Fighting sexism and discrimination, one start up a time!

A recent article by LiveMint covers the issues that women entrepreneurs have to face due to their gender in the workplace or while trying to secure funding. These issues range from plain sexism to mansplaining and actively hinder the progress that we as a society should be aiming to make. Founders of various start-ups such as Syntellect (Sumedha Naik) and Oxfordcaps (Priyanka Gera) have spoken about the various times they had to face discrimination and how they overcame it.

Our very own co-founder, Kanika Gupta Shori, also gave her views on how she and her husband, Tanuj Shori, split duties among themselves and how it affects the dynamic of the company.

Read the full article click here to learn more on how these exceptional women overcame barriers that never should be there in the first place.

Published by: Livemint
Date: 18/06/2019