A Digital real estate Network helping real estate brokers make merry during the lockdown

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The real estate business is challenging but amongst the most rewarding professions out there. For the record, real estate provides the highest returns, the greatest values and the least risk.

When it comes to earning money, sky is the limit for a real estate broker. Sound expertise and a gift of the gab is all it takes for a real estate broker to persuade people to invest in real estate properties, be it residential or commercial.

For times immemorial, real estate agents have relied upon conventional tactics to sell properties. Travelling to sites, showing properties to clients, hobnobbing with A-listed clientele and earning a fat check at the end of the day. Though technology has usurped the world with its prowess and digital has become a thing of late, real estate brokers were reluctant to take the digital bus. For them, it was all fine till business is coming and commissions were handsome.

That staunch philosophy was shattered when the entire nation was locked down. Real estate brokers were caught unawares. With strict social distancing and quarantine norms enforced, their businesses were hit big time as homebuyers stayed indoors and property visits were curtailed.

With the struggle getting real, real estate brokers took the online home sales route, registering themselves on Online Real Estate platforms and getting familiar with the nuances of selling homes digitally.

They were awestruck when they realized the ease of doing business using digital interactive mediums and adopting hi-tech tools like online inventory engines, machine learning and virtual reality. It was a new chapter in their lives and a ray of hope amidst this sudden lockdown situation.

Real estate brokers bet on Square Connect

Though there are a bevy of Digital Sales Platforms to run their businesses, most real estate agents have bet their fortunes on Square Connect, a deft and dynamic real estate broker-to-broker app developed by Square Yards, India’s largest digital brokerage.

Square Connect, equipped with a fluidic & easily navigable interface has helped real estate brokers amplify their geographical reach and earn higher brokerage money, thanks to the escrow signed by Square Yards and developers. Brokers are echoing this fact, adding that they are schooled by expert real estate professionals at Square Yards which has boosted their confidence to sell properties better and in a more compelling manner.

What has pulled real estate agents towards choosing Square Connect is the opportunity to fraternize with more than 1lakh active brokers, collaborate with them and be a popular member in the real estate broker community.

A life-changing real estate business alternative

Getting fresh leads from their listings, conducting meetings with home seekers through video interactive mediums, taking them on property tours leveraging 3D and virtual reality tech and earning the trust of clients with the Square Yards brand name, Real Estate Agents have found solace in Square Connect.

Taking advantage of the services offered by Square Connect, real estate brokers are earning an average of 1.5-2 lakhs through the inventory they sell via the app. The commission is even higher sometimes.

Digital real estate platforms like Square Connect have altered the lives of lakhs of real estate brokers and agents by providing them a viable medium to flourish their business amidst a lockdown. From expanding partner network to earning good commissions, brokers are making merry even when the odds are against them.

Want to join the happy band of realtors? Turn to India’s largest digital real estate distribution network today.

Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards
Sumit Mondal Content Analyst at Square Yards