Water Fountain for Home Vastu : Importance, Benefits & Tips

Home Water Fountain

Water Fountain for Home Vastu hold significant decorative value, believed to bring positive energy to their surroundings. If you’re considering adding a water fountain to your home or office, follow these Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui tips to invite prosperity, luck, and fortune.

Incorporating a water fountain into your home is a beautiful idea, as it enhances the aesthetics and offers several Vastu Shastra benefits. When placing a water fountain in your house, it is crucial to consider the Vastu guidelines for home water fountains to maximize the advantages. A water fountain can be a magnet for attracting wealth and prosperity while infusing positive energy into its surroundings. 

This article explores the significance, benefits, and essential rules of vastu water fountain that should be followed. Keep reading to unlock the potential of water fountain for home vastu practices.

Water Fountain for Home Vastu : Attracting Positive Vibes and Peace

Install a Vastu-compliant home water fountain to improve tranquilly and positive energy. Its peaceful flow fosters well-being by reducing stress and fostering a pleasant environment. Choose an appropriate design and placement to get the most out of it and enjoy a peaceful living space.

Importance of Home Water Fountains in Vastu

Below mentioned are the advantages of having home water fountains at home:

  • Flowing water in home fountains symbolises wealth, the flow of money, and positivity, according to Vastu, making it auspicious.
  • Indoor water fountains enhance the beauty and elegance of any space, bringing class and sophistication to the overall home design.
  • The flowing water creates a soothing ambience, adding peace to the home environment.
  • The gentle water flow in the fountain is said to revitalise the stagnant energy, also known as chi. It is believed to bring back balance and harmony while generating positive yang energy.

Placement of Home Water Fountain: Improving Flow and Vastu Harmony

People use fountains for home decor to elevate the ambience of their houses. However, the placement of a water fountain plays a crucial role, as it utilises the cosmic energies of the universe to cultivate a positive living environment within your home.

According to Vastu, the ideal direction for a water fountain is in the north, which is favourable for incorporating water elements and attracting positive energies into the house.

Note: Avoid putting the water fountain in the centre of your home.

  • In addition to the north, Vastu guidelines suggest placing home water fountains in the northeast and east directions is appropriate. These directions harmonise well with water elements, making them ideal for indoor fountains.
  • According to Vastu for Garden, the northeast or east directions in the garden are the best spots to install water fountains. Opt for marble or white-coloured fountains, as white is associated with space and peace.
  • If you cannot find a suitable location for an indoor fountain in the recommended Vastu directions, placing a metal water fountain in the northwest corner can be an alternative option.
  • Moreover, the northeast and east directions are suitable for water elements.
  • It is believed that you must not place the water fountain indoors in the southeast, south-west, or western regions of your home. Also, it is likely to create friction among the family members.

Vastu Manual for Choosing Home a Water Fountain: Shape, Material, and Size

Take a detailed look at the fountain’s size, ensuring it complements the available space. Opt for a compact water fountain indoors when space is limited.

Japanese Bamboo Fountains

Japanese bamboo fountains are crafted using bamboo sticks placed in a circular formation at the base. They come in various shapes and sizes, offering a range of options.

Tiered Fountains

For compact areas, tiered fountains are a favoured choice. These fountains feature multiple tiers connected at a central point, with water flowing into a shared pool below. Crafted from marble, stone, concrete, or glass, they add elegance to any setting.

Tabletop Water Fountains

The countertop water fountain is crafted from various materials, such as stone or a Japanese-inspired design featuring wood and porcelain. Choose the material that suits your style and complements your space. Ideally suited for indoor spaces, tabletop fountains rest effortlessly on your table. Compact and space-saving, they offer convenience. These affordable installations can be easily plugged into the nearest electrical socket for quick setup. Available in different materials, such as stone or Japanese-style wood and ceramic, they cater to diverse preferences.

Cascading Water Fountains

Cascading water fountains live up to their name with a downward water flow. Starting with three layers, these fountains can be customised with additional levels, like the five-layer fountain. Typically, each level increases in size, with the top layer being the smallest and the largest basin at the bottom. However, some designs feature equal-sized layers for a unique and refined look.

