Book Review: The Real Book of Real Estate by Robert Kiyosaki

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Bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki’s book, The Book of Real Estate: Real Experts. Real Stories. Real Life is a major study on real estate. It contains advisory and knowledge to help deal with the several hoops of the real estate market. Robert Kiyosaki retired early in the year 1994, selling off his company and got into writing. In 1997 his first book, Rich Dad Poor Dad was released which went off to become a national bestseller.
For a reader who is not really aware about the real estate sector, this book is a comprehensive guide to help comprehend it. The author has added different insights and shared anecdotes which gives the book an easy to read, simple to understand feel. The book covers 5 broad topics namely, a workable strategy, a strong management team, sound accounting, careful recording and rich knowledge of tax laws. Each one is explained thoroughly and with detailed explanations.
Kiyosaki attracts upon the counsel of twenty-one of his special business friends to explain his audience to properly assess property values, find foreclosures, lower taxes and even realize hidden investment opportunities.
The book is a valuable read for investors just venturing out into the real estate market. It empowers them with great lessons to help them prevent common mistakes. It also guides the veteran investors with nuggets of wisdom to help achieve specialized goals.
There are many people who give out advise and ideas about real estate investing. But very few them have mastered the skills themselves. Robert Kiyosaki bridges this crucial gap, with this book by bringing in experiences from real time experts.
This book also touches upon the importance of real estate investing and how it is a great instrument for creating wealth. What is required is a focused approach and set guidelines, which this book throws light upon.

Resident Editor