How Technology Helped Square Yards Record April 2020 as Biggest Sales Month

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How Technology Helped Square Yards Record April 2020 as Biggest Sales Month

Square Yards was recently in DynamicCIO news, courtesy its big April month closing with lucrative Real Estate Lockdown Deals in place.

The last quarter of a financial year is generally considered the busiest for enterprises like Square Yards. But this year, things went for an upside-down trip world-over. COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown hit all the enterprises, small or big, bad as governments around the world started taking stringent measures in order to contain the spread of the virus.

Despite the odds, we at Square Yards managed to not just do the sales but did that excellently, breaking several records and touching new highs, shaping the future of Real Estate in both domestic and international markets. Moreover, Square Beats, Square Yards’ CRM, recorded a whopping 900,000 interactions per week, which was, by all means unprecedented. But, as the saying goes, hard work pays in any situation.

“These are the last and most important months from a business perspective. Like many other industries, these are testing times for real estate as well,” says Hitesh Singla, Co-Founder & CIO. But that has not deterred Square Yards from making April as the blockbuster month as far as transactions are concerned.

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With an insight into the role technology could play as an enabler in these disruptive circumstances, we as a company took several steps to mitigate the crisis and leveraged several cutting-edge technologies to keep the lights on. The workforce was ready to adapt to this unprecedented situation.

“We always knew just how important technology is, in getting us where we want to reach. Our determined sales team works from home, equipped with mobile technology and enables knowledge of all the products and search capabilities according to the need of clients,” points out Singla, focusing on the evolving future of Real Estate.

 “When Lockdown started, if we had announced from our rooftops that we will have April as the largest and biggest month, probably we would have been considered crazy. But hey, people who are crazy enough to change the world – they only change the world. As Steve jobs once said, Round Pegs in Square Holes. So lo and behold – we hit the perfect 1000 real estate transactions for the first time in Square Yards’ history,” said Tanuj Shori, CEO, Square Yards in a LinkedIn post.

Sharing of information on email and social media such as WhatsApp was facilitated at just the click of a button, so that people could look for and buy property online. Realizing the need of the hour, the company launched a digital platform promoting lockdown offers and the result was that more and more people were interested to book property online. 

Well, as they say, fortune favours the brave. Square Yards has shown to the world how a difficult situation can be turned on its head with optimism and enterprising spirit. This is indeed one of the few positive stories in a swathe of depressing ones where we have set new numbers in the form of ever-growing Real Estate investments.

Being recognized by DynamicCIO – the brand name for the first community that Grey Head Media  serves – is definitely worth feeling proud of ourselves!

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Published Date: 8 May 2020