Integrating Tech with Real Estate and Mortgages: The Square Yards Way

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Inc42 recently covered the tremendous growth that Square Yards has made by integrating technology with real estate and mortgages. The article covers the journey made by our co-founders, Tanuj Shori and Kanika Gupta Shori, from NRI’s looking to invest in India to the face of the changing real estate landscape in our country. 

Of special emphasis is the role that technology has played in the rise and rise of Square Yards. Every facet of the internal operations of the company is driven by its own automated workflows that save time and increase efficiency. The company has recently branded its full stack tech as ‘EDGE’ to leverage these workflows and help other low to mid-tier real estate companies out there to streamline their own operations.

Read the full article to know more about the journey Square Yards took and reached 3K employees and $800mn in GTV in just 5 years. 

Published By: Inc42
Date: 27/06/2019