Vastu Compass: Importance, Types, Behind Theory, Benefits & their Uses

Vastu Compass

A Vastu compass is an effective tool for determining a location’s exact directions. Applying the compass direction allows us to ensure Vastu compliance in an area. Geographical boundaries are one of the fundamental ideas behind the Vastu Shastra. Employing a compass is a highly effective method for determining the location’s geographical alignment. When creating a structure, the vastu compass is perfect for identifying the exact direction in which to position materials and where to situate which rooms.

You will be successful in all aspects of your life if you build your residence based on Vastu Shastra and adhere to the Online for Home rules. In this guide, we will review everything you need to know about compasses, including the many types, how to use them, and how to find them. But first, before we go there, let us explain what a vastu compass is. Let’s start!

Define Vastu Compass

A Vastu compass is a specialised tool that helps people and Vastu practitioners balance their space using Vastu Shastra principles. On the other hand, to construct and layout a residence according to Vastu, identify the right directions with a compass. Unlike a conventional compass, which points to the magnetic north, a compass is non-magnetic and aids in determining a location’s precise cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west). Moreover, this directional knowledge is critical for adopting Vastu principles, as many guidelines are based on the particular energies connected to every direction.

Theory Behind Vaastu Compass

Vastu Shastra experts use a Vastu compass. This self-pointing guidance tool indicates direction and helps determine where items must be positioned inside a residence for optimal benefits.

In ancient times, Vastu gurus established an appropriate direction by seeing the sun’s reflection. However, as new technologies have emerged, the Best compass for Vastu has grown handy for determining routes. The magnetic field of the spinning Earth’s core, which is largely molten iron, allows compasses to work at the south and north poles. The Earth’s magnetic poles can be located using a compass featuring a magnetic needle.

The compass is labelled with the primary directions: north, west, northeast, south, east, northwest, southeast, and southwest. Some compasses feature signs indicating several directions. According to Vastu, the five components of space and nature harmonise the entire cosmos. 

Importance of Compass in Performing Vastu

The compass plays a vital role in studying Vastu, an ancient Indian architectural and design technique that aims to achieve harmony and well-being. 

  • Direction Accuracy: A compass assists in calculating the positive directions. Positive energy flow will remain balanced if all objects are positioned correctly according to Vastu principles. For instance, the northeast zone direction is considered auspicious for the puja room, while the southwest is ideal for the master bedroom. 
  • Optimal Positive Energy: According to Vastu, each direction has distinct energy properties. The compass aids in identifying these energies and their effects on various regions of the structure. Individuals who want to achieve a balanced and optimal positive energy flow strategically place objects depending on their vibration integration. 
  • Choosing proper land: Evaluating a plot for construction is challenging. The compass aids in understanding the land’s energy patterns. Vastu experts help decide on the most suitable location for the building and potential alternatives needed to harmonise the overall energy flow.

Types of Vastu Compass

There are two types available, namely: 

  • Pivotal Vastu compass: This compass ranks as one of the most prominent Vastu instruments. If the magnetic needle balances on a pivot point, the vastu compass must be placed in the centre of the property on the ground floor or a level surface. Once on a level surface, the compass autonomously balances itself. In addition, if the red arrow has a black or white end with a north point, it means all other directions are perfectly aligned.
  • Floating Vastu compass: The floating compass doesn’t require positioning on level ground. An individual can stand in the centre of the house or land while holding. Wait until the needle comes to a red tip and stops moving, then check to see if it is aligned with the N(North) mark. While using a floating Vastu compass, ensure no magnetic or electromagnetic things are nearby.

Usage of Vastu Compass in Space Alignment

A Vastu compass is crucial for aligning your space per Vastu principles. When applying the Vastu Compass alignment rules for space, it is necessary to take an analytical approach to balancing energy flow within a home or workplace. Moreover, this ancient Indian instrument enables individuals to balance their surroundings using Vastu Shastra principles. Evaluating the compass can also reveal the fortunate directions and positions for various items inside the space. 

In addition, the Compass provides helpful guidance on everything from optimal gateway directions to arranging rooms and furniture. Using it generates a balanced ambience that fosters positivity, well-being, and success. Consulting with Vastu experts to establish optimal space alignment can be even more effective.

Reading Vastu Directions with the Compass

A Vastu compass can determine directions using the Earth’s magnetic field. To identify the North direction, use a magnetic needle guided by the colours red, black, green, or the letter N. Compass direction vastu also known as 0° or 360°. This arrangement has the southern point at 180 degrees, the east at 90 degrees, and the west at 270 degrees.

  • On the compass, the four cardinal directions, East (E), North (N), West (W), and South (S), are at 90-degree angles.
  • The compass has four intercardinal (or ordinal) directions: northeast (NE), southeast (SE), southwest (SW), and northwest (NW).

Choosing Site Selection of the Compass 

A plot has four points: A, B, C, and D, which should be joined to represent your home’s four corners. Your residence’s exact core lies where two lines intersect. Before designating the corners, draw a hypothetical line that renders the home or site rectangular or square, depending on whether any edges have been cut or enlarged. Moreover, while using a magnetic compass for Vastu, keep it away from metals, electronic devices like mobile phones, autos, laptops, metal objects, and high power lines. Furthermore, avoid wearing metal jewellery that may impair your comprehension of the compass. 

