6 coolest offices spaces located in 6 Hi Tech cities of India

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Every day of office gives a headache, right? But what if your office is so awesome, as one of them. You might even love to come here and wish Sunday would be working too.


I-Flex Solutions, Bangalore


The marvellously designed petal shaped building spreads in a sprawling area of 144,000 square feet at Bagmane IT Park in Bangalore. The building is finely structured with proper blocks dedicated for development and customer care activities. It efficiently manages to conserve energy and has a very eco –friendly office space.

The Twisted Bata Building, Gurgaon


The spectacularly designed twisted glass building of Bata stands out as an amazing piece of architecture in Sector 17, Gurgaon. Each of twisted glass floor stacked upon each other makes it uniquely wonderful. Isn’t it amazing to work in such a beautiful office campus?

Adobe, Noida


The office campus of Adobe in Noida is an innovatively designed structure with a unique splash of vibrant colours. The set of choice also complements the brand colours of Adobe.

Infosys, Pune


The Infosys campus in Pune is one of the most uniquely designed Egg-shaped building. The word is, “wonderful” and looks like a descending spacecraft. It is always a great fun in such as wonderfully designed office spaces.

Air India, Mumbai


Our public sector is also not far behind. The Air India splendidly designed 23 – storey commercial building in Mumbai stands vertically tall facing the Arabian Sea on awe inspiring Marine Drive. The beautiful skyscraper serves as a landmark of the city. The world down just look awesome when one tends to peep out the office window.

Syntel, Chennai


The smartly designed Syntel corporate office in Chennai stands out for its fabulous structure. It is believed amongst the best corporate offices in the city of Chennai.

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