5 Things to Avoid While Selling Your Home

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No matter how much up-gradation of bathroom and patching up of holes in the walls you do, it is never good enough from a buyer’s point of view. We bring to you 5 things you need to avoid while selling your home.

When selling a home, get all your personal stuff out of the house, so that when a buyer is walking through your house, they should visualize that the house is theirs as much as possible.



When selling a home, don’t crowd the buyer, thinking that they want to know every detail of your home. Just allow them to walk through your home undisturbed. And give them some space to discuss what they’re seeing.




If you smoke or have pets, your home will likely have an odor, although you might be used to it, others may not appreciate it. Just make sure when potential buyers walks into your home. It looks and smells clean.



Although you will have an emotional attachment with the home, potential buyers are only looking at the home itself. Sharing your personal history with the home can sometimes cloud a buyer’s judgment.




When building a house or selling it, don’t cram different types of architecture and styles into your home or it will look like a mess to the potential buyer.