Himachal Pradesh Housing and Urban Development Authority

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HIMUDA Housing Scheme

This article provides you with information related to the HIMUDA Housing Scheme launched by the Government of Himachal Pradesh. You will also learn how to refund from HIMUDA and about its various flats and plots for sale.

A brief account on HIMUDA

HIMUDA was established in the year 2004 under the legislation of passing of the Himachal Pradesh Housing and Urban Development Authority Act of 2004. Its main objectives were:

  • To plan and implement various accommodations for the people of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Improvement of infrastructural amenities in the state.
  • To mobilize public and private resources of the people.
  • Promotion of the real estate sector with special attention to housing colonies.
  • A mechanism for the development of commercial properties on sale as well as on rent.

Thus, HIMUDA has been associated with various segments in uplifting the economic stature of the Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. Moreover, the HIMUDA has also been active in providing a helping hand to several sectors other than real estate in the state of HM. Thus, HIMUDA New Schemes 2020 include:

  • Urban Development
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Social Justice and Empowerment
  • Sports and Youth Services
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Horticulture and so on.

Under the HIMUDA Housing Scheme of 2020, the authority has announced to provide both plots and accommodations to the people either based on a freehold or a lease agreement. These plots and accommodations are available at various districts of the state such as HIMUDA flats in Parwanoo, Bilaspur, Dharamsala, Hamirpur, Kullu, Shimla, Baddi and so on.

Rules and Regulations of the HIMUDA

Before putting up the HIMUDA plots for sale, the State Government had taken extra effort to launch various guidelines and regulations under which the allotment and the sale of HIMUDA plots in 2019 were carried out. These include:

  • Power to dispose of: The State Government has the authority to pass land in both developed and undeveloped form. Besides, it has preoccupied the authority to either put property or land on sale deed or rent. Moreover, it could also sell or lease property byways of allotment, auction, bidding or inviting tenders.
  • Fixing of price: The costing committee appointed by the state government is responsible for fixing the price of land or property by analysing and estimating the expenses in the development of the land area or the property.
  • Reservation rights: The authority has full control over reserving of any property or land for any category of people that seems to be fit.
  • Application process: For owning a house under the HIMUDA Housing Scheme, one has to apply and register as a candidate enjoying various benefits in the scheme. Your application will only be accepted by the authority when it is received by the authority within the deadline allotted. Moreover, all the details you provide would be cross-examined and you should also clear the payments required while filling the application form for swift acceptance of your proposal.
  • Allotment process: When the applicants outnumber the availability of plots, the authority makes a draw where the lucky applicants are awarded households.

Thus, the allotment process is carried out without any partiality or unfair means so that every applicant gets a fair and equal chance to participate and try their luck in enrolling themselves as a beneficiary in the HIMUDA Housing Scheme.

Conditions on providing household units by HIMUDA

Here are some of the conditions which every applicant must be aware of:

  • Allotment process will only begin after obtaining written permission from the estate manager.
  • The accommodation should not comprise more than one cooking arrangement or a kitchen.
  • Waste disposal from the households should be done in a unified way, that is, in the allotted segment without throwing any litters or garbage around or all over the complex or structure.
  • Sanitation and hygiene should be carried out effectively.
  • Open spaces or common spots should not be contaminated.


Q1. What is the official website of the Housing and Urban Development Authority of Himachal Pradesh?

Ans. You can contact the HIMUDA for more details on the developments and projects managed and undertaken in the state of Himachal Pradesh.

Q2. What are the online services provided by HIMUDA?

Ans. HIMUDA extends a series of services in the online mode such as:

  • Auctioning properties online.
  • Registration of applicants.
  • Complaint registrations in case of disputes.
  • Photo gallery comprising its completed, on-going and up-coming projects.
  • Information manual and helpline number.
  • The online draw of results when applicants exceed the number of housing units.

Q3. What are the features of the HIMUDA Housing Scheme?

Ans. Listed below are some of the features of the HIMUDA Housing Scheme:

  • Any citizen of India could apply for owning or renting a property under this scheme.
  • Applicants could either be individuals or any sort of organization.
  • Allotments are done on the “First Come First Serve” basis.
  • When the number of applicants outnumbers the properties on lease or sale, a draw is conducted by the authorities concerned.
  • Payment terms vary between ready to move and under-construction properties.

Lastly, HIMUDA is a self-financing or partially self-financing scheme concerned with the allotment of units in housing colonies based on freehold and leasehold procedures.