Does Vastu Really Matter? Let’s Find Out!

Does Vastu Really Matter

It is always considered to keep your home decluttered and presentable, not just because of a belief but also to make it appear tidy in practicality.The science of direction and architecture has been stated to bring success and positive Feng shui. In recent times, many people have shown considerable interest in Vastu Shastra.  

All damaged and cracked items should be removed from the house when they lose their charm and value. A home is a place where memories are created, Hence, keeping your home’s energy field positive brings joy and happiness in abundance to your dwelling.

The intent of making a house into a home is maintaining the family bonding and building relationships with positive intentions to lead a fruitful life. That’s where Vastu Shastra comes into play. However, does Vastu really matter?

The seed of eternal happiness always lies within oneself, but external factors often block vital energies.When Vastu Shastra is applied in a space or home, the place starts reconnecting to that source that helps bring the somber wave of happiness and health. 

Let us read on to know why Vastu is important to work according to and what benefits it brings to ones home!

Why Does Vastu Matter? 

Vastu Chart

Vastu shastra is the science of direction, a method to bring healthier vibes to your house and balance all five elements of nature with human life. There might be no specific reason why one should follow or check the Vastu of space but it is a years-old tried and tested variable of society. A well-organised home or a properly-positioned property brings more peace and clarity, that’s why it’s called the science of an environment we live in. Vastu balances the elements of nature side by side with man and material, it consists of rules, and formulas for the construction of a house. To know does Vastu really matter we must first understand the impact of Brahmasthan on a space.

What’s a Brahmasthan? 

Brahmasthan is a central zone or a place in the geographical area of the plot which is going to be used as a residence, factory or other essential work. It is a principle of Vedic architecture and community planning that sets the middle point of the plot. Let’s answer the question – Does Vastu really matter? 

This phenomenon might not be essential for living but it definitely is helpful to achieving a successful work-life.Vedic architecture is based primarily on Vastu Shastra whose roots fall back from a scripture Brihadsanghita. It is a place where all directions meet and hence becomes the most sacred and powerful area.

From here,  buoyant energy outpours and spreads across the nooks of the space under consideration. This in turn influences the Earth power present in the house and the Panchtattva in the proper Vastu directions, which is of primary importance. Brahmastahn is vital to have a peaceful, wealthy and blissful relationship among the inhabitants of the space. 

Dos for Brahmasthan 

It should be kept clear, to be kept clean and tidied every day, with no obstruction due to constant construction or replacing, set the space free from any obstacles and factors that cause negativity in ones living. The space should be a sacred space for your mind and body to relax and meditate. Bring positive vibes to this space by performing calming exercises, poojas, or worshipping, whatever you are comfortable doing. 

Scientific Importance of Vastu

Vastu Science

Working based on the formulas of Vastu. It is believed to bring amicability and also attract positive cosmic energy. Science references that Vastu helps calculate sunrise, sunset, rain, hail and more to provide the owners with an ideal living situation when constructing a house. Many individuals eliminate the study thinking as an aged superstition, which in reality is a science of building and direction put together by our own ancestors. There might still be people who don’t believe in Vastu, Hereby, it can increase the value of any apartment, plot or house be it for reselling or rent. It will be useful for anybody, be it a believer or a non-believer questioning does Vastu really matter? 

The Historical Perspective on Vastu 

Vastu History

There is an interesting story in the Matsya Purana which states the birth of Vastu Purusha. By reading the narration of a story, the importance of Vastu pooja and directions can be understood. 

While Lord Shiva fought a  demon, he began to sweat profusely in the tiresome state. With a single drop of his sweat, a formation of a cruel looking man was birthed. Due to his growing hunger, he started worshiping Lord shiva to get a boon from him. 

With his tedious prayers and meditation, Shiva was pleased and appeared before him. The devotee prayed “Oh Lord! Give me your permission to eat away all three worlds.” Shiva replied “Let it be so”. The man got possession of all three worlds and began eating the terrestrial world,  the celestial beings, Brahma, Shiva, and the Rakshasas were tremeling with fear couch hold o the being, being in boundation the man sayed at the same very position. He came to be known as god of Vastu, or Vastu Purusha. He was cursed of creating problems in peoples household who consider constructing in the direction where he held his feet. Those who construct or lay foundation without his worship will not gain success in their work. Since then, the worship of Vastu Purusha has been a vogue and it has becom ecompulsory for those who want 

In the End 

Vastu has always been a major part of people’s lives around the globe no matter whether they are Indian or not. The world has started to believe in the wonders of vastu, even non believers have found it to be useful when reselling or renting out a place, as the person purchasing or renting might be a believer. 

It is easy to keep in mind the simple facts about Vastu Shastra that might as well work wonders for you and your family in bringing happiness, success and health into your home. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Vastu really affect life?

Vastu Shastra might not be a necessity to work by in your life, but it can definitely be helpful in leading a healthier and happier life. It is considered the science of the environment we live in, therefore, the energy in the space will affect how you spend your time in that environment.

Does Vastu really matter?

A well-organised and managed home brings more peace and clarity to one’s life and household. One home is a place to create memories, therefore, it’s important to attract good vibes and abundant happiness. Hence, keeping a home’s energy field allows for positive feng shui.

Does Vastu really matter in flats?

It is important to have a Vastu check in the flat as a whole rather than a part of your house. A flat is also someone’s home where families grow and make memories. 

Check for the right direction in your bedroom, study room and pooja room to find the right and positive energy to enter your home.A Vastu compliant place is important to bring healing energies into your flat to help relax and rejuvenate.

Where to place the waterfall painting in the house as per Vastu?

As per Vastu Shastra, the element of water governs the north direction, which is ruled by God of Wealth, Kubera. This direction also represents career and wealth, north wall of your living room is the best to hang a waterfall painting.

Why is Vastu not followed in the USA?

Since Vastu shastra is an Indian concept and the scientific principles may include hemisphere, geographical location, climate, and sunlight–these factors may differ in other countries. Many factors of Vastu that work in India may not work in the USA also due to the difference in beliefs.

Vamika A creative polymath by nature and assiduous by behavior, Vamika loves to write on different topics. She is a part time shutterbug, organiser and an amalgam of Monica Geller and Rachel Green.
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