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Bhopal Municipal Corporation

Bhopal municipal corporation is responsible for the development of civic amenities and development of infrastructure of the city of Bhopal. It collects property taxes and other taxes from the citizens to provide the services. is the official website. It has an online payment option for citizens. Visiting the site, one can pay property tax, water bill, house tax, professional tax, etc. you can make a property tax payment online there by visiting the official website. The website is e-Nagar Palika of Madhya Pradesh. Next, you can select citizen services. You can select property tax citizen login. It will take you to the login for property tax.

Bhopal Nagar Nigam Commissioner Is The Commissioner Of The Corporation. The bmc online Bhopal is the website through which Commissioner Nagar Nigam Bhopal can be contacted. The municipal commissioner is the head of the corporation. In case citizens have any complaint regarding the services provided by the corporation, they can make it at Bhopal municipal corporation complaint counter at the office or they may lodge it online. For contacting the corporation office, you can get the contact number online or from the office.

There is a Bhopal municipal corporation ward list kept in the office of BMC. The BMC Commissioner Bhopal is the CEO of the corporation. The Bhopal Parshad list is available in the office and the city is divided into 85 wards. Each ward comes under one Corporator. The municipal commissioner is the head of all the corporators.

Official Website of Bhopal Municipal Corporation

There is an official website of Bhopal Municipal Corporation that can be accessed by any citizen for collecting information on various matters. One can pay taxes also using the website visiting different pages for different purposes.

Bhopal BMC Commissioner

Bhopal BMC Commissioner is the executive head who is at the helm of affairs of the municipal corporation. He is appointed by the government and he happens to be the virtual CEO of the corporation. Any major decision taken by the corporation requires his seal of approval. He presides over the meetings over various development matters of the city and other matters of importance.

Bhopal Municipal Corporation Tenders

The corporation invites applications for tenders towards developmental works in the municipal area. The tenders are applied by licensed contractors who have some experience in civil and engineering work. The applicants have to deposit a security amount while filing the tender application that is refundable.

Bhopal municipal corporation News

The Madhya Pradesh economic offences wing has issued notices to the development corporation of the city. It has sought the description of the auction process of its commercial plots that are high priced ones. The CEO has received the notice that seeks details of the scheme that has the rules. These rules are the ones under which the tenders are floated for selling the land. It is said that the CEO will be replying to the notice. After receiving the replies from the CEO, the people involved in the project, including some officers, will be interrogated. It will be found out if some rules were bent and flouted in the process of the sale of the land plots.

It is suspected that the tendering process on commercial plots was made in such a complex fashion that only a few favored ones would benefit in the process. It is alleged that the competitive bidding mechanism was purposely avoided. There were only two bidders taking part in the bidding process. The incidence has caused ripples among the builders in the city. They have resented the action of the office of the BSDCL. The office of the BSCDCL has denied having committed any misconduct or misdemeanor in the matter.

BMC Bill Payment Online

Online Payment Terms and Conditions

One has to follow the following terms and conditions for online payments made to the BMC. The citizens should read the terms and conditions of bill payment before making any payments. The corporation provides the link to the payment gateway service. The types of payments are internet banking, debit card, credit card from the banks enlisted. Apart from the payment of bills, the citizens have to pay the charges for the payment gateway transaction charges. In case there is a failed transaction, the loss will be borne by the citizen trying to make the payment. If the bank or the payment gateway service provider imposes any tax or fees, it will be borne by the people using the service. The corporation shall not be responsible for any such payment.

The citizens have to indemnify the corporation harmless against all claims, losses, or damages. Neither the corporation nor any of its employees shall be held responsible for the losses or charges. The information provided by the user shall only be used for recording the payment. The corporation shall make all endeavors not to disclose the information to outsiders. It takes about one week to reach your payment to the corporation. The citizen should take this fact into account while making the payments. The payment will be processed on the basis of the information provided by you. The corporation shall not be bearing any liability if you make a mistake while making payments or providing information. You will be given a number of references once the payment has been made. You can reach the office using the contact numbers provided. The success of online payment depends on the risk involved during the internet transaction. If the office of the corporation does not receive the information on successful payment made via the internet, such payment shall not be acknowledged by the corporation. Such payment shall be treated as a failure. It is therefore advisable that the citizens should be making the payments well before the due date.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

The cess paid once shall not be refunded. It cannot be refunded after the successful submission of the fees. The cancellation of application or bill payments shall not be entertained by the office of the corporation.

About Bhopal

Bhopal is the capital of Madhya Pradesh, a state of India. It is known as the city of lakes. It is one of the greenest cities in India. The city is well connected to every part of India. Bhopal is among the 15 largest cities of India.

Bhopal has witnessed a major transformation in terms of development and urbanization recently. The city has gone through difficult times regarding many developmental projects but it has overcome these problems over the years. The city has been given public amenities, road safety measures, security of its citizens, supply of water, etc.

About Municipal Corporation

BMC has been in existence for providing basic services to the citizens of Bhopal including various developmental projects and infrastructure development. It also strives to earn revenue through various sources including taxation for implementing its people-centric activities.

The corporation renders the following duties:

  • Coordination and cooperation among various departments
  • Making sure the basic services like provision and supply of drinking water, roads, street lighting, fire fighting, disaster management, etc. are done on a priority
  • Beautification of lakes, gardens including conservation of historical structures
  • Creation and maintenance of transport systems for the people
  • To do and supervise work under JNNURM and other projects, including housing for all sections, parking, etc.
  • Providing permission for building and prevention of encroachment
  • Survey of samagra samajik suraksha mission
  • Doing the computerization of all the processes of the corporation
  • Providing required support to the district administration
  • Regulation and utilization of wards and their demarcation
  • Holding municipal elections
  • Evacuation of sadar manzil and keeping it as a heritage asset

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do I pay my property taxes in Bhopal?

One can visit the website of the corporation and select the apt pages that will take you to the payment of tax page. You may pay through different payment options. You may personally pay the taxes also at the office of the corporation

How do I pay my property taxes online in MP?

You should visit the official website of the corporation and pay the taxes through that.

Who is the municipal commissioner of Bhopal?

The municipal commissioner of Bhopal is the executive head of the corporation. 

How can I get my birth certificate online in Bhopal?

You have to visit the website first and then apply online for the birth certificate.

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