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New Projects in Noida Ext Sector 2 Greater Noida

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Last Updated: Jul 16, 2021
55 Sq. Ft. to 1170 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
Eros Sampoornam Mart is an affordable Project by Eros who are one of the renowned developers in Greater Noida. It is located in Noida Ext Sector 2, Noida Extension .Eros Sampoornam Mart is spread across 25 acre. The Project has 116 Units. The status of the Project is New Launch
450 Sq. Ft. to 18000 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
Rakmo Krishna Kunj is a value for money Project developed by one of the Greater Noida well known Developers Ramko Home Promoters. It is spread across 5 acre. The Project is conveniently located in Noida Ext Sector 2, Noida Extension . The Project has 200 Units. The Status of the Project is Ready to Move.
1 Bed Flat
550 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
Airwil Thinkpad is an affordable Project by Airwil who are one of the renowned developers in Greater Noida. It is located in Noida Ext Sector 2, Noida Extension .Airwil Thinkpad is spread across 1.9 acre. The Project has 150 Units. The status of the Project is Well Occupied
2 BHK-3 BHK Flat
1135 Sq. Ft. to 1825 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)
Nirala World Splendora is an affordable Project by Nirala World who are one of the renowned developers in Greater Noida. It is located in Noida Ext Sector 2, Greater Noida West and well connected by major road(s) like Sector Road, GN West Greater Noida Link Road. Nirala World Splendora is spread across 4 acre. The Project has 700 Units. The status of the Project is Advanced Stage. The flat units on sale are available in various configurations like 2 BHK flats at a price of Rs 43.51 L with Property size of 1135 Sqft, 3 BHK Flats at a minimum price of Rs 54.07 L and maximum price of Rs 68.63 L with Property Size ranging from 1425 Sqft to 1825 Sqft.
2 BHK-3 BHK Flat
1060 Sq. Ft. to 1860 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)

Nir?l? Greenshire  ?resents blissful h?mes with ?remium s?e?ifi??ti?ns. The best ??rt is th?t the devel??ment is ??ming u? ?n ?ll sides ??en ?l?t. Nir?l? Gr?u? h?s ? g??d tr??k re??rd ?f delivering ?r?je?ts in the given sti?ul?ted time fr?me. ?rmed with ? ?leth?r? ?f re?re?ti?n?l ?menities, this m?rvel?us residenti?l ?re?ti?n is ? ?erfe?t ??ti?n t? invest y?ur m?ney. Ev?king ?n ?ur? ?f luxury ?nd gr?ndeur, the ri?h ?mbi?n?e ?f this residenti?l ?r?je?t will ?ert?inly le?ve y?u en?h?nted. Nir?l? Greenshire is surr?unded by sever?l luxuri?us h?using s??ieties whi?h h?ve ?lre?dy m?de this l???lity ? s?ught-?fter residenti?l destin?ti?n.  Nir?l? Greenshire in Gre?ter N?id? West, Gre?ter N?id? is ? well-?r?fted t?wnshi?. F?rmed t? ?r?vide ??mf?rt ?nd h?rm?ni?us living. There ?re ? t?t?l ?f 1352 units s?re?d ??r?ss 15 t?wers in the ??nfigur?ti?n ?f 2, 3 & 4-bedr??m ???rtments. U? f?r s?le, these residenti?l units ?re ?v?il?ble with sizes v?rying fr?m 950 sqft t? 1860 sqft.


?ll the s?e?t??ul?r high-rise t?wers h?ve been f??ilit?ted with ?ll the ?rime essenti?ls like 24x7 se?urity, ??wer b??ku?, 24h?ur w?ter su??ly, lifts, ?nd ?m?le ??rking s???e. S??iety ?ls? h?s s?me e??-friendly initi?tives like r?inw?ter h?rvesting systems. The l?y?ut ?f these ?b?des h?s been skillfully designed t? ?ll?w sm??th ??ss?ge f?r fresh ?ir & n?tur?l light ??r?ss ?ll the r??ms. These well-ventil?ted residenti?l ???rtments ?f Nir?l? Greenshire Gre?ter N?id? West, ?re the ultim?te ?l??e t? live ? mem?r?ble life with y?ur l?ved ?nes.


