The Best Vastu Dosh Remedies for a Positive Home

Vastu dosh is considered to be a deficiency in the characteristics of the eight directions. Derived from the Panch-Maha-Bhutas, these directions are provided with certain qualities according to a classification. The building might have major or minor defects depending on the direction where it occurs. 

Vastu dosh nivaran is necessary to curb the negative effects of these defects which include poor relationships between family members, financial problems, family disputes, accidents, and abject children behaviour among others. Most of the changes recommended are structural, which is neither convenient nor budget-friendly. However, there are certain elements that when placed in the home are known to cure the Vastu dosh. 

Vastu Dosh Remedies

Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Vastu dosh remedies that will help you prevent negative vibrations from disrupting your life. 

Sea Salt

Keeping sea salt in the house is one of the best Vastu dosh remedies. The trick is to use uncrushed sea salt and place them in the corners of the house. The salt will absorb all the negative energy in the area. Another way to use sea salt is to add it to water to clean the floors. For a peaceful environment at home, ensure that you change the salt every alternate day.


Positioning mirrors to remove Vastu dosh is an ancient hack that is still practised today. Keep in mind that the mirrors have to be placed in the right direction to increase the flow of positivity in the household. Ensure that you do not place the mirror opposite the main door. Additionally, the bedroom mirror must not reflect the bed.

Camphor Crystals

Camphor crystals are an efficient Vastu dosh nivaran yantra that can readily help in eradicating negative energies in the house. If you have noticed that your life is not working out according to your plan or you are stuck at work, keeping camphor balls in your home is a good idea. This will help you keep the negativity away and make things work your way. Replace the balls when they shrivel up and notice the change in the vibrations of the house.

Pyramids as Vastu Dosh Nivaran

Pyramids as Vastu dosh nivaran yantra is a popular solution today that you should follow as well. A miniature of the pyramids, these are made up of metal, stone, cardboard, or glass. For advice on the placement of pyramids, you should consult a Vastu expert. According to popular notion, keeping the pyramid yantra at the entrance of your home helps in keeping the negative vibrations at bay.

Wind Chimes

You can find a wind chime in any home, majorly as a decorative item. Many people use wind chimes for their look and appeal but there are those who make use of it to regulate the energies in their home. Wind chimes are sampurna Vastu dosh nivaran yantra which are placed with 6 to 8 hollow rods at the entrance of the home. This trick will help in enhancing the positive energies. The rods and shape of wind chimes are determined based on the Vastu dosh .

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are a more appealing alternative to pyramids. Made of clear quartz, these balls have an alluring touch added to them, accentuating the look of the place where they are kept. They are known to amplify a particular intention, energy, or thought. Ensure that you keep these crystals clean at all times since they absorb various energies. The colour of the crystal ball also signifies its different benefits. For instance, pink is good for relationships, red for luck, orange for money, etc. 

Horse Shoe

Horseshoe is a famous Vastu dosh yantra that attracts wealth and fortune. The trick is to place the horseshoe with its open ends upwards. It helps in entrapping the good energy which is crossing by. Hence, it is ideal to place the horseshoe at the entrance door. As a precaution, the residents of the house must not keep the horseshoe upside down as it would result in the energy draining out of the house.


Colours have always been an important factor in altering the energies at home and according to Vastu Shastra, some colours invite positive vibes into the home. Different colours are significant in different rooms of the house. For instance, green, pink, and blue are perfect for the master bedroom and living room. Yellow and orange colours are ideal for the kid’s room. So, if you are facing a Vastu dosh in your home you should think of altering the colour of your walls. 

Family Photos

Home is where the family is. A well-knit family can foster positive vibrations in the house. This can be fueled by hanging family photos in the house. Family photos can in turn help in enhancing the relationships of the family. You can make use of avant-garde frames to place your family photographs on the wall. 

Illuminated Main Door

Vastu Shastra prohibits having dark corners at home. While your entire house must be well-lit, it is essential that you pay special heed to the main entrance of your home. This will ensure that there is an inflow of positive energy in your home. So, let divinity flow into your home with this Vastu dosh nivaran remedy


The principles of Vastu Shastra signify that aquariums and fish have a positive impact on the vibrations at home. Hence, an aquarium is an effective Vastu dosh yantra. Always keep an aquarium in the North-East section of your living room. 

Image on Front Wall

According to Vastu, the first wall of your home must have a picture of the deity/God that you believe in. This wall can be the one opposite to the main door. It is said that leaving the wall empty might lead to financial problems in the home.

Remove Broken Clocks and Mirrors 

It is important to get rid of any broken clock, mirror, or pot in your home as these are said to bring in bad luck. If you want to stray away from health or financial issues, you must replace the ineffectual mirrors and clocks with the working ones. 

Swimming Pool’s Correct Direction

It is recommended that the direction of the swimming pool in your apartment or home should not be in the South, West, or Southwest direction. According to Vastu, the East or North direction is considered auspicious for the placement of a swimming pool. Keep in mind that the water elements must always be placed in the correct direction, lest it attracts negativity.

Eradicate Old Pots

As per the principles of Vastu, objects made of clay must be replaced from time to time. So, it becomes important to get rid of the old pots in your home. Also, old clay pots should never be used again in a new home. 

Over to You

With numerous Vastu dosh nivaran yantras you can easily get rid of negative energies in your home. These Vastu dosh remedies can help you maintain a balance in your health, relationships, finance, and strike an overall harmonious balance. Making these minor changes as per Vastu will alter the way you live! 


How can Vastu dosh be avoided at home?

Vastu dosh nivaran can be avoided by placing furniture and puja rooms in the right direction, using appropriate colours, and the correct direction of cooking.

How to remove Vastu dosh from the house?

You can use sea salts, mirrors, camphor crystals, pyramids, wind chimes, crystal balls, aquariums, and other hacks as Vastu dosh nivaran mantra.

What causes Vastu dosh?

Vastu dosh is caused by a cut or extension in any of the four directions. Various health problems are also related to the dosh in Vastu.

What are Vastu-related problems?

Vastu dosh can result in heart attack, brain haemorrhage, paralytic attacks, etc. It might also lead to sickness in children and a pregnant lady might also lose a child.

Does Vastu affect your life?

Vastu is not essential for living but it surely helps in leading a healthier life. Hence, you should try to remove Vastu dosh from your house.

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