KDMC Property Tax Payment Process- What you should know

KDMC Property Tax


The KDMC property tax is a direct tax imposed on all types of real estate by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai. Residential, industrial, rental, and undeveloped land are examples of these assets. But the question arises, how will you recognise how much you’ll have to reimburse, how to determine property taxes, and what the present rate per square yard is? Let’s find out more.

What is KDMC? 

Kalyan Dombivli is situated in Thane, a district of Mumbai. The KDMC was founded in 1982, and its head office is in Kalyan. KDMC is taking care of maintaining and constructing the public infrastructure and services in Dombivli and Kalyan. Based on the 2011 census, the KDMC area is 67 square kilometres, with a population of 12.46 lakh people. KDMC’s twin cities can connect to other parts of Mumbai, and approximately 55% of the total workforce residing in KDMC’s judicial authority travels to other MMR urban centres for official purposes.

This property tax is levied to generate revenues. This total revenue is required for social welfare, and the funds are used to keep and develop numerous public facilities. As a result, a user should pay the required property taxes within the time frame specified.

KDMC Property Tax Components 

The Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, also known as the KDMC, is the regulatory body in charge of collecting state and local taxes from the citizens of that municipality. For instance, if you live in Dombivli and own real estate there, you must pay your rental payments to the KDMC. However, it is an outgrowth of Mumbai, and Mumbai is a massive city with many segments. You must ensure that your estate falls within the KDMC so you can pay the KDMC property tax, or else separate rules may apply to you.

The types of component tax are as follows:

  • General
  • Transportation 
  • Conservancy 
  • Water Supply Bills
  • Educational 
  • Tree 
  • Solid waste management (SWM) fees

KDMC Property Tax: Calculation 

That individual who had made a payment earlier for KDMC land tax online is aware that you can self-assess before making the payment. What does self-evaluation mean? You can estimate the lump sum of real estate taxes you’ll need to pay for your real estate if you enter specific details about it. But how is computation performed? What variables is it premised on?

The KDMC real estate tax computation method and variables must be understood. The KDMC, like the remaining portion of Mumbai’s councils, continues to follow the equity estimation method. The industry value of your residence will determine how much tax you should pay under this method. For instance, if your real estate has a substantial real estate value, your real estate tax valuation will depend on the high returns. As a result, your stamp duty value will fluctuate over time as the industry fluctuates. 

To know about your taxation worth for each tax process, bills are published and produced, which can be gathered from one‘s workplace and mailed. Furthermore, you can confirm them before making your KDMC tax bill payments online.

Formula Used: 

KDMC Property tax = Developed space × Kind of Building x Age factor × floor factor x base value × used category 

KDMC property tax is issued based on property value. Therefore, property values change with time. However, property tax rates for residential properties are generally lower than for commercial properties.

How to Use the KDMC App to Pay KDMC Property Tax Online?

‘Estate taxes’ are amounts of money you charge to your municipal government on a bi-annual or yearly basis. This fee is paid in return for the equity of a particular piece of real estate. When you own land, you will be required to pay these stamp duties. You may face legal action and charges if you did not pay your real estate taxes while you owned property. As a good citizen, you must learn and understand how this system works and what information you have to recognise about KDMC real estate taxes both online and offline. 

Via Website 

Some of the steps are mentioned below to make payment through the website. 

Step 1: Visit the official website of KDMC.

Step 2: On the webpage, under the ‘Quick Payment’ category. Select the ‘Property type’ and click on ‘Proceed’

KDMC Property Tax Payment

Step 3: Enter the ‘Property ID Number’ and hit on the ‘Search’ option.   

KDMC Property Bill Payment

Via Mobile App

Some of the steps are mentioned below to register through the mobile app.

Step 1: Download the mobile app from the Google Play store.

Step 2: If you are a new user, register yourself first; otherwise, enter the credentials such as name, date of birth, phone number, Aadhar card number, email- id and residence address. Choose the ‘submit’ button.

Step 3: After submitting the details, you will receive the ‘OTP’ on your registered mobile number. Fill in the ‘OTP’ and submit it.

Step 4: Create a strong, secure password. 

Step 5: Next time you log in with your mobile number, enter the password you had previously created.

Step 6: Select the ‘Property tax’ option.

Step 7: Fill out the property details such as property id number, apartment number, full name, pending payments, contact number, and email address.

Step 8:  After filling out the credentials, you will be redirected to the payment gateway options. Select the payment gateway and complete the transaction process.

Via PayTM

Every business and residential landowner in Kalyan and Dombivali is required to pay KDMC real estate taxes. By paying this tax, the provincial government can invest in enhancing infrastructural facilities. A user can also make a payment through Paytm for KDMC property tax. 

Step 1: Login your Paytm application.

Step 2:  Search for KDMC property tax payment and select the municipal property tax from the ‘financial service’ category.

Step 3: Choose the ‘Kalyan Dombivali Municipal Corporation’ option.

Step 4: Fill out the credentials, such as property ID number, and select theGet Tax Amount’ option. 

Step 5: Select the amount and pay through your Paytm wallet, net banking or UPI.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I pay my KDMC tax?

The KDMC offers the online payment facility at https://www.kdmc.gov.in/RtsPortal/CitizenHome.html. You can choose Click to Pay Bills Online and then enter User ID and password for login. Enter all details in the form shown on the screen. Choose your payment gateway, i.e. credit card, debit card and net banking. Complete the transaction and get the print receipt which is generated after the payment. Store this for future reference.

How much is property tax in KDMC?

Property tax has been 71.5% from 2013 in case of all residential properties and this includes general, education, water supply, sewage, road and sewage facilities. 83% is  the property tax rate for commercial establishments. 

How is property calculated for KDMC?

Property tax is calculated on the basis of the given formula- KDMC Property Tax = Built Up Area x Age x Base Value x Type of Building x Category of Usage x Floor Factor.

How can I pay my KDMC Property Tax online?

You have to visit https://www.kdmc.gov.in/RtsPortal/CitizenHome.html. Click on Pay Bills Online Option and then enter the login user ID and password. Fill up the form that is generated and choose your mode of payment, i.e. debit card, credit card, net banking and others. Thereafter, make the payment and save the print receipt generated subsequently.

How can I get KDMC property number?

You can contact the TDP Department at the KDMC for obtaining the property number. Check any printed bill for the property number and you can also check through the lender if property tax is paid via your mortgage. Get a copy of the bill from your lender in this case. 

How to Check the Status of KDMC Property Tax Payment?

To check the current status of KDMC property tax payment, refer to the KDMC official site. Choose the property tax bill type from the quick payment category and hit proceed. In addition, enter the credentials and submit them.

How can an applicant download the KDMC property house tax receipt?

Go to the official portal of KDMC, under the receipt category. Click on the download option. 

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