Bangalore and Mumbai top list of residential realty markets in country

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Mumbai offers the very best residential realty market amongst all Indian cities followed by New Delhi and Bangalore as per reports. As per several reports, Mumbai and Bangalore have occupied the top slots in these rankings for buying, holding or selling real estate.
The realty market in the country has attained greater transparency post implementation of several new policies for the sector including RERA which has made real estate developers more accountable and spurred them towards best practices which are closer to global industry standards. Out of 22 Asian realty markets with the highest investment potential, Mumbai ranked at 13th position followed by Bangalore and New Delhi at 16th and 17th positions respectively according to reports.

With regard to overall potential for real estate development, Mumbai attained the 9th rank while Bangalore and New Delhi obtained the 14th and 13th positions respectively. India is still one of the best destinations for real estate investments across the Asia-Pacific region as per experts. Fast commercial development and the emergence of big business parks have led to several new suburbs coming up as realty investment hotspots in both Mumbai and Bangalore. Additionally, several graduates and skilled employees are also migrating to cities like Pune in search of higher education and employment opportunities alike.

Investors have also been pumping in capital for the development of retail realty projects in Mumbai, Bangalore and many other Indian cities with huge retail supply creation being see in India over the last decade or so. There is sustained demand for premium and high-quality office space in Mumbai which takes it to the pole position in terms of residential real estate investments as well according to reports.

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