Square Yards leverages Facebook Marketing for Great Results


Square Yards is one of the biggest integrated real estate and mortgage platforms in India and has listings not just from the domestic market but also from the UAE, Canada and Australia, while covering the entire real estate spectrum from search and discovery to after-sales solutions. Square Yards made use of real estate advertisements on Facebook for growing interest in its residential listings catalogue amongst consumers while achieving 3X growth in overall website traffic alongside. It also achieved 45% lesser CPC (cost per click) from real estate advertisements along with 55% lower cost per landing page view from its advertisements, as compared to simultaneously-running regular marketing campaigns.

Square Yards desired higher leads while encouraging more viewers to check out its properties by affordably tapping people in metropolitan India, Canada and Australia.  Square Yards had a split-test marketing campaign that compared its regular photo advertisements with conversion goals and corresponding carousel-format real estate adds on Facebook. With these ads, prospective customers were shown properties that they could have interest in, while existing consumers got properties similar to those viewed online recently. With people clicking on the ads, they came straight to the Square Yards website for property listings, indicating their interest in available properties through lead forms. The sales team then contacted these customers with more information about visiting the site and buying these properties.

For promotion of the inventory available at Square Yards, these real estate advertisements automatically extracted vital details of properties from the portal’s website including size of the plot, pricing, location, dimensions, neighborhood and the room count. Through automatic placements, the advertisements only came when they were likely to perform better throughout Audience Network, Facebook and Instagram. For every person viewing the advertisement, the property catalogue was automatically updated as per individual preferences. Square Yards used these advertisements for tapping people in the 30-65 age bracket in metropolitan parts of the country.

Based upon Custom Audience of those who had shown interest in Indian properties earlier, the platform built lookalike audiences for reaching potential customers in tandem with multi-country lookalike audiences for tapping Indian expats residing in Canada and Australia. It also retargeted those who had visited the website earlier with dynamic adds and relevant property listings. The ads boosted marketing effectiveness and web traffic greatly between January and March this year.

The Principal Partner and Head of Marketing, Square Yards, Yashdeep Singh, stated that the brand’s lead-generation campaign for its real estate advertisements had it tapping a vast audience throughout multiple global locations. He added that Square Yards could readily show relevant and up-to-date listings to new audiences for growing their interest. He also added that this has led to sizable traffic growth along with reducing costs of marketing alongside.

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