Vastu Tips for Main Gate of House & Compound Wall

The Hindu science of structure prescribes multiple guidelines to make your main door house entrance Vastu compliant. Vastu shastra is the science of structure that specifies the guidelines such as the placement, structural design, colours along with size. There is a lot to keep in mind before constructing your main door house entrance as per Vastu. Along with these guidelines, one should also focus on the crucial matters such as 

Vastu for compound wall and gate. In this blog, let’s take a look at Vastu’s complaints for the main gate and compound walls.

Main Gate as per Vastu

The main entrance door is the first barrier that allows or blocks the entrance of people and energies. Just like the people, energies also have one thing in common, that is either they are positive or negative. However, to block or unblock an individual depends on the inhabitants, but the permission or denial of energies solely depends on the overall main door Vastu. These gates are available in various sizes, designs, colours and patterns that complement the attached pillar and walls. 

The main role of the main door Vastu is to safeguard the inhabitants whether by the blockage of unwanted individuals or negative energies. In the current period, the style, design and working of a traditional gate have been changed dramatically. The conventional and manually operated gates have been transformed into electronic and automatic operating systems. However, the structural Vastu is still the same. The operational factor doesn’t make any difference, but the design, placement, and size colour do. There are several guidelines prescribed by Vastu for the compound walls and the main gate.

The main gate and compound walls should be built on clearly auspicious days with a prior commencement of the building construction. The main door Vastu states that if you have steps in front of your main door, end with an odd number. An average person tends to put their right leg first while moving up or downstairs. According to the Hindu science of structures, the movement must end with the right legged step. 

Main Iron Gate Style and Colour Combinations

The main iron gate and the compound wall is the first thing a person subconsciously notices while making an entrance into your house So, it is salient to ensure that it emits positive vibrations. Pondering over which colour combination and theme to choose for your main gate and compound wall? 

Check out the below-mentioned points to get a Vastu complaint main gate and compound wall.

  •  The compound wall must the thicker and higher on the Western and Southern sides compared to the walls in the Eastern and Northern directions. Doing such will ensure blocking the harsh sun rays while enabling the warm sun rays from the Northeastern zone.
  • According to the Vastu shastra, dark colours such as dark blue, red and black attract negativity. Hence it is crucial to apply softer hues and neutral colours like sky blue and other light colours rather than dark ones.
  • The compound walls should be initially built towards the Southwest while making sure the gate is not positioned towards the Southern or extreme corners.
  • The selection of the main gate colour may be applied according to the basic Vastu principles while adhering to the Vastu guidelines of directions and placements.

The gate and the compound wall should be built on a clear auspicious day. However, the compound wall has to be thicker and higher towards the west and southside compared to the north and eastside. By doing such, you can block the harsh direct sunlight from the Southwestern portion while enabling the warm rays from the northeastern side.

Colour of Main Door House Entrance as per Vastu

There are multiple colours that can be applied to the main door design as per Vastu Shastra. Choosing an appropriate colour is as crucial as choosing the right placement direction for the main door. Check out the below-mentioned points to understand what are the best colour combination options for a Vastu complaint flat:

Silver-coloured Main Gate

Silver colour is related to wealth if the main entrance of your home is in the southeast direction, then the silver colour is best for you as it belongs to the one of five-element, fire. The silver-coloured main gate will attract financial well-being and help the inhabitants gain stability while making the gate look bold and elegant.

Green-coloured Main Gate

The green colour signifies new opportunities as per Vastu Shastra. If the main entrance gate of your house is situated in the North direction, then applying green colour on the main entrance gate will certainly bring new opportunities for the inhabitants.

Sky Blue-coloured Main Gate

Sky blue is a light and neutral colour ideal for providing calmness and peace of mind for the habitants as per Vastu. If the entrance of your house is situated in the west direction, then applying the sky blue paint on the main wall is beneficial as it will attract profitability. Moreover, the sky blue colour is linked with the business gains.

Pink-coloured Main Gate

Pink is also a fire element colour, and it is associated with power and wealth. If the main entrance is in the southern direction, then applying pink colour on the gate will bring financial well-being to the habitants. The pink-coloured main gate will also complement the interior decor of your home and that is an additional advantage of it.

White-coloured Main Gate

White is one of the most auspicious colours prescribed by the Vastu shastra. It signifies peace and harmony. According to Vastu, white colour prevents family quarrels and arguments. The advantage of applying white colour is that it is not direction bounded, you can apply white colour regardless of the direction of the main gate placement.

Wood-coloured Main Gate

 Wood signifies life as per Vastu Shastra. If the main entrance of your house is in Easter directions, then applying a wooden finish on the main gate will be beneficial. The East direction is associated with the Air, which belongs to one of the five elements of the world.

