by the GOA RERA officials?

If the developer fails to complete the project even in the extended time frame, then the officials may offer other extensions based upon certain parameters. This extension is thoroughly based on the project case scenario.

Which states have announced an extension in the timeline of project completion to cover the impact of COVID-19’s second wave?

Numerous states have encountered the damage caused by the pandemic. It resulted in a delayed construction process. Lately, MahaRERA, then UP RERA granted an extension of 9 months and  six months for the completion of the project. 

Do Development Authorities as well as Housing Boards fall within the category of promoters under the RERA Act 2016?

As per the RERA Act 2016’s Section 2z(k), both private as well as public bodies that are correlated to the development and promotion of the real estate projects fall in the category of promoters.  

Define ‘estimated cost of the real estate project’?

By estimated cost of a real estate project, we mean overall involved cost for the development of real estate projects. The estimated cost comprises the cost of land, applicable taxes, development charges, other liable charges, cess, and much more.

Can a real estate agent file a complaint against a homebuyer?

Yes, the RERA Act permits the real estate agent to file a complaint against the homebuyer in case of default payments. Although, the homebuyer must be associated with a RERA registered project.

What is the maximum time limit to dispose of a filed complaint with the GOA real estate regulatory authority?

As per RERA Act 2016’s Section 29, the Appellate Tribunal has to dispose of the filed complaint within 60 days. The time frame of 60 days begins from the day when the complaint was filed.