5 Advices that you DON’T need when selling a property

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Selling a real estate property inevitably becomes an invitation for one’s family and friends to shower one with unsolicited advice. It is a norm and like it or not you go through it. Much of these advices can be misleading though. Here are a few of those that are commonly handed out and need to be expressly avoided.

Home in a good neighborhood? No need to advertise it well

Yes, you have a home in a good neighborhood. Yes, it is safe, well-respected and a posh area. But trust us when we say, that doesn’t mean much. Some but not much. Good advertisement always, always works out. Get a professional to click the pics of your home, write in detail why it is such a catch and when someone comes to see it, be polite, be warm and most of all try and earnestly sell the place. We guarantee your house will go faster than you can say the world ‘sold’ and with a nice little profit that will be worth all the effort!

The devil is NOT in details

It is! It so is! Imagine going to buy an apartment and seeing stinking sinks, trampled mats, jammed closets and dirty kitchen counters. Shudders! Dusting, scrubbing toilets properly, washing windows, testing and cleaning lights is not just important it’s absolutely necessary that you do all this and more. . No one wants to buy a dump and it also shows your personal character. So, make the property as clean and neat as possible.

Put up a high price so that you don’t lost out during bargain

Nope, it doesn’t work this way. It never has, never will. Determine the correct price of your property by doing a comparative market analysis, that will help you decide the right and a reasonable price. Set just one price, the right price and stick to it. Also, appreciate the fact that the world is no fool nor everyone is here to cheat you out of well-deserved profits.

Today is not an auspicious day to meet the client

Any day that a client comes with a check or even his interest is an auspicious day. Eventually, a home that looks good, has a good price and a strong marketing strategy will sell, regardless of when it hits the market.

Holiday season is the best season to sell

It is not season but market dynamics that will decide the sale price. The right opportunity may not present itself on the same day as you decide to sell your home. Maybe not in the week or the same month also. So please be patient and wait for it. It will come sooner or later.