Home Decor Interior Spaces with Vastu Compass

Vastu Compass for interior design involves several important directional alignment activities. They are –

  • Symbolic Representation: Some believe that hanging the Vastu mandala maintains prosperity, peace, or other merits, such as the north direction is for career and the northeast for knowledge. In addition, choosing the proper paintings, sculptures, or other objects with a compass theme will provide an elegant aesthetic touch while also carrying symbolic value.
  • Proper Ornaments: Place proper crystals near the compass to align with the positive zone’s energy. Moreover, individuals can hang wind chimes in auspicious zones to maintain positive energy flow.
  • Placing Plants: Place plants in designated areas that reflect their energy properties, like a money plant, which should be kept in the southeast for wealth.
  • Mirrors Position: Arrange mirrors in appropriate zones to boost positive energy while adhering to Vastu principles. For example, the north direction is good for growth, and the east direction is good for health. 

Performing Vastu Ceremonies and Rituals Using the Compass

According to Vastu principles, Vastu ceremonies and rituals using the compass are essential for introducing serenity, wealth, and positive energy into a space. The following methods can help you achieve a successful Vastu ceremony by applying a compass.

  • Begin by cleansing the area with holy water and flowers. 
  • The compass can help you find favourable directions for putting religious objects and symbols. 
  • Use Vastu rituals like Ganesh Puja or Vastu Havan to ward off evil spirits and reap advantages. 
  • Chanting mantras and partaking in Aarti might increase the spiritual vibrations even further. 

How to use your smartphone as a Vastu compass?

In the tech-savvy era, Vastu Compass mobile applications have become notable tools for individuals. The mobile application has a magnetometer sensor fitted, which measures the direction of magnetic fields and anticipates its orientation accurately. The steps below are useful for downloading the application. 

  • Go to the Play Store and Install any digital field compass for Android and iPhone. 
  • If your phone does not allow you to install the compass app, download Gaia GPS.
  • Make sure your phone’s compass is fully functional before using it.
  • Before aligning to a specific direction, ensure the needle is properly aligned. 

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How to use a magnetic compass for Vastu?

According to Vastu, the compass must be situated in a specific direction for optimal energy flow. A Vastu compass will assist you in designing or renovating your home to attract favourable energy. Some notable tips on using a magnetic compass are mentioned below: 

  • To operate the magnetic compass for Vastu, stand in the centre of the area while navigating the directions.
  • The compass’s base should be flat in front of your chest.
  • Ensure the compass’s needle moves freely and points towards the magnetic north.
  • Keep the compass away from electronic devices, high voltage devices and metal objects such as phones, laptops, etc.
  • Avoid wearing jewellery or using a metal pen which can affect the vastu reading direction.

Benefits of Vastu Compass Online

Some of the benefits are listed below:

  • Improve positive energy flow: A Vastu compass may help establish the ideal location for furniture and other items, making it easier for energy to flow across a space.
  • Improve Harmony: Vastu principles promote a sense of harmonious equilibrium in the environment, which enhances overall well-being.
  • Positive Environment: It balances energy, creating a beneficial environment that fosters mental, emotional, and physical health. Vastu-compliant surroundings encourage more communication, understanding, and balance in relationships, resulting in better partnerships.
  • Increased Output: Vastu principles can boost productivity and effectiveness by creating an organised and concentration-friendly environment.
  • Better Sleep: Vastu-compliant directions in bedroom orientation can help promote healthy sleep and overall tranquillity. 
  • Financially: Vastu principles align with the cycle of prosperity, promoting happiness and financial stability.
  • Reduced tension: An environment based on Vastu principles can help minimise tension and develop a feeling of serenity and tranquillity.
  • Spiritual Development: Vastu principles encompass spiritual elements, which allow people to connect with their inner selves and promote spiritual growth.

Storage & Cost of Vastu Compass 

Vastu compasses are accessible online and in physical stores, such as stationery stores and other businesses selling similar items. Depending on their size and manufacture, a compass can cost anywhere from Rs 150 to Rs 1,000. 

7 Things Remember while using Vastu Compass Online 

  • There must be no high-voltage power lines where you stand when using the compass.
  • Make sure no electronic devices or magnetic items are around the compass.
  • Wipe all jewellery from your side, as it may interfere with your vastu reading.
  • Ensure that your design follows architectural laws and prioritises stability and security. 
  • An ideal compass for vastu aids in creating environments that promote overall wellness, energy, and optimal health.
  • Vastu-compliant surroundings encourage more communication, understanding, and balance in relationships, resulting in better partnerships.
  • Apply vibrant colour palettes and natural elements to create a pleasant atmosphere. 

Wrapping Up 

Finally, using a Vastu compass offers numerous benefits for harmonising energies and integrating spaces within. It creates harmony, increases energy flow, and fosters a positive environment. The ideal compass for Vastu shastra offers a handy tool for constructing environments that promote mental, physical, and spiritual development, which leads to increased productivity, improved relationships, and overall well-being.


1. How often should I check my Vastu compass to determine the correct Vastu direction?

Answer: Getting a correct compass reading is the most crucial aspect of Vastu analysis. Generally, Mahavastu professionals recommend that beginners acquire three readings. The initial reading must be taken while facing the building from the primary entrance. The second reading needs to be done from the centre of the grounds. The final reading must be collected at the location’s far end. If your results are incompatible, it is possible that there is a metallic or electrical disturbance or that you are standing close to metal objects.

2.  Can I use the compass in the wristwatch for Vastu?

Answer: As per Vastu professionals, the watch navigation is not precise but perfect for hikers and travellers. However, the watch’s brand and compass functions could have significant effects.

3. What is the best Vastu compass app that I can use?

Answer: Vastu Compass, Vastu Compass by AppliedVastu, Vaastu Shastra Compass, etc, are the best Vastu Compass apps that can be used. 

4. What is the meaning of the Vastu compass in Marathi?

Answer: Vastu Compassin Marathi  is called Hokayantra (होकायंत्र).

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