Crystal Lotus Vastu : Significance, Guidelines & benefits

Crystal Lotus

Not just faith but truly a science, and yet people still run away from Vastu and Feng Shui. 

Harnessing sacred energies with various items like the crystal lotus vastu can sound like a dreamer’s fantasy to many. There is always more you can comprehend and more you cannot. Faith can be kept for everything necessary, and then life can simply run on science. Millions agree that Vastu and Feng Shui practices are very scientific and logical as they work on harnessing the visible and the invisible waves. And although many may refuse to believe it, it does not change the truth. It is a science; sometimes, the more logical thinkers can use a little dream too. 

The main principle on which Vastu and Feng Shui work is that every item in the house has significance. So yes, that random showpiece you bought that day can affect everything in your home, its entire energy and your life. It is only when you simply keep it anywhere. I’m just kidding; it’s not that serious. Or is it?

Okay, let’s calm down. The underlying statement rests that items you bring into your house do not necessarily mean that they might bring bad omens if simply placed as per personal preference. What’s merely implied is that if you keep certain items at certain angles and directions, positive energy can be better reinforced in the space. And make your sorry life better. 

The Significance and Symbolism of Crystal Lotus in Vastu

The Lotus flower, on its own, is already very beautiful and venerated in various mythologies. Egyptians considered it a symbol of rebirth as, visually, it appeared to sink in the night and then rise again in the morning. It was used extensively in their wall paintings and caves. Indian mythologies use it to symbolise respect for the deities by offering it on their feet in rituals. 

It is revered as a sacred symbol of transformation and rebirth in Eastern philosophies. It serves as a metaphor for the journey of the soul, rising above adversity and blossoming into its full potential. Its association with water connects it to the ebb and flow of life. Just as the lotus thrives in murky waters, it reminds us to find beauty and growth even in challenging circumstances. The symbol also appears multiple times in Buddhist mythologies, growing in Buddha’s footsteps. 

Every part of the flower is considered medically gifted and is used throughout Chinese herbal remedies. Feng Shui specialists believe it can counteract bad energy with pure positive energies and purify the environment. Therefore, the Vastu crystal lotus is a prominently used item in Vastu and Feng Shui. 

The Crystal lotus Vastu symbolism in Vastu inculcates wealth, calmness and success. It attracts and amplifies positive vibrations and ensures loving family relations. Placing strategically can build focus and fill the space with positive energy. It can regulate better circulation and balance in relationships and communications. Even the material of the crystal itself embodies transparency and reflection of light. It also aligns with the Vastu principle of enhancing positive energies and eliminating negative influences. 

Guidelines for Using Crystal Lotus Vastu in Interior Design

We’ve established that placing the crystals in strategic positions with certain end goals in mind can help bring the most benefits. The Vastu crystal lotus, in certain avenues, can bring prosperity and harness positive energies. Here are some guidelines to follow when deciding on the placement of the Vastu crystal lotus in your house. 


Set a goal or understand your intentions before incorporating the crystal lotus in your homes. It can be used to bring wealth, harmony or peace. Once you know what you wish to create from that energy, you can decide the placement accordingly. 

Crystal Lotus Vastu Direction & Placements

It is advised to keep the lotus crystal in areas where you wish to maintain energy flow, like in meditation rooms or areas that involve creativity. Avoid placing it in spaces that have several electronic devices. The crystal lotus for positive energy in Vastu can be placed along the north or northeast directions, generating prosperity and spiritual growth. Placing it in the east order is associated with health, vitality and new beginnings. Or putting it in the southeast direction will bring better wealth and abundance. 


Ensure the crystal lotus is spotless and clear of dust and ignorance. To keep it energetically pure, gently wipe it with a soft cloth regularly.

Pairing with Other Elements: 

To increase the potency of the crystal lotus, combine it with other Vastu-compliant objects. For instance, you can place it next to other crystals, sacred objects, or a Vastu yantra to improve positive energies. 

Choosing the Right Crystal Lotus Vastu Benefits

Just as the Vastu-compliant crystal lotus can create new energies in distinct directions that it is placed. Similarly, it can also be affected by the colour you might choose. Different colours can instil a different energy in Vastu. 

