GHMC Property Tax Guide

GHMC Property tax

Many municipalities use the property tax levy in a state to maintain and develop civic amenities. Like the other municipal corporations, Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) levies the tax from the property owners of the state. GHMC Property Tax that is set is used to maintain the roads, drainage system, cleanliness of the localities, and much more that impacts the livelihood of the people of the society.

The state government governs the property tax as such. However, it is mostly delegated to numerous municipalities. It means to say that the levy basis and the computation mode differ from each other. The manner of payment also differs. This article will give a complete overview of GHMC property tax, its payment methods, and exceptions too.

GHMC Property Tax – An Introduction

The property owners of Hyderabad are supposed to pay their property taxes every year to GHMC. Of course, as discussed earlier, the funds are used to offer superior Hyderabad public services. The rental value annually is a base for collection of the GHMC tax payment. In the case of residential units, it is calculated based on slab rates. As the tax value changes with respect to the location, it is advised to the general public to check the GHMC website for the tax calculation.

Calculation of GHMC Property Tax

Whether you live in the property or have rented it out, the GHMC property tax is still calculated. 

The following elements affect the tax to be paid:

  • Property Location 
  • Size of the property
  • A Property which is under construction
  • Property owner’s Gender
  • Property owner’s age

The GHMC considers two different categories of attributes. The residential properties come first, followed by the business properties. Find out how much GHMC property tax each of these choices will cost.

GHMC Property Tax Rates

The various property tax rates according to the GHMC are given below:

Value of Rent (Monthly)

General Tax

Conservancy Tax

Lightning Tax

Drainage Tax


Upto Rs. 50






Rs. 51- Rs. 100






Rs. 101- Rs. 200






Rs. 201 – Rs. 300






Rs. 301 and above






How to Calculate GHMC Property Tax?

To pay the property tax Hyderabad, it is better to know the exact calculation methods, be it a residential property or a commercial property; this column will help you calculate the property tax that needs to be paid every year.

1. Residential Property tax in Greater Hyderabad

The GHMC property tax details are furnished below. Before that, let us work on a quick calculation to arrive at the annual property tax.

To understand the calculation formula, let us know a few terms and their base on the tax calculation.

Plinth Area: It is the total built-up area. It includes balconies, garages as well. If you have occupied the space, then the rental value of the properties in the same locality is considered. If the property is rented out, then the rental value in the rental agreement needs to be considered.

Gross Annual Rental Value (GARV): This is the total amount of money calculated as rent for a year.

So, the Annual Property Tax is calculated as follows

A= [GARV X (17% to 30%) (This is the slab rate fixed by GHMC) – 10% depreciation value]

B = 8% Library Cess GARV = Plinth Area X Monthly Rental Value in INR/ Square feet X 12

Annual Property Tax = A+B

  • The monthly rental value is up to INR 50; The tax is exempted
  • The monthly rental value is between INR 51 to 100; The general tax is set at 2%
  • The monthly rental value is between INR 101 to 200; The general tax is set at 4%
  • The monthly rental value is between INR 201 to 300; The general tax is set at 7%
  • The monthly rental value is between INR 301 and above; The general tax is set at 15%

Adding these tax rates with 15% of other taxes, including Lighting, Consulting, and Drainage taxes which is 15%, is the total tax slab rate fixed by GHMC.

2. Commercial property tax in Greater Hyderabad

GHMC Tax Payment for commercial properties in Hyderabad follows the formula given below Annual Property tax = 3.5 X Plinth Area in Square Feet X Monthly Rental Value in INR /Square feet

The monthly rental value for the commercial properties is fixed by GHMC based on

  1. Taxation Zones
  2. Type of Construction
  3. Usage of the Property

How to Pay GHMC Property Tax Online?

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) property tax online payment is a convenient mode to pay the tax. However, you can make offline payments by visiting the tax office too. (The details are furnished in the next column).

Step by Step Online Payment Process

You can pay property tax online in Hyderabad using PTIN.

PTIN: The property tax identification number is a vital aspect. Every taxpayer is given this number.

The Old PTINs are of 14 digits, while the new ones are ten digits. You can indeed enter the PTIN before making online payment. This column gives the step-by-step process of making the payment.

Step 1: Visit the Link Mentioned below:

Step 2: The search bar on the landing page has the space to type in the PTIN. Enter the PTIN and Click Submit

Step 3: Now, Click on ‘Property Tax Dues’

Step 4: The details about your property and the respective dues for the year shall be populated. Verify the details entirely and select to make payments between the given three options

  1. Net Banking
  2. Credit Card
  3. Debit Card

Step 5: As soon as you select the option, the website will redirect you to the payment page.

Log in to the net banking platforms or input your debit/credit card information for making the payment.

GHMC Property Tax Payment – Offline Mode

If you are unable to make an online payment, you can also pay the GHMC Property Tax by visiting

  1. Mee-Seva outlets
  2. Collectors of Bills
  3. State Bank of Hyderabad branch
  4. AP Online Service Delivery

You can make the payment through

  1. Cheque Or
  2. Demand Draft

Please draw the cheque or DD in favor of the Commissioner.

Due Date to Pay the GHMC Property Tax?

Wondering when to pay GHMC property tax dues before the deadline. The last date for half-yearly property tax payments is 31st July and 15th October of every year. You will be penalized with 2% of the outstanding amount every month if failed to pay the property tax.

