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Cottage Houses

Cherishing the fairytale life inside aย  cosy house with family and friends, sitting around the bonfire will never make a dull moment. This dream is what many call cottages transcending back to the Middle Ages.ย 

These spaces are the most loved architectural designs in the history of the housing industry. Whether it is a cottage farmhouse or a small cottage, these houses have become synonymous with comfort and cosiness.ย 

But what do you think of when you hear the word? Green lawn covering the outsides of the house, thatched roofs, rustic interior settings, these are things one picturises from the older time till now.ย 

What is a Cottage House?

A cottage is a small house design that is widely popular due to its unique architectural construction. These small spaces have an area to accommodate only one family at a time. The definition of cottage homes varies from one culture to another. But one common thing is that this house is a small, cosy space for living in the countryside.

Most of these houses are single-storey, but in many places, you can find multi-storey houses, also termed cottages. There is a need for clarification that these kinds of homes are only constricted to rural areas. However,ย  a bunch of these homes are also found in urban places.ย ย 

Features of Cottage Houses

Apart from being comfortable and cosy, there are multiple features that small cottage homes possess. The features of these houses are as follows:

  • Asymmetrical House Design
  • 1,ยฝ, or 2-Storey Units
  • Large Front Peak with Steep Gable Rooflines
  • Small Landing in the Front
  • Adorned Arched Entry Gate
  • Oversized Chimney Stack
  • Beautiful Rustic Finishing and Detailing
  • Stone, Wood, Stucco, and Brick Siding

History of Cottage-Style House

The Middle Ages are when the word “cottage” first appeared. It was derived from the Latin word cotagium. A cotter who resided on the grounds of a nobleman’s manor lived in an old English cottage. These vintage English cottages often had stone or wood walls and a thatched roof. The Tudor and Victorian eras of English architecture witnessed the construction of thatched-roof homes.

Little cottages also dot the landscapes of countries like South Africa, Chile, Russia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Similar cottage house plan styles emerged in Norway (the Norwegian term for such building structures is hytte), Finland (the Finnish word is mรถkki), and Sweden (the Swedish word is stuga).

Different Types of Cottage Homes

There are multiple kinds of cottage homes available. The design of the small cottage houses varies from one location to another. The different types of small cottages are as follows:

Canadian Cottages

These cottages are small two-storey buildings often built nearby a water body.

English Small Cottages

English cottages are thatched rooftops that work as an economical way to tackle harsh weather conditions. These also have gardens which grow against the walls of the architecture.

Nordic Cottage Houses

Nordic cottages are built from wood and painted red. The bright colours help them to stand out from the common greenery during summer and wintery white during winter.ย 

South African Cottage Homes

In South Africa, cottage farmhouses are built from stucco walls and thatched roofing. The long cottages in South Africa are known as Langhuis.

American Cottage Farm House

Wooden shingles that grow grey in the sea air are a common characteristic of small American cottages on Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket.

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Cost of Cottage House

Fabricated cottages are comparatively lower in pricing than the ones that need to be built from the ground. However, the price of these small cottages solely depends on the size, interiors, construction materials, and place it is being constructed. Therefore, the cost of these houses is subject to change from one property to another.ย 

Wrapping Up

Cottages are often associated with comfortable living, getaways, and rural areas. The history of cottage homes is extensive and varied. They were frequently made as compact dwellings for labourers, constructed using resources found on the nearby terrain. They eventually came to be associated with any compact, quaint home, typically found in a countryside or vacation area. Today, cottage-style is the most common phrase to describe a compact, cosier house with facilities intended for pleasant living.

FAQ’s about Cottage House

Q1. What is the basic difference between a cottage and a house?

Cottages are small spaces built with old-fashioned architectural designs with an accommodation area for only one family. A house is a residential space that serves as an accommodation quarter for one or more families.

Q2. What are the various cottage homes?

The various styles of small cottage homes available are vintage, coastal styles, southern styles, English styles, country styles, French styles and more.

Q3. What are the elements of a small cottage house?

There are various elements of the cottage farmhouse, such as asymmetrical designs, a small landing front yard, etc.

Q4. What are famous cottage house colours?

Famous cottage house colours people choose are blue and pale, cream and yellow, pink and white, brown and white, etc.

Q5. What makes a farmhouse different from a cottage house?

A farmhouse is a larger residential space that has more imposing features than a cottage, and people can grow crops there. A cottage is a residence that is small with an accommodation area if only one family.

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