Sacred Flames: Vastu Tips for Camphor

Vastu Tips for Camphor

Camphor, an enchanting element in Hindu religious practices, is known to bridge the gap between the earthly and the ethereal. This pure crystal substance extracted from the aromatic camphor tree has a profound symbolic power to redefine the surroundings. 

According to the principles of Vastu, camphor emerges as an incredible tool capable of rectifying significant Vastu defects within a household. It has proven to be effective in addressing various domestic and financial challenges. Let’s explore some of these Vastu remedies and camphor benefits for utility in our everyday lives.

What Is Camphor and Its Importance in Places Of Worship

Derived from the Cinnamomum camphora tree, camphor is a translucent, crystalline substance that has been treasured across cultures for its aromatic, medicinal, and spiritual beliefs. In Indian homes, camphor (Kapur) is an essential component of Pooja Aarti and Havans. The flame of camphor is known to eliminate negative energies and purifies the devotee’s home and soul. The fragrant smoke released by burning camphor appeases gods and goddesses and unifies one’s prayers and wishes to the Almighty.

Introduction to Vastu Tips for Camphor

Vastu Shastra, the ancient Indian science of architecture and design, emphasises the harmonious balance between the environment and the energies while bringing positivity and prosperity in homes. Here are some profound Vastu tips that can enhance the efficacy of camphor in your divine space:

1. Choosing the Right Location: Maximising Positive Energy

In Vastu, the location of the sacred flame is crucial. It is recommended to burn the camphor lamp in the eastern part of your pooja room to channel a spiritual vibe. Placing the camphor flame in this direction boosts positivity and aids in the smooth flow of energy within the space.

2. The Power of Clean Spaces

A cluttered space can disrupt the flow of positive energy in your home. Make sure that the camphor lamp is placed on a clean, uncluttered surface. The aromas of Camphor purify the surroundings, ushering harmony and tranquillity into the environment. 

3. Invoking the Five Elements: A Harmonious Blend

According to Vastu principles, the five elements – earth, water, fire, air, and space – are essential components of a balanced environment. When using camphor in your rituals, you are already harnessing the fire element. To create a harmonious blend of elements, consider placing a small bowl of water near the camphor lamp that intensifies the energy balance.

Camphor Uses and Benefits

Camphor to Ward off Negativity

Burning camphor in different parts of the house releases a fragrance that eliminates negative energies, creating a refreshed and blissful ambience.  Just as the smoke spirals upwards, carrying away impurities, so too does it sweep away any discordant energies that might have taken root in your home. 

Strengthening Relationships 

According to Vastu Principles, the arrangement of natural elements and energies can profoundly influence relationships. Disputes and misunderstandings among the members can create an unhealthy environment in the home. The flame kindled by burning camphor fosters connections, lending a serene backdrop that clears thoughts and encourages open communication, empathy, and mood. 

Vastu Tip 

Lighting camphor in a silver or brass bowl in your bedroom every day reduces marital conflicts. Alternatively, place two pieces of camphor in the corner of the room (change it when it melts) to seek harmony in marriage. 

Inviting Good Luck and Fortune

The flame ignited by camphor beckons good luck and fortune. Vastu experts believe in the benefits of burning clove and camphor’s magnetic qualities, drawing in positive energies and auspicious blessings.  As per Vastu and astrology, unfavourable star placement can affect your fortunes. Burning Ghee and camphor together balance this Vastu dosha, removing financial barriers and bringing more abundant opportunities. Diwali is the most auspicious festival, celebrating the triumph of goodness over evil practices. Flaming Camphor drives away negativity and accentuates a prosperous tomorrow. 

Vastu Tip 

Placing camphor in the southeast direction of your home purifies the surroundings and lends a harmonious environment where opportunities are more likely to flourish. 

Placement of Camphor in the House

When considering where to position camphor, Vastu principles offer a guiding light. Placing the camphor flame in the eastern corner of your house invites prosperity, like with the rising sun and new beginnings, it enchants the transformative energy in the home. Alternatively, the southeast corner is also beneficial to light up the flame. Whether it graces your entrance, living room, or your pooja room, camphor weaves its magic by infusing the surroundings with a sense of purity and vitality.

