How Artificial Intelligence is impacting real estate jobs in India

As per a recent story published in Print in HT Estates on January 19, 2019, automation and technology will threaten the jobs of property consultants. The writer of the article has quoted Mr. Tanuj Shori, C.E.O., Square Yards making the statement. In the statement, Mr. Shori highlights that we absolutely believe in the fact that technology is speedily disrupting the real estate world. While the first phase of real estate technology innovation was more focused on home search and discovery, the second phase of the home search, majorly focused on real estate transactions, has truly begun. It has also been seen that over the last couple of years has witnessed the boom of massive technology companies emerging in the real estate sector in various other countries.
The countries are not only growing themselves but they are also creating opportunities for all stakeholders in the market that includes brokers. It is with the use of the Square Connect Mobile App that thousands of brokers associated with the app are not only able to access a much larger primary real estate inventory across the globe but also grab possibilities to do business outside of their existing area of operations. This in return, will help them earn a much higher broker commission from developers. Machines are a threat to 21st-century humans in various industrial sectors and real estate is no exception. Artificial Intelligence-powered services now constitute about 10 percent of the real estate industry. So, technology has not just replaced human intervention but also created a lot of good opportunities. It will be interesting to know how technology and artificial intelligence are really impacting real estate jobs in the country. Read further to know more about the subject.

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