CPWD Holiday Home: Planning the Perfect Stay

While planning to go on a holiday to a different place there are many considerations to be taken into account and one of them is the place where you are going to stay. CPWD Guest House is one option and if you want to know all about CPWD Holiday Home, the list of Holiday Homes under the CPWD, the rate list, you need to read on to find out for yourself.

There are two important things that one needs to keep in mind when making travel plans – travel accommodations and the costs that will follow. This helps in effective and proper tour planning, which is what we will try to provide you when you are looking for a Central Government homestay.

CPWD Holiday Home

To begin with, a lot of people look for CPWD Holiday Homes; why? Well, because they are under the Central Government and hence the basic facilities are always top-notch and more importantly – the prices are pocket friendly, which makes travelling easier,

especially when travelling with family. So, it is but essential that people will be looking for CPWD Holiday Home List when they think of travelling.

Important Pointers to keep in mind

One of the most crucial things that one has to remember when it comes to CPWD Holiday Homes is that they will not be that easily available because the demand is extremely high. Because of the convenient locations and affordable prices, a lot of people tend to flock to these places. Hence it is imperative that you get a hold of the CPWD Holiday Home List, their rates and get to booking it as soon as possible.

Whatever booking you make, it can be done online now. You can make the payment online as well. However, the cancellation policies are very strict, primarily with no refunds. Hence you will have to check that before-hand and then make the booking accordingly.

It is important to remember that while you can choose the type of room that you want to stay in, you will be allotted the room number randomly, which cannot be changed, until and unless specifically requested due to valid reasons. The CPWD Guest House Rate List will vary depending on the amenities provided.

Every time you make a booking, your confirmation slip will be generated and delivered to you via SMS. This is something that you will have to keep with you at all times during your stay.

The list of CPWD Holiday Homes

So, before you go ahead with your planning you will have to know where the various CPWD holiday homes are located. For example, if you are planning for a stay in Mumbai, does it have a CPWD holiday home? Here is the CPWD Holiday Home List for you to check it out yourself:

Shimla – Grand Hotel, The Mall, Shimla-171001,

Contact – Tel: 0177-2658121

Kanyakumari – Holiday Home for Central Government Employees Kovalam Road (near Light House), Kanyakumari,

Contact – Tel: 2535940

Amarkantak- Central Govt. Holiday Home, Amarkantak (with Madhya Pradesh Tourism)

Contact – Tel: 011-23061749

Ooty – Holiday Home for Central Government Employees, Good Shed Road, Near Railway Station, Udagamandalam, Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu

Contact – Tel: 044-28277759

Mysore- Holiday Home, CPWD Office Campus, T. Narasipur Road, Sidhartha Nagar, Mysore-570011

Contact – Tel: 0821-2473661

Mussoorie – Southwood Cottage in the ITBP campus near the library Chowk (Mall Road), Mussoorie.

Contact – Tel:  011-23061749

So, say for example you want to plan a stay in Ooty. If you want to stay at the CPWD homestay, then get in touch with the number provided there and get to know all the details that there are.

When it comes to CPWD Holiday Home List, you will also get touring officers’ hostel. The rent and charges are very affordable, but the amenities provided will be like that of hostels, not holiday homes. So, if you are a CPWD or Central Govt. employee and you are looking for accommodation while travelling for work, then you might want to check these out.

The Price Range

Now, we come to another very important aspect – CPWD Guest House Rate List. We have to know what the rates are from beforehand so that we can plan our travel accordingly and make a budget plan. Traveling without a budget in place is a strict no-no!

So, here’s taking a look at some of the revised budgets for stays at various guest houses by the CPWD:

First and foremost there are categories when it comes to CPWD holiday homes and the rates vary based on that.

Category Cities & Towns
A Chennai, Delhi, Goa, Kolkata, Mumbai, Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital, Mysore, Udaipur, Agra
B Ooty, Cochin, Jaipur, Bangalore, Trivandrum, Kanyakumari
C Cities and Towns not under

A or B

Now depending on whether you are a government official or not, and if you are your position will determine the rates that you will have to pay. For example, according to the CPWD Guest House Rate List, if you want to book a stay under category A in a VIP room, then you will have to pay around Rs.150 if you are a Member of Parliament, Rs. 900 if you are a central govt. employee, Rs.1800, if you are a state govt. or other govt. employee and Rs.2700 if you are a guest of a govt. employee. The prices become lower depending on the amenities and for places that fall under category B and C, the prices are lower than category A.

The rates will vary and they are revised for time to time. Make sure that you check out the updated and revised list before you make your budget planning.

So, these are some of the most important things that you need to know when you are planning a trip and hoping for a stay at a CWPD guest house. Check out the CPWD Holiday Home List and rates beforehand for effective planning!

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