Square Yards CEO pampers himself through sports, highlights healing and stress-busting role of sleep

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Square Yards CEO pampers himself through sports, highlights healing and stress-busting role of sleep

Square Yards CEO Tanuj Shori is perennially at the forefront of hectic activity, decision-making and leadership, helming the reins of one of India’s predominant real estate platforms with a sizable global presence as well. He calls himself a hodophile for whom traveling is always on top of the wish list. The moment the COVID-19 imposed restrictions ease up a little more, Shori will certainly plan for a trip to break the monotony according to him. He is more of a roadie and the usual operating process for a traveller like him is to land in any destination, rent his own car and cover the miles by driving himself. 

When asked about his solo traveling with list, he chose Europe as his preferred destination along with mentioning Iceland as a go-to destination for group travel. The Square Yards CEO pampers himself by indulging his love for sports. Far from being only a spectator, he loves being in the midst of the action. From padding up to hit the pitch or simply gearing up to combat white water rapids, Shori enjoys a whole new means of pampering. He loves Urban Tadka in Mumbai which is on top of his list of favorite restaurants and he is eagerly awaiting an opportunity to return to the same for a no holds barred feast! 

Shori is not a major shopaholic and cannot recall anything he missed purchasing before the lockdown or something he cannot wait to buy once restrictions are lifted. In general, he prefers going shopping in the USA while investing in high-quality apps and video-gear recently. Shori has also taken up a fitness challenge and feels at the top of his game currently after several months of discipline, persistence and hard work. He works out each day and his regime encompasses stamina, cardio and core strength building routines. 

In a striking departure from tradition, Shori talked of how he simply loves what he does and it becomes not just his profession but also his hobby and passion. With the schedule of work and the operational modalities in 9 countries throughout time zones, Shori is already stretched to the max. He finds little time for anything else apart from reading which he has taken up lately. He calls sleep the greatest healer and stress-buster along with being a great nourisher. He uses this each day for staying at his peak levels. Shori also emphasizes on staying suitably groomed even amidst the coronavirus pandemic since he has to be continually connected to his team and other work-related associates on video calls. They should always see him looking smart, sharp and well-groomed as per Shori’s mantra. He talked of how he has already tried several new looks including growing his hair long and also maintaining a matching beard nowadays! 

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Published Date: 24 November 2020