Real Advice from a Real Woman Entrepreneur for Women to Start Investing

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Investment is not made exclusively for men. Women should also try to start investing, even if from a small scale. Kanika Gupta Shori, Co-founder and COO of Square Yards puts her knowledge, experience and wisdom together to advise women and give them tips on how to start investment – in the show Money Guru on Zee Business.

“There are several investment options for working women; such as gold, SIP, recurring deposit, fixed deposit etc.,” says Shori. She adds, “Real-estate investment is one of the better options because it stays forever. Like men, women should also be financially independent. The question ‘Why should women invest?’ shouldn’t even arise.”

Shori also said that women should not spend much on luxury apparel, accessories and cosmetics. They should rather clear their loans and other liabilities first. Talking about real-estate investment, she mentioned that bonuses and incentives can be utilised in the down payment for purchasing a house. That is the right way to invest in real estate.

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Published by Zee Business 
Date : 31 Oct 2019