Know What Carpet Area Means and How it is Calculated

Carpet Area

Under the regulations of RERA, builders and developers are bound to mention the carpet area while providing the area details of a property to the buyers. In a property, the area which can be covered using a carpet is known as the carpet area as per RERA. The carpet area is also called the overall usable area.

Definition of Carpet Area under PMAY

The Central Government came up with the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna or the PMAY to fulfill the objective of housing for all by the year 2022. Under this activation, the PMAY defined carpet area as the net usable area which is inclusive of the area covered by the internal walls of an apartment but excludes the area covered by the external walls of an apartment. Under this scheme, carpet area can also be defined as the area which is within the walls of the apartment and where a carpet can be laid.

How Does RERA Define Carpet Area?

Under section 4 of RERA, the promoters are obliged to file an application to RERA for the registration of real estate projects which with other aspects should have a mention of the carpet area, exclusive open spaces like terraces, or balconies and areas of the verandahs for selling the project.

Which Areas are Covered under the Carpet Area?

  • Extra Rooms
  • Balconies that are in the house
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen
  • Dressing Room
  • Bedrooms
  • Stores
  • Staircases inside the house
  • Study
  • Bathroom

What is the Formula for Calculation?

Carpet area = Area of the bathroom + Area of the living room + Area of the bedrooms + Area of the bathrooms – The overall thickness of the internal walls

Calculating the Carpet Area of an Apartment

If the property is a 2 BHK apartment with 2 balconies and 2 bathrooms with the following dimensions:

Room 114’ × 12’168 sq ft
Room 212’ × 12’144 sq ft
Kitchen13’ × 11’133 sq ft
Dining Space10’ × 10’100 sq ft
Living Room11’ × 11’121 sq ft
Bathroom 19’ × 5’45 sq ft
Bathroom 29’ × 5’45 sq ft
Balcony8’ × 4’32 sq ft
TOTAL      —827 sq ft

Then the total carpet area is 827 sq. ft. (usually 75% of the super built up area)

Is it possible for the buyers to say no to extra payment for an increase in the carpet area?

It has happened multiple times that the overall cost of the property is increased because the developer modified the property plan or increased the carpet area. And as per the regulations of RERA, the buyers will have to pay the added cost in such cases.

Difference between Carpet Area, Super Built-up Area, and Built-up Area

Carpet Area

The area of a property which can be covered using a carpet or the area which can be used overall is the carpet area. To put it simply, it is the area that is covered in the boundaries of the internal walls. Common areas like the lobbies or lifts do not come under the carpet area.

Built-up Area

The area covered from the external wall perimeter surfaces is called the built-up area of the property. This total built up area is inclusive of the carpet area and the areas of unused elements like the terrace, flower beds, or dry balconies. This area will always be larger than the carpet area. 

Super Built-up Area

A premise’s super built-up area is the net saleable area which includes the carpet area, an area that is covered by the walls, balconies, terrace, and areas of a common area like the stairs or lifts. In some cases, the builders include the areas of certain amenities like the clubhouse, garden, or swimming pools. To get the super built-up area, builders put a load factor on the carpet area.

Modification in Prices if the Carpet Area is Decreased

For an apartment, the promoter needs to clarify the complete carpet area when the construction is finalized and the certificate of occupancy has been granted. As per the real estate regulations, the overall price of the apartment is recalculated if the carpet area is decreased or altered. In such cases, the builder is liable to give the refund of the extra amount within 45 days along with the current rate of interest.

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Is the toilet included in the carpet area?

Yes, the area of bathrooms and toilets is added in the carpet area.

How do you define a plot area?

A plot area is an area that comes within a boundary.

What is the carpet area under RERA?

Under section 4 of RERA, the promoters are obliged to file an application to RERA for the registration of real estate projects which with other aspects should have a mention of the carpet area, exclusive open spaces like terraces, or balconies, and areas of the verandahs for selling the project.

How do you define the plinth area?

The plinth area is the area between the exterior and outer walls of a building.

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