Real estate bets big on festive season, but will its fortunes revive?

Tanuj Shori

Traditionally, the festive season or Q4 of any calendar year in India has been the highest revenue generator in almost every industry. Real estate is no exception! This period has always been an active timeframe for property sales, as many buyers consider Navratri and Diwali as auspicious occasions to buy a piece of property.

Tanuj Shori, Founder & CEO of Square Yards, and other real-estate business owners give their inputs in an article published by Financial Express.

“Through the years, for instance, the release of employees’ annual bonuses has always happened in this quarter, spiking up disposable income and unleashing significantly higher spending power, riding on the back of the festive sentiments. Real estate, automobiles, consumer goods et al have always looked forward to this time period each year, to make their annual sales volumes look respectable,” says Shori.

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Published by: The Financial Express
Date: 22 October 2019