??nne?tivity t? ?ubli? tr?ns??rt f??ilities ?ffers e?sy ??mmut?ti?n t? v?ri?us im??rt?nt ?l??es ?nd ?dj?ining ?re?s. DND Fly?ver, Metr? St?ti?n, Se?t?r-18 ?tt? M?rket, ?nd sever?l ?ther IT ??m??nies ?re ?nly ? few minute's drives ?w?y fr?m this s??iety. The f?m?us F?rtis h?s?it?l, Shi?r? M?ll, S?i Tem?le, ?nd Kendriy? Vih?r ?re e?sily ???essible fr?m this s??iety. Edu??ti?n instituti?ns like ?mity ?re ?t ? dist?n?e ?f 20 minutes. ?nd f?r entert?inment, well m?int?ined G?lf ??urse is just 15 mins ?w?y. The l???lity is 20 Minutes dist?n?e fr?m Se?-18 & ?tt? M?rket. ??mmut?ti?n be??mes e?sy when y?u h?ve ?nly15 Minutes Drive fr?m Metr? St?ti?n.

?b?ut Gre?ter N?id?

Gre?ter N?id? West, ?ls? kn?wn ?s N?id? Extensi?n, is ? big ?nd devel??ing mi?r?-m?rket in Gre?ter N?id?. Situ?ted ?l?ng the N?id?-Gre?ter N?id? Link R??d, it stret?hes fr?m G?ur ?ity in the n?rth t? Kn?wledge ??rk V in the s?uth, ?nd ??nsists ?f v?ri?us se?t?rs n?mely Se?t?r 1, 2, 3, 4, 16, Te?h Z?ne, ?l??ed t? the e?st ?f Hind?n River, it is ne?rly 4 km fr?m N?id? Se?t?r 121 ?nd 122. G?ur ?h?wk is ? ???ul?r l?ndm?rk l???ted right ?t the entr?n?e ?f N?id? Extensi?n. Devel??ers su?h ?s ?TS Infr?stru?ture, G?urs Gr?u?, ??n?hsheel, Su?erte?h, ?nd ?mr???li h?ve ? signifi??nt ?resen?e here.  Gre?ter N?id? West is well-??nne?ted t? v?ri?us im??rt?nt j?b ?venues in N?id? ?s well ?s Gre?ter N?id?. E??te?h II ?nd E??te?h III, ?re industri?l ?enters l???ted ?r?und 15-20 minutes fr?m Gre?ter N?id? West. Im??rt?nt IT ??rks ?nd ?ffi?e s???es s?re?d ??r?ss N?id? Se?t?r 57, 58, 59, 60 ?nd 62, ?re ?ll ?l??ed within ? ??nvenient re??h ?f 20-25 minutes

2 BHK-3 BHK Flat
835 Sq. Ft. to 1800 Sq. Ft. (Carpet)

Eros Sampoornam is located in Sector 2, Plot No GH-01 West, Patwari, , Uttar Pradesh. Developed by Eros Group, these residential apartments provide a quality lifestyle for your family. The BBMP approved A Katha flats come with customization of 2BHK and 3BHK housing options with varied areas. It has several apartments available between INR 28.0 Lac to 67.0 Lac. The area for 2BHK units varies between 835sq.ft. and 1425 sq. ft. while 3BHK units can be found in the configuration of 1070sq.ft. and 1800sq.ft.


The gated housing facility comprises a host of amenities that make your stay comfortable. With a 24/7 power backup facility, you can eliminate the worry of a power shortage. 

Additionally, an RO water system is installed in every flat to provide the residents with pure and hygienic water that is fit for consumption. Intercom facility allows the residents to connect with the authorities whenever there is an issue or an inquiry. Parking is made convenient by providing separate slots for two and four-wheeler vehicles. Swimming pool, badminton and tennis courts, basketball court, jogging track, billiards room, clubhouse, gym, yoga centre and meditation area. 


