Kanika Gupta Shori speaks her mind as a Successful Entrepreneur

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“As a woman, faith in yourself is the most important thing,” says Kanika Gupta Shori, Co-Founder and COO, Square Yards – and a mother of two.

Shori is still exalted with the formation of Square Yards, which has left a timeless mark on her as a serious achievement. She says, it’s the happiest thing that ever happened to her in life and she’s most proud of it.

“Where there’s self-belief, inhibitions must make way. Believe in yourself and your capabilities, create your own identity, put in a lot of honest hard work and no matter where you are or what you do, you will (eventually) succeed.”

In her words, women are expected to take leadership roles in their families and also be leaders at work. It is like juggling two equally demanding full-time jobs. The key to smooth sailing through that challenge is self-belief, confidence in your decisions and self-discipline.

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Published by: Realty Plus
Date: 04 Sept 2019