The Growing Role of Women in Real Estate Investments

The Growing Role of Women in Real Estate Investments

Real estate has always been a male bastion even though women were influencers in purchase decisions. However, their growing active involvement in the property process and final decision-making is a welcome development for the sector along with their inclination towards jointly shouldering property investments. Reports highlight 30-35% of Indian homebuyers being women back in 2019 while 65% of them, as per a recent report, choose realty investments over other conventional avenues such as gold or even stocks.

What has changed? Modern women have more confidence and their influence is increasing in terms of real estate investments. Several factors are also motivating them to make property investments, including the PMAY and other schemes, property registration concessions, stamp duty cuts, specialized financial products, exclusive offerings from developers, and so on.

Some experts have talked about how women primarily took the decisions when it came to home interiors earlier. However, today, this has increased rapidly, with many being able to put their design ideas on paper with the advent of technology-driven solutions. Women are reportedly driving demand for ready-to-move units and bigger homes. Most female investors are also married and are encouraged to put their names on property documents by their spouses. The proportion of single women buying property is still low in the country. However, the heartening aspect is that women are choosing to leave a legacy for their families with real estate investments.

One of the foremost woman entrepreneurs in India, Kanika Gupta Shori, the COO and Founder of Square Yards, India’s leading real estate platform, opines that today’s women are independent, educated, and eager to break free from the conventional glass ceiling and its limitations. She feels that in a previously male-dominated real estate world, women are today working to build their own independent identities while building their investment portfolios likewise. Kanika Gupta Shori also highlights some key skills that women bring to the table, including better communication, attention to detail, and a holistic and balanced view towards crucial decisions. These are traits that are serving them and the industry well according to her.

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Published – Outlook Realty

Published Date: Feb 1, 2024

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