Real Estate Ready for Massive Transformation in 2020 – an Industry Insight by Tanuj Shori

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Tanuj Shori - Real Estate in 2020

Industry leaders should be prepared for some big changes in the real-estate sector expected in the coming year. There are 5 major industry transitions foreseen by experts. What are these? Tanuj Shori, Founder & CEO of Square Yards, talks at length about how industry leaders can be better prepared to harvest these transformations, in an article published on RealtyNXT.

Here are the 5 Big Changes coming to Real Estate in 2020:

  1. Technology and efficiency will be in the driver’s seat
  2. The next decade will witness a market size expansion of over 50%
  3. Investors will contemplate development as prime assets become scarce
  4. Urbanization in emerging economies will necessitate unprecedented construction activity
  5. Being in sync with governments will ensure lower risks on investments

Shori also explained a three-point ‘user manual’ for the next decade’s real estate leaders and investors, as below:

  1. Scale and efficiencies
  2. Going Glocal
  3. People Power

It is evident that the new age of multi-localism— essentially the preference for local communities, housing, industries, products, cultures, and customs—is becoming the new international norm. To compete in this environment, that basic understanding, coupled with some of these tools should make navigating the shifting sands easier.

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Published by: Realty NXT
Date: 25 December 2019