Further, GHMC takes initiatives in encouraging the public to pay the property tax on time. In fact, in 2016-17, a lucky draw was announced for the property owners who had spent their taxes before time.

Where to Find GHMC Tax Payment Details?

One can find tax details on the GHMC Website. Use the below-mentioned link and get to know the tax details by entering the correct PTIN.

How to Get GHMC Tax Application Number?

The property owner in Hyderabad can pay GHMC property tax online using the PTIN. However, there are two ways to get the PTIN if it is a new property.

  1. Online Self-Assessment of the Property
  2. Offline Assessment of the Property

For already existing property, you can get the PTIN by the following method.

Step 1: Visit the below-mentioned link

Step 2: Click on ‘Search Your Property tax’ on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 3: Enter the Name of the Circle

Step 4: Enter the Door No.

Step 5: Click on Search Property Tax, and you can find the PTIN number GHMC for your property.

Offline Assessment of Property

One must pay GHMC Hyderabad property tax if the property is assessed. One of the modes to determine the property is through manual execution of the process.

As you purchase a new property in Hyderabad, you must submit the GHMC House tax application to the deputy commissioner. The documents you must submit are

  • Sale deed/gift deed/partition deed that is registered and attested by a gazette officer
  • Building Sanction Plan – Copy
  • Occupancy certificate

Once this is done, the GHMC inspector or Municipal Commissioner, or Valuation Officer will inspect the building. They are also entitled to check the legal issues about the property if any.

Online Assessment of Property

You can initiate the assessment of GHMC property tax calculation through online mode as well. Follow the steps mentioned below to begin the inspection process.

Please note: You must have the documents mentioned in the previous column as PDFs to upload the same in relevant places wherever the portal suggests.

Step 1: Visit the below-mentioned website:

Step 2: Enter Your mobile number and access the Self-Assessment form (The mobile number is asked to send the OTP and authenticate your cellphone)

Step 3:  Please fill in all the details and do not forget to fill the ones that are marked in red

Step 4: Upload the PDF documents of

  1. Registered sale deed/gift deed/partition deed attested by a gazette officer
  2. Link documents certified by a gazette officer.
  3. Building Sanction Plan – Copy
  4. Occupancy Certificate

Step 5: Click on the declarations

Step 6: Click on Save

As the tax inspector inspects both the cases, you will receive the PTIN once the verification and inspection are done successfully.

How to get GHMC Property Tax Receipt / Challan?

You must receive the GHMC property tax receipt in person as you visit the

  1. Mee-Seva Counters
  2. Citizen Service Centres
  3. Bill Collectors
  4. AP Online Service Delivery
  5. State Bank of Hyderabad Branches in the City

To make the payment manually. However, if you had paid GHMC property tax dues online, then visit the website

Enter the PTIN, and you can download the Tax receipt.

Exemption of Tax in GHMC

The taxation of all non-agricultural lands, buildings, and structures is essential. Some properties may be completely exempt from taxation, even though the tax rate changes depending on how the property is utilised (or get some concessions).

  • Military personnel and veterans who own real estate are completely tax-exempt.
  • Religious institutions are completely exempt from taxation.
  • A residential building is completely exempt from taxation if it is occupied by its owner and has an annual rental value of no more than Rs. 600.
  • Up to grade X, recognised educational institutions are completely exempt from taxation.
  • Following the creation of a field report by the tax inspector, vacant properties will be granted 50% concessions as “vacancy remission.”

Delayed Payments and Penalties

The GHMC property tax dues are to be paid on time to avoid penalties. If there is a delay in payment, you will be charged 2% of the due amount for every month.

Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation Zones and Circles

GHMC is divided into zones and circles for better management of the areas:

Serial Number

Zone Name

Circle Name



Kapra, Uppal, Hayathnagar, LB Nagar, Saroor Nagar



Malakpet, Chandrayangutta, Santoshnagar, Falaknuma, Charminar, Rajendra Nagar



Karwan, Mehdipatnam, Musheerabad, Goshamahal, Khairatabad, Amberpet, Jubilee Hills, Yousufguda



Serilingampally, Gachibowli, RC Puram, Moosapet, Kukatpally, Patancheruvu



Alwal, Malkajgiri, Secunderabad, Quthbullapur, Gajularamaram, and Begumpet

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How to find PTIN to pay property tax in Hyderabad?

You can find the PTIN to pay property tax by visiting the GHMC’s official website

How to calculate property tax for shops in Hyderabad?

A shop’s property tax is computed similarly to commercial properties. The formula used to calculate it is – Annual property tax + 3.5 x plinth area in square feet and monthly rent value per square foot.

How to get an assessment of property for GHMC tax done?

You can either do it online or offline. In the latter mode, submit the following documents to the Deputy Commissioner

1. Sale, partition or gift deed which is attested by requisite officer and registered likewise. 
2. Copy of the building sanction plan. 
3. Certificate of Occupancy. 

Once this is done, the assessment shall be carried out by the officials. 
You can do the same online by filling up the details by visiting the website

Are there any cash rewards for the payment of GHMC property tax?

As you pay the GHMC Property tax dues sufficiently in advance, you may get cash rewards through a lucky draw.
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What is the penalty charged on delayed payment of property tax?

The penalty for delayed payment of property tax is 1% interest for each month.

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