An American dream thrives in India – Black Friday event woos Indian buyers

Square Yards Black Friday

When it comes to holding a sale, Indian e-commerce sites honour every festival and every tradition. Black Friday is traditionally held in the USA right after Thanksgiving and is followed by a Cyber Monday sale. Those who missed the Diwali frenzy, might have another window to open their purses during this “west meets east” mega shopping carnival. Business Insider shares an interesting insight into this in an article published on its online portal.

These ‘pocket-watering’ deals are available on smartphones, gadgets, home appliances, apparel, accessories, cosmetics and real-estate properties. Often, the digital space is flooded with mundane or misleading advertisements and offers. Square Yards comes clean with the Biggest Real Estate Shopping Carnival of all time!

The event breathes till tomorrow. Let’s see if you can survive through and become a successful homeowner. Hurry!

Published by: Business Insider
Date: 28 November 2019

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