Hitesh Singla describes how Technology has Changed the Landscape of Real-Estate Sales

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Hitesh Singla blog post

The real-estate sector is in a state of evolution. It has adopted digitisation and is slowly imbibing technological wonders like Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), Augmented Reality (AR) and Big Data. Technology is playing a pivotal role in changing the real estate agent and broker’s game. Hitesh SinglaCo-Founder & CIO, Square Yards – puts forward his insight into the subject in an article published on Realty NXT.

Recent adoptions of technology by the real-estate sector have opened a plethora of avenues and triggered a major windfall in the fortunes of real estate brokers by bringing in efficiencies in terms of cost, time and increasing customer reach to unprecedented levels.

21st century customers are highly tech-savvy and spend a sizable amount of time online to cherry-pick the best properties which suits their goals and pockets. This phenomenon has made it compulsory for real estate-brokers to adopt digital marketing strategies to make their brands stand out in the competitive landscape.

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Published by: Realty NXT
Date: 13 November 2019