Camphor in Pooja and Meditation Rooms

Lighting camphor during prayer ceremonies has been a universal tradition since eternity and holds high significance in Hindu Mythology. As the flame radiates, the fragrant tendrils of smoke carry aspirations and hope to the cosmic expanse. Lighting up in the pooja room, camphor uses and benefits seek your mind and soul towards tranquillity. 

Camphor as a Positive Energy Enhancer

As per the ancient Vastu principles, Camphor embodies a connection with divine power. Camphor fumes and fragrances uproot the fearfulness and negative energies and release a peaceful aura and healing vibes while manifesting an ethereal environment in your home. Just as the dawn marks a fresh start of the day, the camphor’s flame uplifts the ambience, inviting a sense of positivity to settle in and thrive.

Camphor in Aromatherapy and Healing

Beyond its spiritual significance and visual charm, camphor carries an aromatic essence that can incite serenity into our lives. The fumes and fragrance soothe the mind, alleviate stress, and endure calmness. The benefits of camphor extend its variability in cosmetic products. Applying camphor-infused oils and creams reduces anti-ageing effects and nurtures the skin. 

In addition, camphor provides a healing touch and treats burn wounds as it has anti-inflammatory properties that yield relief for skin irritations and respiratory discomfort. Camphor used with other medicinal products, aids in joint pains and muscle cramps, reducing the painful spasms. 

Vastu Remedies with Camphor

Vaastu dosh, characterised by an imbalance between human and universal energies, can disrupt the equilibrium of our living spaces which gives rise to Vaastu dosh. However, there are several remedies, and one such way is the use of camphor. Burning camphor in the southeast corner of the house can dispel negative energies and invite positivity.

  • Interestingly, when camphor and clove are kindled together, their combined energies escalate a positive inflow of wealth. This camphor for money remedy is favourable for businesses facing financial issues. 
  • In many parts of India, the daily aarti – a devotional ritual – involves burning camphor. The fragrant tendrils of smoke ascend, driving away the negativity and enhancing an aura of purity. 
  • The scent of camphor essential oil diffuser purifies the surrounding air,  improves concentration, and promotes enlightenment. 

In A Nutshell

Camphor flame and fragrant smoke helps us harmonise with the energies around us. Whether you’re igniting its flame in the corners of your homes or adorning your pooja rituals, camphor’s essence seeks serenity, restores balance, and makes way for hope. Want to know more about Home Vastu tips? Head over to the Square Yards Website.


Q1. How to use Camphor for Vastu?

Ans. Using camphor for Vastu is a simple yet impactful practice that can enhance the harmony and positivity of your living space. One common way is to burn camphor in your pooja room or a meditation corner. Light a camphor and let its fragrant smoke fill the space, allowing it to cleanse and purify the energies. Additionally, placing a small bowl of water with a pinch of camphor in it can help balance the elements in your environment. 

Q2. Where do you put Camphor in your house?

Ans. The placement of camphor in your house can significantly influence the energy flow. According to Vastu principles, two ideal locations stand out. One is the eastern corner, symbolising new beginnings and the rising sun. Alternatively, you can place camphor in the southeast corner, associated with fire energy. 

Q3. Is it good to keep Camphor in a room?

Ans.Yes, keeping camphor in a room can have positive effects on the ambience and energy. Its aroma and cleansing properties can create a serene and uplifting environment. 

Q4.What is the best way to use Camphor?

Ans. The best way to use camphor depends on your intention and the context. For spiritual and Vastu purposes, burning camphor in a lamp or incense holder is a common practice. The fragrant smoke that arises nurtures the surroundings with harmony and peace. 

Q5.How do you remove negative energy from home using Camphor?

Ans. Burning camphor in various parts of your home can help cleanse and dispel negative energies. Open windows and doors to allow the stagnant energy to exit as the camphor smoke fills the rooms. As you light the camphor, set a clear intention to release negativity and welcome positivity. 

Jahanavi Arora Jahanavi Arora is an architect by profession and writer by choice. She believes that writing and architecture are quite similar as they both are forms of art and beyond every building, there is a story to tell that she loves to explore. An avid reader who has a penchant for history, research, evolution, and architectural design that she strives to be able to express through her words.
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