A Complete Guide for Septic Tank Vastu : Importance & Direction

Septic Tank Vastu

We all have a place that we call home. The type of home we reside in can vary significantly depending on our lifestyle. Each home emits different spiritual vibes depending on where and how it is built and maintained. Vastu Shastra is a concept of Vedic science that explains the difference between the negative and positive vibes generated in a house. Vastu is essential for bringing peace and harmony.

A septic tank vastu is an underground-level compartment made of concrete, fibreglass, or plastic through which domestic wastewater (sewage) flows for sewage treatment. Septic tank as per Vastu, has grown in popularity in recent years. Creating it has become a need rather than a choice because of the growing population and unregulated construction. 

Septic tanks are widely used in rural and suburban locations where a centralised sewage treatment system is unavailable. They are a cost-effective and low-maintenance method of wastewater and sewage management, but it is important to maintain them properly to ensure they work properly and safely.

This article talks about how a septic tank vastu, is important and what direction, location, and septic tank design is essential to avoid negative energies.

Introduction to Septic Tank Vastu

The septic tank flushes out all the bathroom and kitchen waste in a home. They are typically associated with negativity and might undermine the house’s positivity. As a result, it is recommended that you build your home after considering the septic tank vastu direction. Vastu Shastra determines the structure of a house based on several factors, such as its geographical location, the direction of the house, or the things placed in the house.

Vastu and septic tanks may appear unrelated because they are paid the least attention and only come to light when they smell unpleasant. Vastu tips for septic tanks have become a recent trend that people follow while constructing a house.

Septic tanks as per Vastu are associated with bad energy. It could result in Vastu Dosh for the home if not placed correctly and reduce the use of groundwater resources.

Septic Tank Location as Per Vastu

A septic tank location as per Vastu, varies according to municipal restrictions and the property. It is generally buried underground, usually in a property’s specified location. Septic tanks are connected to a house’s main sewer line or plumbing system.

If you are looking for a septic tank in your house, it is important to study the blueprints and inquire with the property owner or previous occupants. You can also contact an expert like a plumber or a septic system inspector who can assist you in securely locating it. It is important to note that digging or excavating without the correct information and advice can harm and damage the septic system or other subterranean utilities.

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Septic Tank Direction as Per Vastu

A septic tank direction as per vastu is crucial. As per Vastu, it is best to place the septic tank in the northwest direction of the house as it can ward off negative energies. This also ensures financial stability and peace among the family members. 

If the outlets of the pipes are facing south, it is important to divert them in the east or north direction. It is best advised to avoid the south direction. Vastu explains the right direction by dividing the area into nine different parts. After the sections have been put together, a septic tank must be installed in the third section, facing northwest.
Another important element is that the septic tank should be separated so the water goes on the east side and the excretory material passes through the west side.

1. Septic Tank as per Vastu for South-Facing House
If your main entrance is in the south, you must avoid building a septic tank in the southeast, northeast, or south-west corners of your home. The ideal direction to build the septic tank would be north of the west direction, north, or east.

2. Septic Tank as per Vastu for West-Facing House
The septic tank should be built in the west or northwest corner for a west-facing home. According to Vastu, an alternate orientation for laying a septic tank is to the south or south-west.

3. Septic Tank as per Vastu for East-Facing House

The sun rises from the east, so the east is the most powerful area in the house. In an east-facing location, the optimal location to build a septic tank is east or southeast. The position creates an ideal environment for removing the septic tank’s negative energies. It is similar to the Samudra Manthan process or the churning of the ocean. The churning divides the negative and positive energies.

4. Septic Tank as per Vastu for North Facing House

The position of your septic tank does not change significantly depending on the direction of your house. Avoid building the septic tank near the entrance if you live on a north-facing property. Instead, opt for the northeast or northwest corner, where you can install the septic tank. 

Septic Tank Vastu Location

Standard prerequisites for the size of a septic tank in India depend on the number of bedrooms in the residence. This is because a residential septic tank is an important component of the wastewater treatment system that necessitates regular maintenance and cleaning. For example, the height of a septic tank should be set at a level that allows for easy maintenance and repair.

Here are some of the most important aspects to consider for a septic tank, as per Vastu:

  • The outlet should either be in the east or west direction. 
  • According to Vastu, a septic tank should never be installed in the north, northeast, or east directions of the house, as it could harm the health of the family members.
  • The kitchen, pooja rooms, or bedrooms shouldn’t be placed above a septic tank when building a home. 
  • The tank shouldn’t touch the boundary wall or be higher than the plinth. The wall and the tank should be separated by at least two feet. As per Vastu Shastra, this is an important factor to consider when determining the location of the septic tank.

The septic tank design is an important element of a house, especially for those who believe in septic tank vastu. If the place isn’t suitable, it might have a lot of bad consequences for the family. There are several ways to work around the negative impacts, ensuring that the harmful effects of vastu dosha are minimised.

Septic Tank Vastu Remedies

Septic tanks are important to any household waste management system. According to Vastu, numerous options are available to fix if the septic tank has already been constructed and is in the wrong position. Here are some Vastu remedies for an improperly built septic tank design:

  • If a septic tank is in the north or northeast direction, you can place some green plants on top of the tank as per the Vastu remedy. It is also recommended to add a fountain for additional flow of positive energy.
  • A septic tank in the southeast direction should be painted red with a few copper pieces around it.
  • For a septic tank in the south, place a brass wire around the septic tank.
  • If the septic tank is facing west, it should be painted grey.

It is of the utmost importance to keep the septic tank clean and well-maintained to retain the excellent energy surrounding it. Regular maintenance and cleaning can also help avoid potential health risks from an overflowing or blocked tank.

Septic Tank Vastu Maintenance and Cleanliness

The resident or house owner is responsible for maintaining the septic system. Here are some tips to follow for the maintenance and cleanliness of the septic tank:

  • Non-biodegradable waste items such as cigarette buds, cotton buds/swabs, menstrual hygiene products, and condoms should not be flushed down the toilet since they can cause the septic tank to clog and overfill.
  • Pesticides, herbicides, and compounds containing high concentrations of chlorine or caustic soda can all harm septic tank components or kill the microorganisms required for the system to function correctly.
  • Excessive water hitting the system may cause it to overflow and fail.
  • Using the toilet to dispose of food waste may quickly overflow the system with solids and contribute to system failure.
  • Conduct regular inspections to ensure your septic tank system is working well. It also aids in the early detection of issues. 


The septic tank, as per Vastu, is an important element to be considered when building a house. It is said to alter the general energy and positivity of the space. As previously stated, the septic tank location and size are important in guaranteeing good energy flow and preventing Vastu Dosh. 


Q1. Where should a septic tank be placed in Vastu?

Ans. According to Vastu, a septic tank should be located in the northwest direction of the house.

Q2. In which direction should the toilet tank be placed?

Ans. According to Vastu Shastra, the toilet tank should be in such a position that the person never faces the west or the east. So, the best place for the toilet tank should be southeast or northeast, and the person should face north or south.

Q3. Can a septic tank be in front of the house?

Ans. A septic tank should not be placed right away in front of the main entrance of the home, according to Vastu. The main entrance of the house is important for energy flow and aesthetics. Thus, installing a septic tank at the entrance might disrupt the good energy flow and cause cleanliness and odour concerns.

Q4. Can a septic tank be in the southeast?

Ans. Placing a septic tank in the southeast direction of a home is typically acceptable in Vastu. The southeast is related to the element of fire, and positioning a septic tank in this direction may help regulate waste and prevent negative energy from harming the overall energy balance of the property.

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