Mumpreneurs keeping their chins up to balance entrepreneurship and motherhood

As part of Entrepreneur India’s Shepreneur series, the publication in an article dated February 15, 2019, has recognized and applauded Kanika Gupta Shori for paving the way for a whole new league of women entrepreneurship in the field of real estate while also being devoted mothers. The story highlights Kanika Gupta Shori feels that being an entrepreneur has its fair share of responsibilities and challenges. “So does being a mother.” However, she adds that prioritizing the tasks at hand is the most important activities and the priorities keep changing in changing circumstances. Kanika Gupta Shori shares that her role model among women is Indra Nooyi. “She, being a woman from a conservative and middle-class family, has managed to beat all the odds, to position herself as one of the world’s most powerful woman!” Definitely, Nooyi came a long way to become such a big influencer. Shori is too, emerging as an inspiration for many.

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