Flood-proof Your Home from Mumbai Rains

flood-proof your home from Mumbai Rains today

If you live in Mumbai, you are very well aware of the hardships Mumbai monsoon brings with itself. This article tells how you can flood-proof your home from Mumbai rains.

Mumbai – this single word has so many connotations attached to it, some of them namely beaches, Bollywood, western ghats, dreams, bhel, and last but not the least, MONSOON. Intense spells of rain lead to water-logging in the city, disrupting rail and road traffic. Why, the question arises, are we still not competent enough to brace ourselves for this natural annual occurrence and let it take the shape of a calamity every year?

When the homes get flooded, the fatality rate unfortunately spike up. What is it that can be done to flood-proof your home during Mumbai rains?

Mumbai monsoon brings daily life to a halt

What Others Are Doing

For the past some years now, many other Indian cities too have been witnessing the havoc created by the rains. Kerala has come up with innovative home designs that can minimise the way rains impacts homes and lives.

Many people in Kerala have resorted to innovative construction/ design methods to minimize the damage caused due to floods. P Gopalakrishnan Achari, a  resident of Vazhappilly, is one such person – known for his design that lets the house literally float atop the floodwaters.

FOMAA (Federation of Malayali Associations of Americas), in collaboration with Thanal organization, has helped construct flood resistant homes in the flood-prone areas on the banks of the Pamba river. This has helped the poor a great deal.

How to Flood Proof Your House

While a lot of what other cities are doing in possible only at a bigger level, there are so many quick fixes you can do on your own personal level to flood-proof your home.


When it comes to flood protection, the natural answer that comes to most of us is the usage of sandbags. They are very effective in stopping floodwater from entering the home. Further, all the silt found in flood water also cannot enter the home if sandbags are piled up at the entrance. To make this trick 100 percent effective, you could place large heavy-duty plastic bags between the gaps of the sandbags.

Door and Window Guards

For sudden, unexpected showers of rain, something that comes in handy and can provide immediate help should never be discounted. Window and door guards that can be clipped quickly help stop the floodwater from getting in through the gaps. Depending on the level of protection you desire, there is a huge range of guards available in various price ranges.

Valves and Fittings

A lot of times during a flood, what happens is that water comes back up through the drainpipes and enters the sinks and toilets, causing a flood-like situation inside your home. For people residing in flood-prone areas, it is advised that they go in for ‘non-return’ valves in the drainpipes. This prevents water from traveling back up.

Protect Your Appliances

If you live in a flood-prone area, you must be aware that electrical sockets get easily damaged by household flooding. The best thing you could do to avoid this is to raise their location on the wall – place them at a height of 1.5 meters or above from the ground. Similarly, move the household appliances and gadgets above from the ground floor to save them from dying an untimely death.

Seal Exterior Walls

Last but not the least, take good care of the exterior walls as they face heavy and constant rains even before the groundwater becomes a problem. Apply exterior wall sealant to ensure floodwater does not seep in through the exterior walls. While this is slightly costly, it helps you on so many levels. It saves the bricks from deteriorating because of internal dampness and keeps the property’s structure intact.

If you cannot move to a higher place and start living there, the tips covered in this article help lessen the damage caused by rains. We are hoping it leaves to better prepared.

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