Vastu Tips for Prosperity | Promoting Wealth and Power with a Home Water Fountain

A home water fountain activates the energy of wealth and prosperity in several ways:

  1. The Flow of Water: Water’s continuous flow symbolises abundance and prosperity in your home.
  2. Positive Energy: A water fountain creates a positive and harmonious environment, attracting positive energy associated with wealth and prosperity.
  3. Feng Shui Principles: Water is considered an essential element in Feng Shui, and a water fountain represents the flowing energy of wealth and abundance.
  4. Sound and Visual Appeal: A water fountain’s soothing sound and visual beauty create a serene atmosphere, promoting relaxation and attracting positive vibrations conducive to prosperity.
  5. Enhancing Wealth Corner: Placing a water fountain in the wealth corner of your home or office, as per Feng Shui principles, can enhance the activation of wealth energy.

By incorporating a home water fountain, you can enhance the flow of wealth and create an inviting space for prosperity to manifest.

Home Water Fountain in the Entrance: Bringing Optimistic Vibes

To attract positive energy and ward off negative vibes:

  1. Consider a home decor with a living room, indoor water fountain or the main entryway indoors of your property, as per Vastu guidelines.
  2. Ensure that the living room water fountain for homes water flows inward towards your house, creating a harmonious and positive environment within your home.
  3. Position the fountain near the main entrance of your house to act as a barrier against negative energy, preventing its entry.
  4. Ensure the fountain is oriented in the right direction to capture positive energy at the doorway effectively.

Vastu Practices for Indoor Water Fountains: Balancing Directions and Elements

According to Vastu, indoor home water fountains are lucky and beautiful environmental additions. By harmonising the elements and directions for indoor water fountains, vastu principles may ensure that their placement and orientation correspond with the natural energy flow. It cultivates a calm environment that fosters good energy and improves general well-being. Apart from this, vastu water fountain consideration for indoor water fountains with appropriate direction and element channelises the cosmic power of outer space to make your house a positive space.

As per vastu, the north direction for indoor water fountains is the best. You can also keep the fountains in the east or northeast direction but try to avoid the south for water elements.

See More: Crystal Lotus Vastu Direction

Care for Home Water Fountains: Nurturing Vastu Benefits 

When house water fountains are appropriately maintained in terms of functioning and appearance, vaastu will serve its purpose. Here are some crucial dos and don’ts for your water fountain, whether currently operational or not:


  • Ensure the fountain’s water flows continuously to encourage growth and positive energy.
  • Clean the fountain frequently to avoid the growth of bugs, insects, filth, and algae.
  • Make sure the cascading fountain’s water flows in a direction that is towards the house.


  • Because it might impact relationships, put the water feature in the bedroom.
  • Place the water feature in the kitchen.
  • Don’t: Place the fountain in a location with strong sunlight.

Vastu Practices for Complicated Areas: Utilizing Home Water Fountains as Energy Correctors 

Water fountains have been used for ages to balance energy. They produce a peaceful environment that helps balance and increase the power in a room by utilising the flow and sound of water. Water fountains boost the general energy in homes and workplaces because their calming characteristics encourage serenity, peace, and good vibes. Water fountains are potent energy correctors that help create an environment that is more balanced and inspiring, whether employed for feng shui, Vastu, or personal choice.

Vastu Professionals Personalised Suggestions For Home Water Fountain Placement

For the best energy flow and harmony in your home, consider placing water fountains where a Vastu expert can offer priceless personalised recommendations. The professional can help you create a balanced and uplifting environment by considering the fountain’s orientation, size, material, and compatibility with the other features. Their knowledge can assist you in utilising water’s power and improving your home’s overall Vastu energy. 

A Vastu expert’s individualised recommendations for the placement of your water fountain can significantly improve your home’s general health and prosperity, whether they are made in terms of proposing the best site, suggesting auspicious directions for water flow, or offering advice on suitable materials and designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it good to have a water fountain at home?

Placing a water fountain at home can bring wealth, a positive vibe, fortune, and good luck.

Which fountain is ideal for home?

Usually, placing a white or marble fountain is ideal for a home, as white colour is associated with peace and space.

Is an indoor fountain lucky?

Yes, indoor fountains for homes are considered lucky as they represent happiness, wealth, and the flow of money. Also, indoor water fountains add luxury to the complete look of the property.

Which direction is good for a water fountain?

The ideal placement for keeping a water fountain is in the north direction of your house. In addition to this, the northeast and east directions are also considered perfect with this water element.

Which colour is appropriate for a home water fountain?

As water generates an aquatic theme, thus, a light blue shade complements the fountain. Also, home fountains interact perfectly with pale shades, which include yellow and grey.

Can I leave a water fountain on all the time?

Pumps for fountains are made to run continuously. If you turn the pump on and off all day, it will wear out quickly. Only when you are cleaning the fountain or when you will be gone for a few days should you turn off the fountain pump.

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