Colours that Must be Avoided for Main Door Vastu

The dark colours attract negativity and are considered inauspicious according to the Vastu Shastra. The below-mentioned colour must be avoided by applying a paint finish on the main gate:

Black-coloured Main Gate

In a few cases, the black colour is prescribed by Vastu Shastra. However, applying dark colour on the main gate is not recommended as such colours signify devilish energy. In order to channel positive, go for a light and neutral colour instead.

Dark-blue Coloured Main Gate

In the first place, the dark blue colour doesn’t go well with the decor and doesn’t work on the main door and according to the Vastu Shashtra, It attracts negative energies.

Red-Coloured Main Gate

Vastu Shastra for Compound Wall Gate

According to the Vastu for compound wall, the wall should be thicker and higher on the southern and western sides compared to the northern and eastern sides. 

The compound walls should be built in the southwest direction. However, the main gate should not be positioned in the southwest direction and make sure the main gate is not placed at the extreme corners or in the southern direction.

The compound wall and the main entrance gate is the initial part of your house. The positive, as well as the negative energies, use the main entrance to enter or oscillate. Hence, proper compliance of Vastu for compound walls requires undivided attention. Along with the gate, the compound wall requires specific colours to be applied to fully comply with the Vastu. The main gate is the entrance for family and energy, as we mentioned earlier. Moreover, energies, people, great fortunes and opportunities can also come though if you follow the compound wall and main door house entrance Vastu.

The main door entrance Vastu plays a significant role in the context. The Vastu prescribed direction, placement and other guidelines must be followed as it enables the influx of the cosmic energies and blocks the required one which is the negative energies. The main door also creates an impression on the overall decor. The Vastu stipulated directions are the north, southeast, northwest or east. The East is the most auspicious direction to locate the main entrance, as the main door Vastu states that the east-facing flats are the most auspicious properties and appraise as the A-grade properties.

Try not to keep the main entrance door in the Southwest or South direction, as they are not the best direction for the placement of the main entrance. However, in case you have no other option, then you can fix the Vastu dosh with a lead helix or lead metal pyramids. Likewise, the Northwest dosh can be fixed with a brass pyramid and brass helix. The Southeastern Vastu dosh can be fixed with a copper helix.

Dos and Don’ts for Main Door House Entrance Vastu

There are multiple dos and don’ts specified by Vastu to gain utmost prosperity. Check out the below-mentioned points to get a better understanding of main door Vastu:


  • The main entrance must be well lit, but make sure you avoid the red colour.
  • Keeping a mirror in front of the main entrance is not recommended
  • The main gate should open with a clockwise movement.
  • The main gate should be properly oiled and not make any creaky noise. Ensure that the door accessories are well polished as they will attract financial well-being.
  • If the main entrance gate is situated in the western direction, then use a metal nameplate instead of a marble plate. If the door is situated in the east or south direction then use a wooden nameplate.
  • Always choose a light coloured texture theme or design for your main entrance door.
  • Ensure the main entrance door is higher than the other doors.
  • If the main entrance has steps, then make sure the number of steps is an odd number.
  • Make sure the main door does not face directly to another house entrance. Even if the shadow cast of others’ entrance on your main gate can be harmful as per Vastu.
  • You must keep a doormat in front of the main door as it will keep the dust and negative energy outside the house.


  • Do not choose a sliding door for your main entrance door as it doesn’t comply with the main door Vastu.
  • Do not construct a bathroom anywhere near the main gate.
  • Make sure the main door is not painted with dark colours such as black or dark blue, as the dark colours attract negativity.
  • Avoid the placement of animal figures, fountains, status or any water elements near the entrance.
  • Avoid applying dull paints to the main entrance, use bright and lively colours instead.
  • Most of you have seen people placing a shoe rack in front of the main entrance to keep dirt away. However, it is not recommended to keep the shoe rack in front of the main entrance as it may cause an adverse effect on the inhabitants.

To Sum up

As per main door Vastu shastra, it is important to follow the guidelines to avoid channelising negative energies in your house. The main entrance is the initial point where cosmic energise and people move, so it’s better to make the main gate and compound wall comply with the Vastu to block negative energies and attract positive ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we apply black colour to the main gate?

 No, according to the Vastu shastra black colour attracts negative energise and applying black paint to the main gate may cause an adverse effect on the inhabitants.

Can I construct a bathroom near the main entrance?

 No, as per the Vastu shastra it is not recommended to construct a bathroom near the main entrance of the house.

What are the colours that I can apply to the main gate?

The colours that are recommended by the Vastu shastra which are auspicious are usually light and neutral colours such as silver, sky blue, white and green.

What should be the movement of the main gate as per Vastu?

The main gate should always open with a clockwise movement.

What are the best directions for the placement of the main entrance gate?

East, West, Northeast and Northwest directions are the best suitable direction of placement according to the Vastu Shastra.

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