  • Blue represents peace, calm, serenity and freshness. 
  • A Green crystal can symbolise balance, freshness and youthful energy. 
  • Yellow crystal symbolises cheerful energies and joy. 
  • Red can enunciate passion, intimacy and power. 
  • Purple is very subtle and can symbolise luxury, calm and stimulate mental activity. 
  • Pink symbolises positive values like love, romance and sweetness. 
  • A white crystal represents positive refinement and nobility.
  • A multicoloured crystal forms the symbol of alliance and serenity. 

Placing Crystal Lotus for Harmony and Balance in Vastu

The crystal lotus for Vastu is mainly used to create a balanced symmetry around the houses. Placing it near the windows in your homes can bring an aesthetic undertone to your rooms and a harmonious atmosphere. 

You can place the crystal lotus vastu for harmony and balance in meditation spaces or living rooms. On the windowsills, it can capture the sunlight and radiate positivity. In the centre of the house, it acts as the anchor that brings the complete home together, creating balance. Generating Yang energy cleanses the surroundings and draws in luck. 

Crystal Lotus Vastu for Healing and Tranquility in space

One of the most important crystal lotus vastu benefits is that it enhances healing energies. By keeping the crystals in the meditation rooms or lounge zones in the houses, relaxed energy can be induced in the homes. These corners of your home can become spaces of tranquillity and peace. 

Placing the crystal lotus on the work desks also increases your ability to focus and keep procrastination at bay. With improved clarity of thought, healing can follow, and hurdles can be crossed. 

Crystal Lotus for Wealth and Prosperity in Vastu

To increase wealth and prosperity in your home, consider placing the crystal lotus for wealth and abundance in the office areas, main hall or living room again. Putting it in the central business position of the house brings attention to the business and can be advantageous for office discussions around the area. A Vastu-compliant crystal lotus encourages the employees to work harder and be more diligent. 

Enhancing Spiritual Growth with Crystal Lotus in Vastu

Keeping the crystal lotus in the bedroom in the south-west corners is beneficial for better romantic relationships. It can not only reignite romances but also help singletons find ideal partners in the future. The windows are the best spots to ensure positive, spiritual energy throughout the area.  

Vastu Remedies with Crystal Lotus for Imbalances

You can correct imbalances around your house using the crystal lotus for Vastu. Keeping the crystals close to sunlight energises them as they can absorb this light. If the crystal starts to lose energy, you can burn incense sticks or keep it under the sunlight again to absorb more light before placement. 

In a Nutshell

Just like how manifestation is as real as you might choose to believe, the main objective of Vastu is to bring you peace through reaffirmations. Whether you wish to adopt them or take your chances alone is up to you. As per Vastu, Crystal lotus is extremely beneficial, lucky, and calming for one’s home and life. Keep a crystal lotus close to you and your home for positive energy and serene vibes. 

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How does the crystal lotus contribute to positive energy and harmony in Vastu?

The crystal lotus can balance out the energy flow in the houses. It enjoys a historically venerated status as a flower and a Vastu-compliant symbol that induces positive energies in homes. 

What are the Vastu benefits of using crystal lotus in space?

Using the crystal lotus in homes has various Vastu benefits. Like, positive energy flow, spiritual upliftment, cleansing and purifying. 

How does the crystal lotus symbolise specific elements or aspects in Vastu?

In Vastu Shastra, the crystal lotus is often associated with specific elements or aspects that it symbolises. It is commonly associated with balance, purity, harmony, spirituality and prosperity. 

What factors should I consider when selecting a crystal lotus for Vastu purposes?

Various factors can change the crystal you may choose, like the kind of crystal, its quality, your intention to have it, or the colour needed to enhance those energies. 

Where should the crystal lotus be placed to maximise its Vastu effects?

Keeping the lotus crystal around the windowsills or in the middle of living rooms, meditation rooms, and workspaces enhances distinct energies around the houses. Remember, the placement of a crystal lotus should be based on your specific intentions, the layout of your space, and your personal preferences. Trust your intuition and consider the overall harmony and balance of the environment when deciding on its placement.

Can the crystal lotus be used as a remedy for specific Vastu imbalances?

The crystal lotus is a prominently used item that helps correct Vastu imbalances around the houses. 

How does the crystal lotus enhance wealth and abundance in Vastu?

Wealth and abundance can be enhanced by placing the crystal lotus in areas around the business, workspaces and offices. It helps keep the employees more indulgent and diligent as well. 

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