Eros Sampoornam is connected to the rest of Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh via the approved Noida Metro Phase 2 (Sector 71 - Knowledge Park 5) is expected to boost connectivity in the region. Reputed hospitals such as Max Multi Speciality Hospital Greater Noida are located within 4 km from the property ensuring there is medical help nearby for the residents. Educational institutions such as Lotus Valley International School, Ryan International School, Pacific World School etc, are just a few meters from the residential apartment. Axis Bank and State Bank of India, which is within 3km, fulfil your banking requirements. 

Greater Noida West

Located in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Surrounded by major connectivities and amenities, this growing community houses many apartments and commercial establishments. Surrounded by many IT companies, this area is a hotspot of working professionals. Ecotech II and , are industrial centres located around 15-20 minutes from Greater Noida West. Companies such as Infogain, Genpact, EXL, iEnergizer, HCL, Barclays and IBM, operate from these Noida sectors. Greater Noida West itself is undergoing the development of commercial office spaces.

Eros Sampoornam provides you with luxury living spaces with all the amenities at hand.

Questions and Answers

  • Q✅ What is the total number of Projects in Noida Ext Sector 2 Greater Noida available for sale in new projects category at Squareyards.com?

    There are a total of 6 number of Projects available for sale in Noida Ext Sector 2 Greater Noida at Squareyards.com in new projects category.

Know More About Noida Ext Sector 2

Total Projects: 6

in Noida lies in residential zone West.Average resale price in Noida Ext Sector 2 is around 3489 per square feet, but people can enjoy higher luxury by paying some premium in projects like Eros Sampoornam, Nirala World Splendora and for those looking at more affordable options can consider Amrapali Jaura Heights, Nirala Greenshire. It offers around 4 projects by reputed builders such as Amrapali, Eros, Nirala India. Around 50% of projects in the zone are Mid Stage and 25% of projects in the zone are Advanced Stage. Dominant unit type in Noida Ext Sector 2 is 3 BHK consisting of 55% of total supply while 2 BHK consisting of 42% of total supply.

What’s Great
  • The area is surrounded by lush greenery and vegetable farms
  • Projects by reputed builder like Sobha developers
  • Most residential societies have a clubhouse, play area, dedicated parking, 24*7 security, and reliant water supply
  • Significant projects in the area – Sobha Winsdor, BM magnolia park, Sekhar Hyde park, Magnolia by ND Ventures, Dhruti tranquil towers
  • The Columbia Asia hospital and the fortune value mall is within a 2.5-kilometer radius of the locality
  • NVT Life Square is a unique project that offers a duplex row house with a beautiful green cover
  • Proximity to various market areas
  • Famous cafes and esters are located on either side of the Najafgarh road
  • Excellent commercial properties, including plots, are available
  • Excellent commercial properties, including plots, are available
  • Excellent commercial properties, including plots, are available
  • Well-connected by road and rail to major parts of Delhi and Gurgaon.
  • All educational institutes are near to the locality.
  • The world-class medical facility is readily available.
  • National Highway 48 is also easily reachable from this locality.
  • The locality is equipped by schools, markets, offices, hospitals, banks, and malls.
What’s Not Great
  • Foul smell in the rainy season from garbage dumps
  • Traffic issues during peak hours
  • Very far from the city centre
  • Lack of proper sanitary infrastructure
  • Very densely packed area, and hence the parks available in the region are tiny in size.
  • No metro Connectivity in the region
  • Road Traffic can be a problem.
  • Air Pollution can be an issue.
  • Air Pollution can be an issue.
  • Traffic on roads, especially during working hours, is a problem.
  • The roads are not well-maintained, and people face problems particularly during the rainy season.
Watch out for
  • Therpup- The Dog Café is one the India top 10 Unique Cafes that offers delicious food while you can play with dogs in the arena
  • The café allows you to cuddle and play with the dog as long as you want, with the only exception that you can t feed them.
  • The café is also LGBTQ-friendly, and you can get a dog for yourself.
  • Riverview properties in the Madhuban Colony, Kohinoor Planet Colony, and the Ushakal Housing society.
  • Property for rent at affordable prices for the students of Savitribai Phule Pune University and other nearby universities.
  • There are many projects by prominent builders in this locality which are lavish and equipped with all facilities.
  • There is also a police station and central jail in the locality, so there is a great sense of safety and security experienced by residents of this area.

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